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June 2010 Newsletter

Have you ever watched students trying to remember the answers on tests? Did you ever notice them closing their eyes and tapping the space between their eyebrows? Try it for yourself and notice how you feel. In face reading, the area of self will is located between the eyebrows. What  the students were unconsciously trying to do was to will themselves to remember the answers. When asked to close our eyes and focus on a center point, we often find ourselves focused on the space between our eyebrows. Similarly, if we think of our "mind's eye," that imaginary window into our internal world, we are likely to picture a third eye in the space between our eyebrows.
This newsletter will focus on three different facial features that reflect a person's self will.  You may have been born with innate self will, which will be reflected by a wide space or maybe even a  bump or pad between your eyebrows.  Another self will indicator is how the forehead connects with the bridge of the nose. If the forehead and nose connect in one straight line, you may have inherited a natural iron will. Finally, even if you were not genetically gifted with a strong self will, you may have developed one through conscious effort. Exercised determination over time creates a freight train line or single vertical line centered between the eyebrows. 
    Self will pad
self will padYou have innate self will and the ability to hold onto your position in the face of adversity or even under pressure. You are not easily deterred from your goal. Once you make up you mind about something, you can stick with your decision. You were born with this kind of determination. Even as a child, if you made up your mind you were going to do something or not do something, nothing was going to force you to change your mind.
Theory: Most people, if asked to point to their consciousness, will point to the space between their eyebrows (or sometimes to the side of their head). The space between the eyebrows in face reading is the area of self will. This feature is considered prominent when there is a wide space between the eyebrows or if there is a fleshy pad or bump.  It is the focal point of our mental sense of self.
  High, wide ridge
high ridgeYou were born with an unbendable will.  Many Greek and Roman generals had this same configuration.  You, like them, have an incredible determination and internal fortitude that allows you to manifest your ideas and accomplish your goals.  Once you make up your mind and set your sights on the goal, you will not rest until you conquer it.
 Theory: When connected directly with the nose, this feature marks a person who can focus an iron will and turn their thoughts into action. Since ancient times people with this trait have not only proven themselves on the battlefield but were often chosen to be the leaders for their ability to get the task accomplished and not be deterred. Many artists depict the famous generals and emperors that you can see in museums with this "Roman nose" feature.  It is the signature mark of an unbendable will.
  Freight train line 
freight train lineThrough a concentrated mental focus and a forced self discipline, you have developed an incredible capacity for self will. Your intensity is like the light of a laser beam on the front end of a speeding freight train. Once you make up your mind, you will not be easily deterred or pushed aside.  And, like a freight train, you will be very difficult to stop.  By your sheer force of will you can stay on track until you accomplish your goal.  Others may respond to you as extremely intense or perhaps intimidating.
Theory: Even if a person was not born with innate self will, it can be developed thought hard work, intense focus and rigorous self discipline.  These qualities are contained through self will. The single vertical line that appears centered between the eyebrows is nature's merit badge and proof of the effort that has been expended by the person to develop this quality. 
Have People Misread Your Face?
My reading of people with any of the self will indicators would be that they are intense and somewhat driven. If you have one or more of these indicators you may have encountered a different type of feedback. Has anyone ever told you that you were intimidating? If you did not feel like you were being intimidating , the odds are that they  misread your self will markers. They merely reacted on an unconscious level to the intensity marked on your face.
We all read faces on a subconscious level. Unfortunately, this level of face reading can be flawed. It is based on our unconscious pattern recognition and reflects only our subjective life experiences. As children, we may have mistakenly seen intense people as mean or intimidating. We are often not aware of the impact that early childhood experiences can have on our present perception of others.
Sometimes the awareness of even the mistaken reactions that others have to your face can be positive.  Having intense self will marked on your face may affect the reaction that others have to you, but it can also provide you with an advantage in some circumstances.
For example, one of my former students was a probation officer who was aware of the impact that one of her self will indicators had on her probationers. She confided that the other probation officers always gave her the "problem" clients. She attributed her success to the "freight train" line between her eyebrows. "When I start talking seriously to someone who has stepped over the line, I pull my eyebrows down and that line pops out. Then, they are afraid to jack with me." She had realized the impact that the line had on her probationers' impressions of her even before she had learned how to read faces and before she clearly understood what the line meant.  
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In this space, I normally include a picture of myself to illustrate a point we are trying to make. I do have a freight train line. However,  for the purpose of showing you what self will looks like on a face, almost no one beats Tom Selleck. He has all three indicators, a wide space between his eyebrows, a forehead that joins with the bridge of his nose in a near straight line and a deep vertical "freight train" line centered between his eyebrows. It is no wonder that he excels at playing parts where he is the iron willed hero who prevails against all odds. In the audition, his face wins the part for him  even before he  reads the first line.
Another example of self will that can easily been seen on  a person's  face  is famed quarterback Troy Aikman. Between his eyebrows he not only has a wide space but also a fleshy pad or bump. Once focused on the goal he was hard to stop. His iron willed determination while playing for the Cowboys helped him earn two Super Bowl rings.
Note: In learning to read faces you may have questions about which vertical lines are "freight train" lines. All vertical lines between the eyebrows show a type of intensity but I only read the one that is centered between the eyebrows as a self will or "freight train" line. I would read any of the other lines found there as either forced focus or perfectionist lines.
The intensity required to practice law for twenty-two years left me with a "freight train" line between my eyebrows. The development of that capacity for intense willed focus now helps me with my other projects including bringing the knowledge of face reading to everyone.