February 2010 Newsletter

In each newsletter you will find information about certain features that go beyond what is written in my book, Amazing Face Reading.  The January Newsletter featured Foreheads.  The basic format will always include a picture of the feature and then a bolded section followed by the theory behind the reading. If you see the feature on a face you are reading, you would tell them what is written in the bolded area and then listen to their feedback. The theory section will serve to help you understand the feature better and help in the development of your face reading capabilites.
When you begin to read faces, you may have some challenges with proportions and hear yourself asking, "Is that a large nose?" or "Are those ears small?"  In the beginning, it is easier to have a few basic, more commonly found features to look for.  Later, you can advance to the more complicated face reading features.  Nostrils are one of the features that can be simplified to three basic kinds to look for.
Here are the three basic types:
Very small nostrils
sm "You have gone through at least one period of scarcity in your life and as a result, you do not want to be caught in that position again. You are like the squirrel getting ready for winter. You have your nut box and you have to fill it and then no one can mess with your nut box.  This means you are a person who must have a certain amount of money in the bank and cans of soup on the shelf. Only then are you able to spend. However, you are not capable of spending every dime you have. You just can't do it. You are not about excess, it is only about sufficiency."
The size of the nostirls gives indications about the flow of energy. It also correlates with how we spend money.  People with small nostrils have real issues with money because they had a time in their life where they did not have enough. Later in life, even if they have a lot of money, they will always be concerned about having enough.
Very large nostrils
large "You come from a space of abundance and so you share what you have with those that you are bonded and connected with. It is just your nature to do this for the people that are close to you. You think that your resources are not to be hidden or wasted so you freely give to others and don't think there is anything else to do with your time or material possessions."
Theory: The larger nostrils correlate with generosity. People with these nostrils breathe easily and feel like they have enough. They can be generous to a fault.  Further, people with large nostrils will almost always have a wide base to their nose. This means that they are providers and will give shelter and support anyone that they bond or connect with.
Huge, flared nostrils
huge "You have a bottomless pit of energy and therefore an expansive approach to life.  You may over estimate your own abilities and go to extremes.  You often take on more than is reasonable and overextend yourself.  Your challenge is saying 'no' when asked to give or do more.  It is especially difficult when someone close to you is doing the asking.  You figure you have more time or resources than they do and so your frequent response is 'yes'."
Theory: Because these people have flared nostirls, they get lots of air all the time.  They get caught by overextending themselves and will not realize it until it is too late.  In fact, they will go a long time thinking there is nothing they can't do or acquire.  However, this extremism will eventually catch up with them and they will "hit the wall."

Article on Nostrils

 We don't often think of looking at someone's nostrils but like every other aspect of a face, they tell us so much about the person's ability to sustain themselves.  After all, the air we breathe to sustain our life comes through the nostrils. The size of the nostrils gives indications about the flow of energy. It also correlates with how we spend money. It is also important to notice whether both nostrils are the same size and shape or different. Remember, the left side pertains to your personal or inner life and the right side to your business or external life.
When I was in New Zealand, I was interviewed on the countries most popular show.  Despite the fact that I was being asked questions, I could not help but read the face of the person interviewing me.  She had a fairly thin nose but her nostrils were on the larger side. I proceeded to tell her that she had a double standard.  The size of her nostrils indicated a person who was willing to give to others but the narrowness of her nose said she was self reliant and self sufficient. Therefore, she would not easily accept the offer others would make to help her in return.
Her spoken response and the blush on her face confirmed my reading. Remember, the most important aspect of face reading is the feedback from the person whose face you are reading. Even if what you say is not correct, the person will have to point that out and explain how they view themselves, which is the CONNECTION you are looking for. In other words, don't be a closet face reader.
Thank you for your interest. I welcome your comments, questions and observations. You can e-mail me directly at mac@amazingfacereading.com or my business partner, Ann Marks, at ann@amazingfacereading.com
Your feedback is valuable. My goal is to develop and use Amazing Face Reading as a tool to see everyone more clearly and compassionately. I really believe we can understand every person we meet on a deeper level.
During this year of 2010  may you find a deeper connecton with every person you meet.
Kind regards,
Mac Fulfer
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Mac Fulfer 

Traveling With 
Face Reading
Perhaps there is no greater use for face reading than when travelling. It has given me a deepeer understanding of the people and culture of every country I have ever visited. Here I am in Egypt and while I was unable to read the nostrils of the Sphinx, I was able to read the faces of the ancient Egyptian mummies and get a first hand knowledge of what those people  were like. As a visitor, even if I can't speak the language, I have a better understanding of every person I meet, including the street venders, taxi drivers and hotel clerks. Face reading also helps to sort out the few people who it is wise to be wary of and when it is best to keep your hand on your wallet. In the end, I realize that we have far more in common with others than we think. Seeing the person behind the cultural and language barriers creates a level of acceptance and compassion I could not have imagined if I could not read their faces. I believe there would be much less division and animosity in the world if more people could read faces.