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Hot Dog Recipe
Doc & Rocky's Story
Coming Events
September 8:
Setember 21-22:


Dr. Jody will be doing full-time relief work in Hawaii until mid-September.  She will 

be in contact with AnShen and

Dr. Andrea will be available for appointments.

Focus On... 

The Wisconsn House Rabbit Society is a volunteer 
working to rescue abandoned rabbts by finding them safe and caring homes.

We Now Have Laser Therapy!


AnShen now has a class 3b laser for laser acupuncture and laser treatment of injuries, wounds, arthritis, sore muscles, infected gums and much more. For the needle phobic or those who can use extra healing, this is an excellent way to help healing without medications or side effects.

Did You Know

Dr. Jody went to a small poultry flock training in June.  She's available to treat your chickens or other small poultry in addition to all birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians with Chinese medicine, homeopathy and other holistic modalities.


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 Summer 2013
Anshen News
Dear Friends and Clients,

Late summer is the Earth season in Chinese medicine. Animals may have hot spots, itching, "scratches" in horses or upset stomachs due to damp heat. Cooling and damp draining foods include celery, clams, turnips, seaweed and kelp. Cats and dogs can't digest vegetables unless they are cooked or pureed. This is a lovely recipe for carnivores who run hot and damp in the summer.


Dr. Xie's Hot Dog Recipe


4 oz fish (sardine, crab, catfish, shark or other deep ocean fish)

          If fish not available then use rabbit, goose, turkey or beef

4 oz tofu

4 oz brown rice or buckwheat or barley

2 cups of one or a mix of the following:   Broccoli, spinach, celery, kelp

2 tsp olive oil or coconut oil or fish oil

2 tsp honey

1 tsp bone meal


Feed about 20-30% more than you would feed dry. For instance, if you normally feed 1 cup then feed 1 � cups. Vegetables need to be pureed or cooked. Do not cook bone meal. Feed at room temperature or add hot water to warm it up so it does not damage Stomach Yin.


Doc's Story
Doc is a 24 year old Quarter Horse that loves Dr. Jody and his acupuncture treatments. He appears to fall asleep with every treatment, that is how relaxed he gets. Also appears to be a happier, healthier horse after his treatments. We appreciate your excellent care and concern.
Jeanie & Doc

 Rocky's Story



Rocky is our 8 year old German Shepherd that has dealt with severe hip dysplasia all of his life. We tried many different steps to help him. No matter what we tried, he still would struggle with his pain. We had never had a puppy that did not want to go for walks with us. For almost 6 years, we have needed to give him pain medication for most of his days. When he was really hurting, he would need to be on pain medication for several days. Our daughter suggested we look into acupuncture for him. We were so fortunate to find ANSHEN right away. For over a year Rocky has been receiving acupuncture about every 4-5 weeks. It has truly been a blessing. He has only needed a pain pill a couple of times and that was due to ice and squirrels. One time we waited 6 weeks before getting him in for his acupuncture and we noticed he was limping. We knew that waiting 6 weeks was too long a time. Fortunately, we had the treatment and he was back to being a happy playful dog. We know that without acupuncture, Rocky's quality of life would not be good. Because of the treatments, he is having a very good life, enjoying walks and playing with his toys.


Thank you ANSHEN for helping Rocky so he can have a full life.


Cynthia and Kirby



Grooming our animal friends is not just a day at the spa but a necessity.  Some of us are lucky to be able to groom our animals at home while others need a professional.  Groomers make our friends more comfortable by making sure their coats are not matted (which creates Damp Heat), keeping their nails trimmed and they may even find a new lump that should be checked out by your regular veterinarian.


Here are some groomers that our clients rave about:


Lori's Pet-Agree Salon LLC

2313 Parmenter St.
Middleton, WI 53562


The Dogwoods

8523 Klevenville-Riley Rd.

Mt Horeb, WI 53572


Goochi Poochi

6708 Raymond Rd.

Madison, WI 53719



Finer De Tails Pet Spa

5502 Mahocker Rd.

Mazomanie, WI 53560



Diane Pellowe at Hillshore Animal Hospital

2837 University Ave.

Madison, WI 53705