January 2010 Newsletter

As I continue to meet and read the faces of hundreds of new people around the world, I find it to be a evolutionary experience. My understanding of each feature has deepened and my expression of that quality has evolved from what I first wrote in my book Amazing Face Reading.  The purpose of each monthly newsletter is to share with you some new and sometimes deeper insights into many of the facial features, the theory behind them and the words that I use to express their meaning to others.
In face reading, the shape of the forhead can indicate a great deal about one's thought processes and problem solving style.  It's not surprising that the forehead, which covers the frontal lobe of the brain, is an indicator of your typical style of thinking.  For example your style might be to seek a unique solution to each problem.  Conversely, it might be a need to apply in the most efficient way what is already known or remembered. 
Here are three basic types:
Round and full forehead
round "You are a creative problem solver and can't stand being micro-managed. You dislike rigid systems and procedures. Coming up with creative alternatives with your own imaginative new solutions is what you enjoy most. The best way to work with you is don't impose on you a mindless repetitive task, just give you the big idea and let you decide how you are going to carry out the task and in what order you will do it."
This person understands the world best in their own terms and is most comfortable with a solution that works for them even if it is not the accepted norm. They excel at projects that allow crative freedom and spontaneity. They dislike any imposed constraints and don't grasp a way different from their own asquickly as other types, but often can think outside the box.
Backward angle forehead
slant "You learn by experience and are a quick study in understanding a system or procedure.  You are an orderly thinker and your ability to recall the experiene accurately allows you to profit from on the job training.  Once you have been shown how something is done you can probably do it.  You appreciate proven methods and procedures to solve problems and then can apply them immediately. For you there may be the right way and the wrong way to accomplish the task with the best way being the right way and every other way as the wrong way. 
Theory: This type of forehead indicates a strong development of memory and quick mental reactions.  Their prblem solving style is to apply, in the most efficient way, what is already known or remembered.  They can be good surgeons, mechanics, lawyers or any occupation where it is important to quickly recall a past experience in accomplishing the task.
Straight forehead
straight "You have a mind like an engineer.  You can see the outcome you want, and by building backwards understand all the steps that you need to accomplish it.  You can take a problem that might overwhelm other peple prioritize its components and figure out a way to solve it.  In your world, you realize that the best way to build a building is one brick at a time and in the right order. If you know the answer and your are trying to expalin the solution it will annoy you if someone brings up  step number ten of the problem while you are still explaining step number three.  You may want to tell the person to wait until you arrive there in sequence."
Theory: People with this type of forehead are sequential thinkers.  They need time to assimilate information and as a consequence they don't like to be pressured for an immediate response.  If  given an explnation that starts in the middle, they may ask to start over, from the beginning and one thing at a time.  Their strength is when they learn something they understand it well and know how to get to the result they want.

Article on Foreheads

 Our ability to recognize one familiar face out of the 6.7 billion other possible faces on the planet is a remarkable form of face reading. However, on another level there is also an instinctive response to faces on a sub-conscious pattern recognition level. For example, we often associate brainy people as having prominent foreheads. I have found in my workshops and classes that if I show the group a picture of two men and ask them to pick the one they think is the college professor, a disproportionate number will choose the one with the largest forehead. When asked why they picked the picture with the largest forehead as the college professor the answer I often get is, " I don't know, he just looked smart." Besides the relative size, we are also responding to the shape, width, and angle of the forehead on a level we are seldom  consciously aware of.
  Understanding a person's thinking style allows for more effective communication and connection. For example, if we can become consciously aware that the person with the round full forehead has a strong reaction to feeling micro-managed and resists being forced to do something in a repetitiive or restricted way, that awareness on our part, may allow us to give them the space they need to try it their way first before we criticize or find fault. They may come up with something we haven't thought of. 
  If we are dealing with a person who has a straight forehead, with face reading awareness, we may find the patience to restrain ourselves from interrupting their systematic step by step explanation even if we think we know what they are going to say. Interrupting their flow can lead to a breakdown which will result in it taking even more time to communicate.
  Finally, if we feel like we didn't get a sufficient explanation from the person with the hatchback forehead, instead of taking it personally, we can understand that in their mind there was only one way to do the task. Therefore, it did not need a further explanation. Because it seems so clear to them, they may just be assuming that everyone has that same perspective.
Thank you for your interest.I welcome your comments, questions and observations. You can e-mail me directly at mac@amazingfacereading.com
Your feedback is valuable in my goal to develop and use Amazing Face Reading as a tool to see everyone more compassionately and to clearly see and to understand others on a deeper level.
During this New Year of 2010  may you find a deeper connecton with every person you meet.
Kind regards,
Mac Fulfer
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Which is the largest part of your face? Is it from your hairline to the eybrows,from your eyebrows to bottom of the nose,or the bottom
of your nose to the bottom of your chin? If your forehead  is the largest, like mine, then you are a person who is good with logic, theory, planning or academics but you still need to be shown distinctions.You want to decide for yourself if you think this is better than that befroe you will be convinced.