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August 2010 Newsletter
This newsletter is devoted to things you can see on a face at a glance. For example, every face can be divided into thirds. I divide a face from the hairline to the eyebrows, from the eyebrows to the bottom of the nose and from the bottom of the nose to bottom of  the chin. For most people, each third of their face is about the same size. 

Some people have one third of their face that is distinctly dominant or larger than the other two. The focus of this newsletter is about the traits of people who have one third that is noticeably larger. The drawings on page 74 in my book, Amazing Face Reading show the upper, middle and lower thirds with lines drawn through them for you to see the exactly divisions. 
I am using pictures of real people who illustrate each area of dominance. Recognizing the fact that a person has facial dominance is easy for even a beginning face reader. When you look at some one who has a larger section of their face compared to the other two, it will become immediately obvious as seen in the pictures below. Running for a tape measure or trying to figure out if they have facial dominance means they don't.
Large Upper Area
You identify with being intelligent and you are good with logic, theory, planning and  academics. You can easily comprehend big words and long sentences but want all the information available. In making decisions, you look for distinctions and consider the possibilities before making up your mind.  You have a thirst for knowledge especially in your areas of interest. 
Theory:  From earliest  childhood we knew that the characters in the cartoons with the over sized foreheads were the "brainy" ones. This stereotype runs so deep it is almost universal. In my own research, I have found that even among people who knew nothing about face reading, the vast majority will pick the picture of the person with the largest forehead as the smarter one. While there may be a genetic correlation between large foreheads and intelligence, there is also an environmental influence. Self perception is based on the feedback we get from our external environment.This may be a case of a self fulfilling prophesy. If your forehead is the dominant portion of your face, the most probable  response you got from others was that you were smart. If you believe that your natural gift is intelligence, the focus of your time and energy in developing and proving that premise will make you smarter.
Large Middle Area
govBeing an important person appeals to your sense of identify. Your focus is on prestige, status, luxury and quality. You want to own and have the best. If someone wants to sell you something, they have to convince you that it will somehow increase your success and status in life. Quality will always be part of your decision making. You won't buy something because it is cheap. You can also be quite ambitious and enjoy the exercise of power and authority. 
Theory: In some of the earliest face reading books this feature was referred to as a "patrician" nose that belonged to one of the privileged or ruling class. Throughout history many people of royalty have had this configuration. In face reading, a long, large nose (stretched out middle third) identifies a person who needs to make an impact and would never be a good "worker bee". If one views himself or herself as one of the important people, it stands to reason that status, quality and success would all be aspects of their  life. Obviously, in the case of Governor Jan Brewer, becoming the Governor of Arizona has brought her to a position of status and now, national acclaim.
Large Lower Area 
 You are physically tough, earthy and grounded. High pressure sales will not work on you. You hate being cooped up in a small space where you cannot see out or move around. In making a decision, you resist being stampeded and think best when you feel physically grounded. You may feel a need to pace because pacing can help you feel  grounded. When you do make up your mind you can be extremely convincing because you seem to speak from the heart. Others are ready to believe you because you seem to truly believe in what you are saying. You project integrity and also have a good sense of direction.
Theory: On a subliminal level humans respond to big chins as being more assertive, competitive or aggressive. People whose lower third of their face is dominant are on the whole genetically physically tougher than people with smaller chins. They have a strong physical base and tend to enjoy sports and the out of doors. These rock of Gibraltar types cannot be rushed to make a decision and when the going gets tough they can "take it on the chin". If you try to pressure them you may feel like you have run into a brick wall. Hulk Hogan would always want you to see his strength and determination and integrity. 
 Sales Approaches Using Dominance
Facial dominance is a quick and easy method to discover distinct personality types. If you cannot determine which third of the person's face is larger, they are balanced. Skip to other features to read them. However, if you were trying to sell a car to a person whose facial dominance was easy to determine, the following are some possible approaches that would match their personality types and allow you to tailor your pitch to them .
Forehead Largest: "This new hybrid gets fifteen more miles to the gallon than the car you are driving. So, if you put the same 200,000  miles on this hybrid as you put on your old car you would have saved 4,286 gallons of gas. Not only would you be driving greener, but with gas at almost $3 per gallon you would have saved over  $12,800." (Appeal to their intellect, point out distinctions. Show how what you offer is better than what they already have).
Middle AreaLargest: "This particular hybrid is the absolute top of the line. It has some exclusive features that are not included on the standard models. In fact, there is not another one exactly like this one in the whole state. This one is even better than the new hybrid that the CEO of Exxon drives. Think how it will feel to be driving a better car than the CEO of Exxon drives." (Emphasize luxury,
status, exclusiveness and associations with the rich and powerful.) 
Lower Area Largest: "This is that new hybrid that you have probably been hearing about. They have been selling like hotcakes. I think it is because people like the fact that they are so roomy and get such good gas mileage. But I don't want you to think that I am pushing hybrids. What you get is up to you. I just want you to be satisfied. There are lots of other great cars on the lot. In fact, why don't we walk around and look at some of them. We can always come back here if you decide to take a look at the hybrid. You know they are so quiet sometimes it's hard to tell if they are even turned on. (Low key works the best. Avoid high pressure or pushing them to make an immediate decision. Give them some information and then give them time to let it soak in. Help them feel grounded by walking around with them and appeal to their need for space.) 
NOTE: The above hypothetical examples are intended only to show the different approaches to the different personality types and how to identify them. In an actual sale, it would be extremely important to verify your calculations, facts, data, and information to protect your most valuable asset, which is your integrity. Actually, I really don't know what kind of car the CEO of Exxon drives.
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