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The Northwest Campanologist
Vol 13. No.3 March 2022
News from Area 10
Things are Happening!

Finally, finally, finally... Things are starting to happen again. I'm afraid to get too hopeful or optimistic that we are putting COVID in the rear-view mirror, but I'm glad to share with you the ringing opportunities that are starting to open up. Full details are under Area 10 Events below.

First up, this month is making lemonade out of lemons. As a gift to Coppers Classic alumni who suffered the third year of cancellation, Pamela "PL" Grove is hosting a virtual workshop titled "To Weave or Not to Weave, When is the Question - or - When Left is Right". Everyone is invited to join in.

I had the pleasure of ringing at the Snake River Handbell Conference in Nampa, ID the first weekend in February. Snake River was the last in-person event I attended in February of 2020 and the first as we (fingers crossed) come out of COVID in 2022.

I spoke with Tomi Kent, organizer of the Big Sky Handbell Festival, and she informed me that registration numbers are strong enough that the event is a GO! My little local choir was practicing hard in 2020 to attend. We resumed practices this past Monday - about 2 years and 2 weeks later. We moved into a new practice area where we have room to spread out, semi-socially distanced, and leave all our equipment set up from week to week. Hooray!

Don't forget to check out events hosted by our neighbors. Area 12 is holding a big event in Las Vegas over 4th of July. Check out their ad below.

The International Handbell Symposium occurs every 2 years, hosted on a rotating schedule by 6 regions of the globe. This year it's being held in Nashville, TN. You have to wait another 12 years for it to return to the USA. I've never been to an International Symposium before, so I'm excited. There is a LOT of massed ringing built into the program with conductors from around the world. Area 10, under Ellie Hodder, is organizing an Ad Hoc Choir to practice and prepare the massed ringing pieces. You can sign up for the choir below.

This year brings the election of officers for Area 10. We will elect a chair-elect and a treasurer. Please consider stepping forward to help with the administration of Area 10.

Preparations are already in progress for Area 10's 2023 Biennial Handbell Conference, in the Spokane Valley of Washington. Please continue to watch as new information comes out in this newsletter and on the Area 10 website.

Joann Wallenburn
Communications Chair
Area 10 Ad Hoc Choir - Sign Up Now

Click here to sign up for the Area 10 choir.

Good News! Area 10's own Ellie Hodder has volunteered to organize and lead an Ad Hoc choir of Area 10 ringers to prepare for the massed ringing events at the International Handbell Symposium in Nashville, TN this summer.

Great News! The even better news is that a local (to Nashville) church has graciously agreed to loan us their bells and tables, etc. so we won't have to haul gear to Tennessee. Yeah!!!!

The international symposium is hosted by the United States every 12th year.

Can you imagine meeting and ringing with hundreds of ringers from around the world?

To sign up for the choir, please fill out this form. It will be sent to Ellie.

For more information, send an email to Ellie (

I look forward to ringing with you.

Joann Wallenburn - editor
Upcoming Area 10 Events
To Weave or Not to Weave . . .
When is the Question, or When Left is Right!
As a gift to Coppers Classic alums, PL Grove has volunteered to offer her class To Weave or Not to Weave: When is the Question, or, When Left is Right.

1.   Details
.....a.   This will be an Online Zoom class
.....b.   Saturday, March 26, 2022
.....c.   9-11 am PST
.....d.   To reserve your spot, email

2.   Yes, Guests are welcome
.....a.   Donation $15
.....b.   Register at: A link for payment will be sent to you.

This class will be a perfect fit for handbell musicians of all levels!
Big Sky Handbell Festival
April 29-30, 2022
Sentinel High School
Missoula, MT

Registration deadline is April 1st - No foolin'

20th International Handbell Symposium, “Out of Many, One”
 Aug 1-6, 2022; Nashville, Tennessee USA
For more information go to:
To join the AREA 10 Ad Hoc choir, fill out this form
AREA 10 Biennial Conference
June 16-18, 2023

SAVE THE DATES for AREA 10’s Handbell Conference

Reunite with your Handbell Family and Friends!

* There will be Two Ringing Divisions COPPERS MINUS L2-L2+ and
.... COPPERS PLUS L3 to L4 directed by Brenda Austin
* A Bronze Conference Choir (BCC) directed by Marquise Usher
.... (Participation by application)
* Massed Ringing with conducting duties shared by Brenda and Marquise
* A line-up of Workshops to help you develop your ringing skills and
.....musicality along with a READ and RING of new repertoire

Click Here for:
For more information contact Diane Barnes, Events Chair at

Brenda Austin
Marquise Usher
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