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April 2010 Newsletter

When I am reading someone's face and I see several features that emphasize the same trait, I will often say "That their face is a self diagnostic," and then go on to explain all the features that point to the same pattern of behavior.
In the next few Newsletters I will be taking 3 features and explaining how they serve as a reconfirmation of a certain personality trait.  This Newsletter is devoted to the facial features that all point to a person who has a history of being too hard on him or herself. It may also denote a type"A" (driver) personality.
   Forced focus lines
forced focus You take your responsibilities to the limit, and are often too hard on yourself. You can put your own needs on the back burner while you make the needs of others or the accomplishment of the task your first priority. (When reading these lines, if one is deeper or longer than the other, it denotes the  area of the person's life where they are experiencing the greatest strain and forced focus.) When the line on the left is deeper or longer, say "you are hardest on yourself when it comes to your family and  your personal responsibilities." If the deeper or longer line is on the right you say, " you are too hard on yourself in your professional or external world and don't cut yourself any slack. " When the lines are of equal length and depth respond with, "you are too hard on yourself all the time and force yourself to do whatever is required in both your personal and external life." 
Theory: When we over-focus on something, giving it our full and forced concentration, our brow becomes knitted.  Over time, these lines become a permanent  marker of that  habit.
     Eye puffs
eye puffs Eye puffs show that your life is out of balance. You are giving away more of your life force and life energy than you are receiving in return. While you may be the world's  best employee or family caretaker, you are ignoring your own need for peace, joy, happiness and time for rest and/or relaxation. Regulation of diet and exercise are also often out of balance.   Sometimes eating may be your only reward or you may be working out to the point of exhaustion.  It is either too much or not enough and the eye puffs are giving you a warning. 
You are in the habit of giving more than you are getting in return and it is a very hard habit to break. You will find that making your own health and happiness a higher priority will not only make you happier but also the other people in your life. Set aside time for yourself . You may have to start by scheduling appointments for yourself . It may end up being a walk or relaxing with a good book.  You should treat this appointment with the same care and determination you would if a friend asked you for help or if you had a professional appointment. 
When the eyelids do not match, notice which eyelid is hanging down more.  If it is their left eyelid, their intimacy requirements are not being met in their personal life.  If the right lid is puffier, they may be pushing themselves too hard in their business or professional life.  
      Heart lines 
heart line Lines on the earlobe belong to hard drivers. You may have measured your worth in life by setting a goal and then working to accomplish that goal. Once you reach your goal you often just raise the bar and create an even higher goal. The demands you make on yourself over time can take a toll as you push yourself past what is reasonable.  Your doctor would call these lines "heart lines" since they are often associated with potential heart attacks. The lines do not mean you are going to have a heart attack, but it is your body giving you a warning and telling you to ease up. 
Your lines are often the result of an attitude developed at an earlier age. You were trying to prove your worth by doing more, which became a habit. You will live longer and be happier if you learn to delegate. Realize it may not get done as fast or as good as you would do it but you are still here to enjoy life instead of pushing yourself over the edge.  
Theory: People who constantly push themselves too hard, can have a heart problem.  The line may appear on both ears or might only be on one ear which will indicate what part of the person's life has been the hardest. On the left ear it can also indicate heart ache in a relationship. 
Face Reading Saved a Life
I met Walt a few years ago when I was speaking to the Association of General Contractors at their annual meeting in Orlando Florida. It was an enormous conference with thousands of attendees. I felt  fortunate to be invited back to give a breakout workshop, even if the room for my session was hard to find and not near the exhibit hall or any of the other main events.
As I was setting up, Walt stuck his head in the door and asked if he could buy one of my books. He said, " I saw you in Las Vegas last year and at first I didn't know if I believed what you were saying. But now I want to get a book because what you taught us that day saved a life."
He said that he was in a meeting shortly after the Las Vegas conference when the man beside him actually passed out and hit the floor.  He immediately noticed the deep lines in the man's ears and knew that he could be having a heart attack.  He said, " "Quick, call 911, this could be serious."  The paramedics came and rushed the man to the hospital.  Shortly after that time, Walt said he got a letter from the man with the heart lines, thanking him for saving his life. Walt said, "If I had not come to your class I would not have even got involved."
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Your feedback is valuable. My goal is to develop and use Amazing Face Reading as a tool to see everyone more clearly and compassionately. I really believe we can understand every person we meet on a deeper level.
Kind regards,
Mac Fulfer
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While face reading is not intended as a medical diagnosis, awareness can prove invaluable. Heart attacks run in my family.  Most of the men on my father's side of the family died of heart attacks in their early 50's. Some years ago my doctor, knowing my family history, wanted to do a heart cath At first I refused, but when I saw heart lines in my ears a few years later, I began to pay a lot more attention to my heart and the need for tests and life style changes. While I could think the doctor was just being overly cautious, I could not deny the physical evidence that nature was giving me on my ear lobe.
My business partner, Ann Marks, also had a wake up call from having her face read.  She had heavy eye puffs that revealed how she was ignoring her own life needs while focusing on everyone else. She has told many groups that she was an unhappy company executive on the verge of becoming an alcoholic.   When she read the description of what Severe Eye Puffs indicate, she was struck with a moment of truth. She saw that she was on a dead end path and immediately turned her life around.
Many of us have two or more lines between our eyebrows. It is easy to dismiss them as signs of old age. These lines are actually physical indicators of habitually  pushing ourselves too hard or being overly demanding of ourselves. Realizing this can give us an opportunity to reevaluate our priorities. Developing a kinder and gentler attitude towards ourselves can not only bring us greater joy but also extend our lives.