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Our next Evening Class will be held here in 
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Each class is different because we teach a part of the face that we have not done yet this year and then make immediate applications.


Participants also have their own face read.

It is always a fun filled and interesting evening.


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Spring 2017 Newsletter  

One of the greatest values of Face Reading lies in its ability to give instant, accurate, and objective personality assessments and feedback from everyone we meet. Unfortunately, most of our assessments of others are not objective but rather based on our stereotypical thinking or limited interactions or what the other person may have posted on their Facebook or other social media. Even when we think we really know the people that we live with and work with we may miss the mark. Because people grow and change throughout life, we can remain stuck with an opinion about them that is no longer valid. 

Face Reading represents a breakthrough because it is based on the reading of our genetic expression and the epigenetic changes caused by our life experiences as revealed and recorded by the features on our face. It is a tool that gives us the ability to objectively know ourselves, to know how others see us, and to be able to see others as they see themselves. The advantage of face reading is that is does not depend on input from the subject nor on the accuracy of the responses they might give when completing a personal profile or when taking one of the many professional personality tests.
Knowing Yourself
Self-assessment can be a challenge because objectivity is often difficult. We might think of ourselves in terms of who our parents or teachers said we were - smart, athletic, pretty, or stubborn. Maybe you were labeled by your peers as a funny person or a jock or a nerd. Perhaps you took a personality test to try to discover who you really were. But nothing could produce a more accurate and objective assessment than the one that you would get if you looked in the mirror and could read your own face.
Face reading provides what is lacking in even the most professional standardized personality tests... a more objective evaluation.   Because the face records the epigenetic changes brought about by our life experiences it is not dependent on the subjective responses of the person taking the test. In fact, if you take all of the pictures of yourself from baby pictures to present and arrange them from youngest to oldest you will be able to spot the times that significant events occurred in your life. By noticing when the changes occurred on your face you can discover your age when those changes occurred.

By examining the events that were occurring at that period in your life, you can confirm the impact 
those events had on your life and how they affected you. For example, a grief line (like the one on this man) appeared on my face soon after I lost my dog Mojo. The line indicated not  only how important he was in
my life but also the depth of my emotional response. I could see the truth  written on my face instead of discounting my feelings because he was "just a dog" or attributing my feelings of grief and depression to some other cause. 
How Others May See You
Have you ever felt misperceived but you couldn't understand why the other person was seeing you that way? The answer is that they were probably misreading your face. By becoming aware of how we are perceived by others we can avoid the pitfalls created by those misconceptions. For example, protruding "movie star" cheeks, as seen pictured here, can grab the spotlight when their owner walks into the room, but they can also be a source of jealousy in others. The typical, unconscious reaction to those cheeks may cause their owner to be misperceived as an egotist who thinks that they are more attractive or more special than others when the opposite may be true. The woman with the "movie star" cheeks can go through life feeling defective because she feels that occasionally there are other women, who for no apparent reason, don't seem to like her. The truth is that they were jealous of how easily she got attention.

Low angled eyebrows, pointed beards, and down-turned mouths can create in others a feeling of intimidation or of disapproval. At the same time, a person with any of these features may think, "Who me? I am the most easygoing, tolerant person I know." On the other hand, even babies respond positively to people with round, full cheeks, curved eyebrows, and round chins because people with these features are unconsciously perceived as nurturing.  

Understanding the unconscious responses of others to our face can help us spot potential communication breakdowns and also explain the baffling responses we sometimes get from total strangers. If you ever wondered why a total stranger wanted to strike up a conversation with you and then tell you their life story, it may be your abundant "Bambi" eyelids. Comprehending how others see us or how they sometimes misperceive us is priceless. It can even be a source of personal growth when we discover the typical reactions that people have to our face.
Seeing Others as They See Themselves
Perhaps there is no greater gift that we could give to another person than the gift of feeling that they have been seen, accepted, heard, and validated for who they truly are. But, that experience can be rare for many of us because we often maintain a protective social shield to avoid being criticized or misjudged. Unfortunately, our protective armor often prevents our authentic self from being seen or acknowledged which can result in feeling that our true self is almost invisible. The gift of face reading is that it lets us see the other person in a more accurate and objective light... much the same way as they see themselves. People often tell me, "you don't just look at me...you can really see me."

Face reading is a tool that cuts through our stereotypes and judgments by giving us the ability to read another person accurately and objectively, no matter what our relationship is with them.  It works just as well for the person you have been married to for 30 years as it does for a total stranger. Everyone becomes interesting when we can read the unique and changing life story being revealed on their face. When we can share accurate information about even one or two of the qualities that can be seen on the other person's face, it creates a feeling of being truly seen. Such an experience may even help them take down their protective wall while creating a much greater appreciation and a deeper personal connection with us.
Certified Face Readers
Our family of Certified Face Readers (CFR's) continues to expand. Recently we had eleven participants in the workshop. One was from Singapore and the others spanned North America from Seattle and LA to Kansas to London, Ontario Canada to North Carolina. Their backgrounds are varied as well. We had teachers both current and retired, Executive Coaches, and several who worked in either a public, private or government business. We are delighted to present to you one of our recently Certified Face Readers, Brenda Bence.
Brenda is passionate about two things: leadership and branding - and how the two work together.  As a Senior Executive Leadership Coach and a
Certified Global Speaking Professional, she travels the world presenting her unique leadership branding approach at conferences, conventions, and corporate gatherings and works with multinational senior executives  to help them achieve peak performance as leaders.                            Brenda Bence
Based out of Singapore and working across six continents, Brenda has coached over 700 leaders from more than 60 nationalities and 70 industries. Known for her vast international experience and engaging sense of humor, Brenda is the author of nine books which have won more than 30 national and international book awards.
To find out more, please visit: www.BrendaBence.com
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