From the Chair
How did we end up in another year? Some of us haven't rung in a year and some have been off and on. Many areas are talking about COVID protocols to put in place so they can continue ringing. These are CRAZY times! How can YOU help?
You could continue to build your skills as a ringer. Even if you are not comfortable enough to be in a choir (and I can't blame you), you could practice at home. Silverware make for great "substitute bells". You could also be a part of a virtual group. Many of our states have these opportunities. Check with your State chair to find out what your state might have going on. Your state chairs are listed below:
Caroline Valentine - Alaska
Corbin Rasmussen - Idaho
Linda Hightower - Montana
Heather Dixon - Oregon
David Ramsey-Warner - Washington
In addition, you can find lots of fun things to get involved in on the Handbell Musicians of America website!  
* You could join a "Handbell Happy Hour", a chance to virtually join other handbell folks and talk about the thing we love...bells!!
* Catch up on past issues of OverTones or see what is going on in nearby states (The Big Sky Festival is getting ready to go April 29-30 in Missoula, Montana!)
* Lots of Spring Rings are coming up!
In other news, elections for our area are coming up. If you can think of someone who could represent our area well, let me know. We would love to spread the "leadership load" around. We also enjoy new ideas and's what keeps us fresh and hungry!  
Here is hoping you can find a way to satisfy your love of handbells. And here is also hoping we can figure our way out of this pandemic so we can return to our friends and our music. Happy ringing (in person or virtually!).

Barb Silvey

Note from the editor: Sadly, both Coppers Classic and Siskiyou Summit have been canceled.