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Pet Profile by Dr. Jody
Pet Profile by Dr. Andrea
Made in the USA?
In recent years, a number of pet illnesses and deaths have been linked to toxic ingredients in treats and toys made outside the United States. Make sure that all treats and toys that you buy for your pets are not only made in the United States, Canada, or New Zealand but sourced in these countries as well. If a product states only that it was made in the U.S. (or Canada or New Zealand), that means it was assembled in these countries; ingredients could have been sourced overseas and are not approved by the USDA. If you're not sure where to find safe, high-quality products, just give us a call.
Focus On . . .

Custom Canines

Dr. Jody recently gave a demonstration and answered questions for this wonderful organization which places service dogs with human partners at no cost! Service dogs for veterans, autism service dogs, visual companion dogs, mobility assistance dogs, and guide dogs are all raised and trained by dedicated volunteers and staff.  lists many ways in which you can donate time, products, or financially to help this amazing organization.

Package Pricing

It is easier, and generally more cost effective, to maintain wellness than it is to heal illness. To encourage our clients to provide regular TCVM care for their animals, we are offering discounts on appointment packages. 


5 appointments - 10% off


10 appointments - 20% off


15 appointments - 25% off


Please contact Hope for details.

Dr. Jody's Rates


Initial Home:  $175

Initial Clinic:  $150

Initial Barn:  $185 

(includes acupuncture and VSMT and lasts 2 hours and 15 minutes)



Follow-up Home:  $135

Follow-up Clinic:  $115

Follow-up Barn:  $145 

(includes acupuncture and VSMT and lasts 1 hour and 15 minutes)



Spinal Manipulation Initial Home: $110

Spinal Manipulation Initial Clinic:  $90

Spinal Manipulation Initial Barn: $120

 (VSMT only and lasts 1 hour)



Spinal Manipulation Follow-up Home:  $90

Spinal Manipulation Follow-up Clinic:  $70

Spinal Manipulation Follow-up Barn:  $90 

(VSMT only and lasts 35 minutes for small animals and 45 minutes for barn calls)

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 Winter 2014
AnShen News
Dear Friends and Clients,

Well, it must be winter already, although the calendar still says autumn. Cold weather not only makes our animal companions cold but it can drain qi, or life force, with bitter coldness. To build qi, we can take qi tonifying herbal medicines or eat qi tonifying foods. Foods that increase qi and yang (which is qi plus warmth) are those that grow in the ground or grow slowly above the ground, such as sweet potatoes, yams, carrots, pumpkins, and hard shelled squash. Meats such as lamb and venison warm and strengthen dogs and cats, especially those that want to lie under the covers or near the heaters and have cold backs, paws, noses and ears. These foods can warm stiff cold joints in animals that are more sore or stiff in cold weather. When feeding grains such as yang tonifying oats, it is important to use those that are least processed to reduce the risk of rapidly rising blood sugar. Quinoa is warming and strengthening for the gastrointestinal tract, good for animals prone to loose or soft stool with little odor and no blood or mucous. If you have questions about your animals friends' qi or yang deficiencies, please call or e-mail to schedule an exam and we will give you food recommendations along with treatment.

We hope that you and your families (two- and four-legged alike) are safe, warm, and happy.

Dr. Jody and Dr. Andrea



As the holiday season and the solstice approach, we would like to encourage you to reach out to fellow animal lovers in need. As you may know--and studies tell us--
people in abusive relationships often choose to stay with their abusers because they are afraid to leave behind their pets. There are shelters that allow animals and organizations that foster the animals of abuse victims so that both animals and their owners can safely escape their abusers. We have included a list of such organizations below. Please keep them in mind if you're considering a charitable donation or volunteer opportunity.


715-235-9074 or 800-924-9918 (24-hour hotline)



Pet Profile by Dr. Jody
Both Frosty and Pippin have had feline hyperesthesia for a long time, which causes twitching of the back, extreme sensitivity and sudden, frantic running. Episodes  of elevated liver enzymes with vomiting and diarrhea led to their initial appointments. Veterinary spinal manipulation revealed several areas of hypo-mobility (decreased movement) and tenderness. These were adjusted, along with tail and TMJ traction and laser acupuncture for Frosty. After their second treatment, both Frosty's and Pippin's coats became gorgeous and glossy and their gastrointestinal tracts became regular and comfortable. 
Frosty on the right, Pippin on the left
Pet Profile by Dr. Andrea
Otto was in a great deal of pain when he began seeing Dr. Andrea a little over two years ago, suffering from hind end weakness and arthritis. He was having such a difficult time with daily life that his owners were seriously considering euthanasia as the most humane way to ease Otto's suffering. Regular electro-acupuncture treatments and herbal therapies, along with swimming, have revitalized Otto. He enjoys his treatments so much that he runs to his bed and settles in when Dr. Andrea comes to the house!