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Autumn of 2016 Newsletter 
A question that I often get asked is how can face reading help me in my relationships? The answer lies in the scientific study of attachment bonding. Science has discovered that our earliest relationships with caregivers becomes the basis for how we relate to others in our later life. The healthiest of the four possible bonding types is called Secure Attachment Bonding and requires five separate elements.  Face reading incorporates all of these five elements-Attention, Accepting, Appreciation, Affection and Allowing and helps us make instant connections.  We refer to these elements as the 5A's and I have explained each of them below in relation to face reading.
Giving someone our full attention signals that we regard him or her as valued and worthy of our focus.  Face reading requires not only that you "look" at the other person but also that you actually "see" them. When we are reading a person's face we are looking at every part of their face while giving them our full and undivided attention. We can only give our full attention in the present moment. Face reading creates one of those rare but powerful present moment interactions where the other person feels truly seen. Giving our full attention is the first requirement in creating a life force connection.
people-outside.jpg When we accept the other person completely... just as they this moment in time... it requires us to put aside our own judgments of them. When we are reading someone's face, we are only telling them the universal definition of what their features mean, so there is no judgement. We are accepting them as the unique person they are. Face reading not only reveals our uniqueness, it also captures our life story. In telling that story, our objective assessment and tone, without judgment, carries the message: "I accept you, just as you are, right now". Without acceptance there is no deep connection. Feeling accepted while having one's face   read allows the other person to drop their protective social armor.
This element is the third of any connected relationship.  Am I appreciating and expressing that appreciation for the other person just as they are? How can we say "I see you and I appreciate the person you are" in a real and demonstrable way? Sometimes, just incorporating the words in our communications helps..."I really appreciate your perspective and thank you for sharing it" "I'm glad I know you." "I appreciate who you are and the valuable contributions that you make". Sincere words such as these will be heard and appreciated. Face reading allows us to see the other person's qualities in an accurate and positive light. Who doesn't appreciate being seen and accepted for who they are?
This one may seem tricky as we usually think of affection as something physical. Yet I can think of dozens of people I truly like and feel some affection towards but it is communicated more by the attention, acceptance and appreciation I have for each of them rather than any physical display.  Even when reading the face of a stranger, it is my tone of acceptance that generates a kind of affection. When we are reading another person's face, we are giving them our full attention, accepting them as they are, appreciating them in that moment. We are also connecting without judging since what we are communicating is only what a particular feature on their face means from a genetic expression stand point. That type of interaction creates a feeling of warmth coming from them for having been seen as they see themselves.
This element might seem like it could be the easiest of the 5 A's but it is often the hardest. Present moment, unguarded, authentic interactions are rare enough, but to interact on a personal level without expressing judgments or opinions is an art that requires practice. With practice we eventually come to prefer our objective face reading assessments over our judgments. Mastering face reading proves beyond all doubt that we are unique individuals.  Allowing everyone to be themselves instead of the person we wanted or maybe judged them to be, is the most powerful connector we can have. Reading faces is a way of practicing the 5 A's. It builds relationships rich in connection and love.
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