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Western Cup XXX
Drop In Today! No Committment
Play Badminton!
Rainbow Riders 25 Years!
2012 Apollo Board List
Curling Goes To Nationals
Try Snowshoeing!
Valentine's Day Run!
Squash Drop In!
Serve, Bump, Set, and Spike!
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2011-2012 Board Of Directors
 Craig Lewington
Vice President:
Brad Bostock
Steven Van

Social Director:

 Clint Scott

Western Cup Director:

 T.J. Fedyk


Communications Director:

Todd Frisch

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A big thank you to Kevin Finnie for all his hard work and time spent in developing the Apollo 30 year anniversary logo!
Volume: # 30   Issue: #1January/2012
Apollo 30
Apollo Turns 30 - And Other Notable Milestones

2012 will be a celebration year for the organization, which will include:

  • 30th Anniversary of Apollo Friends in Sport
  • 30th Anniversary of Western Cup
  • 25th Anniversary of Rainbow Riders Bowling

On August 23, 2012 - Apollo Friends In Sports turns 30. Our organization was originally incorporated 1982. We are the longest running GLBT sport organization in Calgary.

Help Wanted! Apollo Secretary
Apollo Board Position
Interested in getting involved?  Not sure where to start? Well we have an exciting opportunity for someone interested in volunteering in the GLBT arena.  The Apollo Secretary opportunity is a great position for first time (or experienced)  volunteers and is an excellent platform to learn all about the inner workings of Apollo.  Commitment of only one meeting per month!  Additional opportunity to join various sub committees if interested.  Contact your Apollo President for more information contact:  Apollo President
Western Cup XXX                        Like Western Cup On Facebook  Like us on Facebook


April 5 - 7 2012 

Apollo, Friends in Sports is excited to have Western Cup celebrate its 30th anniversary this year. Western Cup is North America's longest running GLBT multi sporting event and one of the largest parties in Alberta each year.


To celebrate our 30th anniversary we have many great things in store for the social events as well as welcoming a new sport.


Our sporting events this year include curling, bowling, dodge ball, running, squash and volleyball. Bowling will also be celebrating their 25th anniversary as part of Apollo and Western Cup and have many great things planned for their tournament.  



Registration Deadlines

Early bird registration closes February 12, 2012.
Registration closes March 11, 2012.

For more information visit Western Cup Website

Come Out And Play With Us!
Drop In 

Drop In Sports Opportunities
Did you know that we have tons of drop in opportunities to allow you to try new sports with no commitment required?   Sometimes trying new activities on your own can be intimidating...we can help.  Just contact the activity coordinator in advance and they will make you feel welcome and explain all the details before you drop in and introduce you to the other participants :)
  • Apollo Badminton - Drop In
  • Apollo Bowling - Drop In
  • Apollo Squash - Drop In
  • Apollo Yoga - Drop In
  • Apollo Volleyball - Drop In
  • Apollo Boot Camp - Drop In
  • Apollo Running - Drop In
  • Apollo Outdoor Pursuits - Drop In
  • Apollo Curling - Spares List

Drop in fees apply.  Email or call the activity coordinator before you drop in for the first time.  For more information visit: Apollo Website

Badminton - Absolutely Smashing!      Like Us On Facebook Like us on Facebook
Drop In Welcome!


Badminton will start again this week on Wednesday February 1, 2012.  Badminton runs at 7:10pm to 9pm at our usual location in the NE.


For more information visit Badminton

Bowling - Rainbow Riders
25 Year Anniversary!

The Rainbow Riders Bowling League is commemorating their 25 year anniversary under the Apollo banner!  They bowl every Wednesday night (now through March) starting at 6:45pm at Let's Bowl (2916 5th Avenue NE).  Everyone is welcome to come and join in the fun!  If you have never tried 10-pin bowling, c'mon out this season and bowl as a drop-in! Drop-in bowlers are needed most weeks to fill out teams that have absent bowlers.  No bowling experience is necessary AND if you really like the experience, you can sign up for the 2012-13 season at the same time.  The cost to drop-in is $14.00 which includes 3 games, bowling shoes are extra.


For more information visitRainbow Riders Bowling League

Fun Boot Camp 
Boot Camp 
Schedule Changes - Drop In Today

Apollo Fun Boot Camp continues every Tuesday and Thursday evening at 7pm. We lost our instructor on Sundays so that session is no longer offered. Make that New Year's resolution finally come true this year and get yourself in shape. Work out with friends in Calgary's only boot camp for gays and lesbians at one of the best rates in the city.  Join us!


For more information visit: Fun Boot Camp 

Curling                                          Like Apollo Curling On Facebook Like us on Facebook
GLBT Canadian Curling Nationals

Two Apollo curling teams will be representing Calgary at the 2012 Gay Nationals hosted in Vancouver February 3 - 5.  The two four member teams are composed of the following curlers: 

David H, Jason L, Darren N, Troy F, and

Randy B, Geoff H, Troy G and Tom S. Good luck and bring home the gold!


For more information visit: Apollo Curling.

Outdoor Pursuits                    Like Outdoor Pursuits On Facebook Like us on Facebook
Lgbt Youth 
GLBT Youth Program

NEW for 2012!! Outdoor Pursuits recently applied for and received a substantial funding grant specifically for the mounting of the "Apollo Outdoor Pursuits GLBT YOUTH Program". Outdoor pursuits will be partnering with GLBT Youth organizations as to offer and provide GLBT youth with safe, fun, self-esteem building, outdoor pursuits related group activities. If you're a GLBT youth, a GLBT youth organization or know GLBT youth who may benefit from these fun youth oriented activities get in touch with Todd.



NEW!  Starting mid-February look out for snowshoeing.  This will be a biweekly event for all ages and all skill levels.  Outdoor Pursuits events are always fun and social.  Come join us for some fun in the snow!!


 For more information visit: Outdoor Pursuits

Running - Calgary Frontrunners  Like Frontrunners Facebook Like us on Facebook
Valentine's Day Run

On Saturday, Feb. 11th, in the spirit of mixing things up and keeping them fun, we've decided to do a Valentine's run. Wear something red and meet at the Mount Pleasant McDonald's (on 4th Street and about 22nd Ave NW) at 9 a.m.


Bring your sweetheart too. They can enjoy a chicken fajita and coffee while Ken leads us on a run through Confederation Park. We'll meet back at the McDonald's for coffee, McMuffins and a group photo.

For more information visit: Frontrunners

Program Changes - Drop In Now Accepted


All levels of play are welcome and encouraged.  This year, drop-in will be offered based on availability. Squash runs Thursday, Jan. 19 to Mar. 22.  For those registering for the complete winter session you should have received your confirmation of attendance on January 12th. 


For more information visit: Squash

Volleyball - Inner-City                      Like Inner-City On Facebook Like us on Facebook

Friday Recreational Volleyball will start again January 20th and will run for 13 weeks. See you at 7pm at 107, 6A St NE.   Drop In ok.



For more information visit: Recreational Volleyball 



Sunday Volleyball is back starting February 5th, up until March 18th. There will be no volleyball on Sunday February 19th due to the Family Day long weekend. Sunday volleyball is at Crescent High School at 1019 1st Street NW.  Intermediate or Competitive skills are a prerequisite.  Drop In ok.

Looking for a coordinator to run Sunday Volleyball for the remainder of this season and as a permanent coordinator, please let us know if your are interested in this role.


For more information visit: Competitive Volleyball 


Drop-in or register for the winter session of  Yoga.  Held on Monday nights in Bridgeland Jan 16th to April 16th, 2012 (No class on long weekend Mondays).  Practice times are 7:40pm-9:15pm.  Open to all levels.

For more information visit: Apollo Yoga 
Are You In Same Sex Marriage? 


Seeking Research Participants


Who can participate?

Currently same-sex married gay men

Same-sex married for at least six months

Currently living in Calgary


What will you be asked to do?

Participate in a one-on-one interview lasting 1.5 - 2 hours at a convenient location

Fill out a brief demographic questionnaire which will take 5 minutes to complete.

Asked about:

1) The social support received before and after entering your same-sex marriage

2) Whether you have been able to find the services needed to support your relationship

3) If you feel recognized as a same-sex married gay man


Your participation will be voluntary, anonymous and confidential.


What will happen to the information I provide?

Your individual contributions will remain anonymous and will enrich our understanding of the experiences of same-sex married gay men in Calgary. The results of this study will be summarized in a final thesis manuscript and may be reported through academic publications, academic conferences or public presentation.


This project has received approval from The University of Calgary's Conjoint Faculties Research Ethics Board.

If you have any questions about this project or you would like to participate please contact: Edwin Morales MSW Candidate, University of Calgary

Email: eemorale@ucalgary.ca 

GLBT Upcoming Public Social Events
Public Facebook Events
  • FEB 10 - Jasper Pride Weekend Like us on Facebook
  • FEB 11 - Valentine's Is Such A Drag  Like us on Facebook
  • FEB 25 - GFIC Palate Travel #5: Why's Everyone Always Picanha Me? (Brazil) Like us on Facebook
  • APR 05 - Western Cup XXX Like us on Facebook 
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GLBT Video Of The Month
Gay Rights 
The Evolution Of The Gay Rights Movement In Under 7 Minutes
This very  thought provoking video reminds us all of how far we have come ...the journey continues.  Visit Thought Catalog


Know of a great GLBT video you want to share?  Send a link to Communications Director
GLBT Site Of the Month
Pink News 
Pink News
PinkNews.co.uk- news from the lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans community. Founded to produce broadsheet quality journalism for the LGBT community. Covering politics to theology in an intelligent manner.

Know of a great GLBT site you want to share?  Send a link to Communications Director

GLBT Blog Of The Month
Gay In The NFL

Richard "Bugs" Burnett's national column and blog on gay life and gay culture across Canada and around the world.


Visit Three Dollar Bill.


Know of a great GLBT blog you want to share?  Send a link to Communications Director

Apollo Communications Commitment
48 Hour Response Goal

If for any reason you do not receive a response to your Apollo inquiry within 48 hours please contact the Communications Director.  Todd will help to ensure you get the information you require asap.  This applies to any Board or Sport related inquiries.


Contact Communications Director 

Newsletter comments can be directed to Todd at  Communications Director
Apollo Communications Director
Apollo Friends in Sports



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