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August 2011


Hello and welcome to the first Make It Simpler Newsletter. While anticipating Hurricane Irene in Manhattan, I am sending this to anyone who has sent an email to me, taken a class with me or asked to receive it, a happily wide net. It's been a busy quilting summer and I hope you'll continue reading on for some exciting news. If you prefer to unsubscribe, you may do so through the link at the bottom and know I wish you continued enjoyment in your quilting pursuits. 


I'm actually writing to alert you keep an eye out for a fantastic, fun "freebie" coming in my next newsletter, to be emailed on Labor Day. 


It will contain a link to enable you to watch online Alex Anderson & Ricky Tim's "The Quilt Show" free of charge during September 5th - 11th. I had the good fortune of being a featured guest on Episode #905, demonstrating several time-saving techniques used to create the quilts found in my latest book, Rotary Cutting Revolution.


The Quilt Show

All eyes on a little quilt in Times Square...

Photo by Gregory Case

30 second preview  of the Episode

Alex and Ricky Quilt Show

The Quilt Show Slideshow

Having twice been a guest of Alex's years ago it was fun to reconnect while experiencing a superb new live show format. Alex and Ricky have great chemistry and create such a warm, relaxed environment for their guests that I felt like I was simply demonstrating to an intimate group of friends rather than being filmed for an internet series. Here is the behind-the-scenes slideshow 

The September/October Quiltmaker magazine includes my Super-Sized Square on Point quilt pattern, especially suited for community quilt endeavors because of its streamlined construction.

Quiltmaker Sept/Oct

One rotary cutter slice through each of two different 40" squares of fabric results in ten patches, all that's needed to sew one pair of 37" square baby quilts. I demonstrated it and other rotary techniques last month in Long Beach at the International Quilt Festival Theater.

Long Beach Festival

Photo courtesy the International Quilt Festival

The Super-Sized Square-on-Point is a companion to guild favorite, Super-Sized Nine Patch.This Quilty Pleasures blog currently links to two complimentary pattern PDF downloads.

Quilty as charged,