I pray this newsletter finds you well.  Spring is almost here and last weekend, here in California we had a taste of nice warm weather that we come to expect here.  I love Spring, when if feels like, life is beginning anew. 
In this newsletter I will be sharing ways to transform your life this Spring. 
Arbonne Makeup
Transform your make-up 
Most of us know that make up does not last forever and if you don't know, then you do now.  Springtime, is the perfect time to throw away old out-dated make up.  So how long can you keep your make-up before you throw it out?  Click here for beauty products expiration dates.
Now that you have thrown out your old products, why not get a few of your friends together for make-overs.  Plus by hostessing a party, you can get your products for free.   
Transform your body
I know, no ones wants to hear that summer is just around the corner and with that comes warmer weather and off goes the big coats and bulky winter clothes for things like shorts, sleeveless shirts and yes even the dreaded bathing suit.  But no need to worry, there's still time to get ready.  Now is the perfect time to start Arbonne's  30 day program.   
Arbonne logo Transform your health
One of the ways to transform your health is to pay attention to what is in your personal care products.  Things like mineral oil, parabens, lead, animal products or by products and list goes on and on.  So how do you know what to look out for?  That is what I am for, let me share with you and your friends what should and what should not be in your products.  And of course by using only Arbonne Products you can be sure that our products are Pure, Safe and Beneficial. 

Transform your giving
If you have been a reader of my newsletters for very long then you know that there are many charities that are near and dear to my heart and they all have to do with babies and children.
Place any order in the month of March and let me know which one of the following charities that you would like to donate to and I will give a portion of my net-profit from your order to that charity.
Charities:  Birth Choice of Temecula
                    Wishes for Children
                    Children's Smiles 

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Finally let me end with this.  Spring time can be a wonderful time of transformation, but if you are finding yourself in a difficult time right now and are in need of prayer, please let me pray for you.  Send me your prayer request and I will pray for you. 
Otherwise please know that I pray for everyone on this mailing list.
God Bless,

Teri Fox
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