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Winter of 2018 Newsletter 

It happened again. After I read someone's face they responded quickly by saying, "Now tell me the bad stuff." I always smile when I hear that request because it reflects our almost knee jerk reaction to make judgments about ourselves and others. Perhaps the greatest gift I have received from Face Reading is the confirmed awareness that each of us is "one of a kind". While the structure of the brain is almost identical from one person to the next, our neural connections and our resulting perception of reality is unique. "Good" for one person can be "bad" in someone else's eyes. Labeling might be good for sorting jars of jelly but it does not work on people, and judging others creates disconnect.

 Face reading is a way to get past those judgments and instead have a more accurate perception of how the other person thinks, acts and feels. Every trait we have can be both a blessing and a curse and what we label as "good" or "bad" in others tells us more about ourselves and our perception of reality than it does about the person being judged. The purpose of this newsletter is to encourage you to evolve in your own self-awareness by embracing both-sides of your dominant traits and deepen your understanding of another's mixed qualities. Every feature can be both a gift and a challenge. True self-awareness requires us to be able to see ourselves honestly. 
Reading Both Sides of a Face
Here are a few of the features on this person's face. See if you can match the feature to the meaning listed below that reflects both sides:  
(A) high eyebrows 
(B) curved eyebrows & round chin
(C) visionary eyebrows
(D) small nostrils
(E) no eyelids showing
(F) eyes angel up
(G) thin nose
(H) ears stick out

Which feature indicates that she both:
1. -takes time to consider her options, but may take a long time in making up her mind?_____
2. -is optimistic, but may become easily discouraged or disappointed when things don't work out?_____
3. -is self-reliant, but is reluctant to receive help even when she needs it?_____
4. -is independent, but also a non-conformist, making it hard to work on a team that requires compromise?_____
5. -is not a gambler, but worries about scarcity and might be seen as a penny saver or even selfish?_____
6. -is a people person in thought and deed, but not focused on analyzing the problem or finding logical solutions?_____
7. - is enthusiastic about planning an event, but loses interest in completing the details and the follow through?_____
8. -is highly focused, but hates being distracted and needs her own space?_____

1. (A) High Eyebrows
2. (F) Eyes Angle Up
3. (G) Thin Nose
4. (H) Ears Stick Out
5. (D) Small Nostrils
6. (B) Curved Eyebrows and Round Chin
7. (C) Visionary Eyebrows
8. (E) No Eyelids Showing
A "Two-Faced" Example
What is so often overlooked in our fast-moving judgmental world is that every positive trait we have has a challenge that goes with it. As a young attorney my goal was to be emotionally bullet proof. I maintained my titanium armor while denying I had any weaknesses or faults. But, secretly I knew that was a lie. For example, I had a compulsion to double check myself even if I was only slightly uncertain. I interrupted others constantly never admitting that if I didn't get my idea out while I was thinking it that my thought would often disappear. If I was trying to listen to a professor who droned on and on without showing me anything new my attention wandered, and I would discover I hadn't heard what had been said. The list goes on and on but the constant need to stay defended against what I saw as my hidden weaknesses left me feeling both combative and insecure at the same time.

When I learned face reading I discovered that what I labeled as defects were a part of who I am. My crooked bottom teeth revealed that while I hold myself to high standards and hate being wrong the price for avoiding error is a compulsion to double check myself. My high ears and low eyebrows indicated that my mind operated at warp speed but the drawback for being quick to respond was sometimes forgetting what I was going to say. My small ears indicated that I take in the entire experience including the tone, context, and feel, including what the other person was trying to hide. But, my small ear intake is visual and without visual cues my attention would shift. It also explained to me why I had a compulsion to try to write down every word said in the lecture...so I could see them.

The new awareness provided by the face reading allowed me to accept myself for who I am rather than seeing myself as defective and needing to hide it. It also allowed me to modify my behavior by owning it. When I have a compulsion to interrupt I now know I need to write down the thought for discussion later. I can forgive myself for double checking, realizing it is my method to avoid mistakes. But the most important change of awareness was discovering self-acceptance in admitting my challenges rather than trying to hide them. It has allowed me to feel more comfortable in my own skin and more grounded in my interactions with others.
One of the most important gifts of face reading, in my opinion, is to be able to have an objective insight into our personality and behavior with all of its complexity and challenges and to value "both sides of the coin".
'Tis the Season
Now if you listed your own features and considered your gifts and the challenges that go with each one you may have some insight into why you excel in some areas and feel lacking in others. Taking your insights to another level, consider the feedback you get from friends, family and co-workers. Their feedback may be kudos sometimes and eye rolling at other times. Have these reactions ever surprised or annoyed you? Hopefully taking time to consider your own two-sided qualities will bring you some enlightenment - a better understanding about yourself and how you are understood by others. More importantly, seeing others in your life each as a "unique mixed gift". Continue enjoying the aspects of their personality you like and try to embrace the rough edges. Welcoming everyone "as they are" is the greatest gift we can ever give another.
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Thank you for your interest. I welcome your comments, questions and observations. You can e-mail me directly at mac@amazingfacereading.com
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