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Health Insurance for Your Pets
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Black Earth Meats will continue to make Offal Tasty (a local grass-fed blend of beef liver, heart, and kidney) available through another humane slaughterhouse. You should be able to find Offal Tasty at the Willy Street Co-Op and Conscious Carnivore. Organ meat is essential for healthy tendon, ligament, and organ health, but should only make up 10 percent of an animal's diet.
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Midwest Beagle Rescue, Education and Welfare (BREW)
BREW was founded in 1999 in Virginia. The midwest chapter began in 2011. They are dedicated to finding loving homes for stray and homeless beagles, particularly those found in high-kill shelters. If you would like more information about Midwest BREW, including the adorably named group of seniors for adoption (AARB: Amazing Assortment of Retired Beagles), please visit them here
Dr. Andrea sees small animals at their homes or one of our partner clinics. Dr. Jody also sees small animals at their homes or at the clinic, and sees large animals at their homes, barns, or stables.
Willy Street Fair
We will have a booth at the Willy Street Fair on Sunday, September 14. Stop by and see us!
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 Summer 2014
AnShen News
Dear Friends and Clients,

We hope you are enjoying all of summer's benefits: beautiful weather, lazy days, fresh fruits and vegetables!


We are excited to announce that Dr. Jody is a member of the College of Animal Chiropractors and is now certified in veterinary spinal manipulation therapy (VSMT)! Dr. Jody can provide this therapy to small and large animals at home, clinic, or barn. She became certified in VSMT at The Healing Oasis Wellness Center in May 2014. The Healing Oasis is the only facility teaching VSMT with functional neurology. 

Adjusting Linus' atlas.


What is VSMT?

Veterinary spinal manipulation therapy is the treatment of areas in the body, including spine, head, legs, ribs and tail, that are not moving correctly, causing tenderness and often pain. When these areas receive a properly applied correction, which requires extensive knowledge of anatomy, biomechanics, and neurology, information is sent to the spinal cord and brain to relieve pain and allow freer movement of muscles and joints. The brain is also affected positively, allowing a happier attitude and improvement of neurologic and organ function. Usually an animal will need a recheck about a week after the first adjustment to make sure that the correction stays. In many cases the animal will not need another treatment for a month or more. As in Chinese medicine, young animals may need only an occasional treatment to keep them healthy and moving comfortably, but older or ill animals may need to be seen more frequently at first.


Equine and canine athletes can stay competition-ready with regular care through VSMT.  Improvement of the neurologic system allows muscles to be balanced and strong with no pain to impede their function.

Checking Moonshine's tibia.

If you are interested in VSMT for your animal just let us know when you make your next appointment. We are pleased to be able to provide more complete care for your animal companions by offering VSMT.

Health Insurance for Your Pets


Summertime can mean an increase in accidents. Pet health insurance can protect your animal companions as well as your pocketbook. Did you know that many pet health insurance companies cover alternative therapies such as acupuncture and spinal manipulation? Here are just a few that do:


Healthy Paws Pet Insurance and Foundation 



Petplan Pet Insurance 



Embrace Pet Insurance 



ASPCA Pet Health Insurance 



Pets Best 


Pet Profile by Dr. Andrea
Dusty has luxating patellas of both knees (dogs have two knees, just like us. Their knees are found in their hind legs). This means that the knee cap moves out of position, making walking difficult. The friction caused by the movement can also lead to arthritis. Dusty was brought to AnShen in hopes that surgery was not his only option. Dr. Andrea has treated Dusty with traditional acupuncture, electro-acupuncture, and laser acupuncture; Dusty prefers the laser. He happily eats his Chinese herbal formulas, Body Sore and Tendon/Ligament, when they are mixed into his food. Dusty is on a low carbohydrate diet of cooling foods such as turkey and duck. Since he's been seeing Dr. Andrea, Dusty rarely limps and can usually be found either playing with his brother, Chester, or playing games with his mom. His epilepsy has also improved since beginning treatment; both epilepsy and luxating patellas are caused by a Liver Yin Deficiency. 
For more information about luxating patellas, click here.


Pet Profile by Dr. Jody
Moonshine is a nine-year-old Friesian/Percheron. At 19 1/2 hands, he is a very tall and extremely sweet guy. Chronic intermittent lameness and fear of certain situations led him to Chinese medicine and veterinary spinal manipulation. Acupuncture, electroacupuncture, herbal medicine, and spinal manipulation, along with a new saddle, has resulted in Moonshine feeling more comfortable in his movements. Moonshine has also been able to overcome his fears with the help of these therapies.