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Vol. 4, No. 2                                                                            February 2013

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2013 National Seminar
Distinctly Teen
Musicality Workshop
Youth Handbell Festival
Seminar in Kodiak, AK
Virtual Handbell Ensemble
Big Sky Festival
Greater Puget Sound
Siskiyou Summit Conference
Bells of the Sound
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Board of Directors

Chair - Brian Tervo

   15504 NE 52nd St

   Redmond, WA  98052
Chair Elect - Diane Barnes
   479 Drager
   Ashland, OR 97520
Secretary - Cyndy Patterson
   4080 Carlton Ave
   Central Point, OR  97502
Treasurer - Cindy McAfee
  136 East Broadway, Ste 7
   Missoula, MT  59802
Past Chair - Dennis Dell
   3915 15th Ave S
   Great Falls, MT  59405
Alaska Chair - Ella Saltonstall
   PO Box 8818

   Kodiak, AK  99615


Idaho Chair - Barbara Mix
   1729 Dora Dr S
   Twin Falls, ID  83301
Montana Chair -Diane Hould
   142 3rd St S
   Shelby, MT  59474
Oregon Chair - Shosh Meyer
   10390 SW Canyon Rd
   Beaverton, OR 97005
Washington Chair -
   Jennifer Vangolen
   4820 40th Ave SW Apt. B
   Seattle, WA  98116
Education Coordinator -
   Wendy McPhetres
   6073 Sycamore Ln
   Bremerton, WA  98311
Youth Coordinator -
   Ron Mallory
   Maple Valley, WA
Membership Chair -
Campanologist Editor -
   Phyllis Tincher
   3301 Seminole Dr
   Nampa, ID  83686
Webmaster - Rod Lloyd

   74430 Laurel Wood Rd

   Rainier, OR 97048


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The Northwest CampanologistArea 10 vert logo
     National Seminar is in Portland, Oregon this summer! This is an excellent opportunity to take advantage of all the classes and tracks offered at this annual event. All the information about it  is at There is a complete schedule, description of classes, and even a planner to help you decide what classes you want to attend.
     There are several events in Area 10 this spring - for all ages! Not only are they a fun way to meet lots of other handbell ringers in the area, but a great way to work under the baton of a different clinician. There are articles below for each of these events.
     Please remember that emails for officers in all areas of Handbell Musicians of America underwent a change. Check the emails for the Board of Directors in the left column and update your address books accordingly. This format makes it very easy to remember email addresses for all the area officers. 

Phyllis Tincher, editor

From the Chair......


Brian Tervo

Greetings Handbell Musicians.

     A few months ago, I announced that in 2014, our next Area 10 Conference will be in Yakima.I also commented that we are planning a few changes to the conference format, and I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know about a few of the changes we have in mind.

     The first change relates to making the event more accessible to individuals or small ensembles.  Historically, our Area 10 Conferences have focused on massed ringing, and have made the classes secondary.  Quite often, the full choir music selected for massed ringing is not accessible to smaller groups.  In 2014, massed ringing will still be available, but it will be an optional activity.  We have restructured the schedule such that it will be possible to attend the event primarily to attend classes.   Many of these classes will span 3-hours and will cover topics applicable to individuals in smaller bell choirs.  All of the 3-hour classes will require pre-registration so we can keep classes sized to a manageable level.

     We are also taking some steps to improve the massed ringing experience for those who choose to sign up for one of the Tins/Coppers/Bronze ringing divisions.  Our first step is to limit the size of each group.  To do this, the Coppers will be divided up into two separate groups, each with their own set of music and their own clinician.  We will attempt to place choirs registering as Coppers in their requested division, giving preference to those who submit their registration materials earliest.

     The second step we're making to improve massed ringing is to ensure all ringing positions are covered equally.  It will be much more beneficial to everyone if we can fill 8-10 full bell choirs compared to having four almost-full choirs, seventeen groups of 4-6 people playing G4-B5, and only two people in the room ringing B6-C7.  Choirs registering as a full group (10 or more ringers) may assign their own ringing positions, and will be asked to provide us a list of any positions in their choir which will be vacant.  Participants in smaller groups will be assigned ringing positions.  We will honor requests for ringing positions based on the order in which the registration materials are submitted.  We have done this in previous years for the Bronze division, and I believe it has worked very well.  It's my hope that by using this concept, we will see similar benefits for the Tins and Coppers divisions.

     Lastly, we are making an effort to reach out to the most gifted handbell musicians in our area by organizing an auditioned Conference Choir.  Only the best among the applicants who submit audition materials will be offered one of the limited ringing positions in this group.  The Conference Choir will rehearse during all of the class sessions on Friday and Saturday (9-12 hours total), and will be the featured choir during our Saturday evening concert.  I am looking forward to hearing the level of musicality we will be able to achieve by putting the best of the best from Area 10 in a single handbell choir led by an accomplished clinician.

     If you have any feedback on any of the above changes, or if you have further suggestions on how we can improve any of our handbell events, we'd love to hear from you.  We are still very much in the planning stages of our 2014 event, and there is time for us to make some adjustments as they are warranted based on your input.  If you have comments, please feel free to drop me an email at

Brian Tervo


Jump Starting a Handbell Program


By Diane Barnes, Area 10 Chair Elect

     Last summer I attended the Area 12 conference and took the conducting track under Tim Waugh.  Tim covered a wide range of conducting topics and techniques but it was the following teaching method for the first time ringer that I took away as the highlight of that track; I had found the way to jump start a ringing program for the children and youth at my church.  With young ringers or new adult ringers that have no musical background this method allows them to succeed at ringing a tune the first time they pick up a bell or chime.  Instead of over whelming the new ringer with a full bell score, asking them to track the two notes they are supposed to ring and to grasp the idea of quarter notes, half notes and whole notes all at once, bringing frustration and many little failures, and possibly the decision that they don't want to be part of this thing called a Handbell Choir, try something different.  With this method all they need to do is count to 3 or 4 depending on the time signature and play on the proper beat the bells that they have in hand.  I have used this method with the members of my church's confirmation class; they were able to learn a piece of music well enough to ring it on the next Sunday as part of the Children's Christmas Program with great success after an hour of rehearsal. 

     The key to the success is that the ringers only see their "bell line" marked on a plain sheet of paper as shown in fig. 1.  In figure 1 the A5B5 position is shown by circling the "B" and putting a square around the "A" on the beat that the bell rings in each measure (fig. 2 shows the full score).  The ringer then rings the bell on the proper beat and can damp when they feel like it.  This method works best with music that is comprised of whole, half and quarter notes because the beginning ringer doesn't have to grasp the idea of a divided beat.  If you have a piece of examples music that has eight notes (As I did with Midnight Stars Make Bright the Sky), rewrite it so that the eight note become quarter note etc. and then play the piece at a tempo so the quarter notes have the feel of eight notes.  After demonstration the basic ringing technique and a basic explanation of beats, that music is divided into measures, and each measure has the same number of beats you are ready to have the ringer begin to ring a "real" tune.  I guarantee that after an hour of rehearsal those first time ringers will be ringing with confidence and will be ready to play the piece in public.  Flushed with success the first time around these first time ringers are excited about ringing and are ready to advance their musical vocabulary and understanding and continue learning the art of handbell ringing.

     If you want a small step to the next level to teach note and rest value while avoiding the full score panic, then try figure 3.  It shows the same A5B5 notes on its own staff filled in with rests.

2013 National Seminar in Portland, Oregon!!!


2013 National SeminarRegistration is now open for National Seminar this summer, July 24-27, in Portland. Concerts, classes, vendors, and so much more! Follow the link to If you are receiving e-notes from National, be sure to check out "My Member Rewards." If you are not receiving the e-notes, sign up today at

distincly teen 2013  Distinctly Teen in Portland, Oregon!!!


      Distinctly Teen is designed for the individual young ringer (8th-12th grade) who wishes to stretch their ringing skills and challenge their musicianship. Participants will spend 2 ´┐Ż days working on intermediate to advanced repertoire and developing skills in handbell technique and general musicianship under the leadership of Ron Mallory, our Area 10 Youth Coordinator!

     The event schedule will combine dedicated rehearsal time for Distinctly Teen with the opportunity to attend classes offered as part of the Handbell Musicians of America National Seminar. Each attendee will receive a pRon Malloryosition assignment in the youth all-star choir that will perform with the National Seminar All-Star choirs for a concert at National Seminar.

    With over 20 years of experience leading both traditional and contemporary worship, Ron Mallory is choir, handbell, and praise band director at Living Word Lutheran Church in Puyallup, Washington. He also teaches high school and middle school handbell classes at Forest Ridge School of the Sacred Heart, and directs the Rainier Ringers community handbell ensemble.




Workshop on Musicality with Nancy Hascall


Nancy Hascall      The Bells of Sunriver would like to invite you to a workshop on musicality for the handbell choir. We've invited Nancy Hascall to come to Sunriver (OR) on February 23. She'll begin at 9:30 with a mini-concert at my request to show her artistry and musicianship as a solo bell ringer. She'll lead the workshop from 10:00 to 3:00 with a half-hour lunch break at noon.  

      Nancy led a similar workshop in Alaska in recent years, and from comments on the handbell chat room, it was greatly appreciated. I know we all want to be more musical, but we don't always know how to get there. Nancy will help us and give us all kinds of tips along the way. 

     The cost for the workshop will be $20 per ringer with lunch provided. Nancy will use two choir pieces as the springboard for her teaching, Linda Lamb's "Jesus Priceless Treasure" and Sandra Eithun's "Glorious Things of Thee Are Spoken." If I receive requests for music by February 6, we can provide the music. 

     If housing is an issue, please contact Barbara Brocker directly at bfbfbrocker@gmail.comfor home stays. 

     We'd love to see you!


Pacific Northwest Youth Handbell Festival  


April 20, 2013 * Bellevue, WA

     Emerald City Ringers, a community handbell ensemble based in the Seattle area, invites youth handbell choirs from around the Pacific Northwest to the 2013 Youth Handbell Festival. This year will feature three guest clinicians: Marlene Anderson, Ellie Hodder, and Emerald City Ringers Music Director and Area 10 Chair Brian Tervo. Please email for a registration form.

     We are currently working with the Bellevue Red Lion Hotel for a discounted room block - rooms are anticipated to be $96/night, including free wi-fi and parking. Email for more details.

Fees (includes lunch and dinner): $55 per ringer postmarked by March 1 * $60 after March 1

Adult chaperones: $9 lunch, $12 dinner

Music List


Brochure/Registration Form


Email or call 425-269-8182for more information.

Handbell Seminar in Alaska with David Harris  


     Isle Bells of Kodiak Island, Alaska, is hosting Mr. David Harris of The Raleigh Ringers the weekend of May 4-5, 2013, for a handbell seminar. Handbell musicians and conductors state and regionwide are invited to this special weekend of music and skills-building. Mr. Harris brings years of experience as Artistic Director of the internationally acclaimed Raleigh Ringers based in Raleigh, North Carolina. The cost of the weekend is $75 - the registration fee includes snacks on both days and all sessions with Mr. Harris, including the massed ring and final community performance. Checks can be made payable to "Isle Bells" and sent to P.O. Box 8818, Kodiak, AK 99615 to reserve a spot. Isle Bells is very excited to host Mr. Harris and share his skills with the state of Alaska and the Pacific Northwest. Please check the blog regularly for updates on travel, lodging, info about Kodiak and more. The three Massed Ringing pieces are: "How Can I Keep From Singing?" arr. by Arnold Sherman (Red River Music HB0060), "Grazioso" by Arnold Sherman, (Red River HB0042) and "Rejoice, He is Risen" by Cathy Moklebust (Choristers Guild CGB721). Please email Ella Saltonstall, Artistic Director of Isle Bells at with any questions

Virtual Handbell Ensemble


Virtual choir  

     Virtual Handbell Ensemble is an exciting new project of the Handbell Musicians of America, in which you will have the opportunity to perform a new work of music via video uploads.

      Misterium, by James Meredith, consists of 135 musical segments to be recorded separately by individuals and small groups of players from around the world over a seven month period and uploaded to the web. All of the segments will be assembled by the editing videographer and the composer into the final work to be premiered online in July, 2013.

     For a video introduction by Mr. Meredith and all the information you need to participate, please visit the project website by clicking the picture above or going to


Big Sky Handbell Festival 2013


Fred Gramann.1

Saturday & Sunday

 April 27-28


Great Falls High School

1900 4th Avenue South

Great Falls, Montana


Fred Gramann - Conductor



music list

Information - Read First!

Registration Page 1

Registration Page 2


Evelyn Glennie Promo


2013 Greater Puget Sound Handbell ConferenceKath Wissinger  

     Save the date! The 2013 Greater Puget Sound Handbell Conference will be held Saturday, May 18, 2013 at Green River Community College in Auburn, Washington. This event is open to all ringers - not just those in Washington! Our clinician for the massed ringing will be Kath Wissinger, and for the first time we will be having a bronze conference choir. (The bronze conference choir requires a separate application from the regular conference registration, and selected members will be assigned a position and prepare the repertoire prior to the conference on their own.)


     Registration will open soon - we hope to see you all in May!


2013 Greater Puget Sound Repertoire 


For additional information, please contact Jennifer Vangolen, Washington State Chair, at 

2013 Siskiyou Summit Handbell Conference 
 Monica McGowen
May 3-4
Ashland Middle School
Ashland, Oregon
Guest clinician: Monica McGowen

      The repertoire this year is loosely organized around the theme of "Our Journey;" there are some really nice pieces on the repertoire list. Again there will be two groups The Siskiyous and The Cascades along with the Massed group and an opportunity for those ringers who love a challenge and can ring Level 4 and 5 music to ring in the Bronze Conference Choir. Ellie Hodder will once again direct the BCC; remember that you will need to apply to be part of BCC and must learn your ringing position prior to arrival. Rehearsals for the BCC will begin Friday at 4:00 pm.

     Registration materials will be sent out in early January with a March 1st deadline for application to the Bronze Conference Choir. If you have any questions or would like registration materials sent electronically please contact Diane Barnes at


Bells of the Sound auditions 
 BOTS logo 
Bells of the Sound is a bronze-level, member-run, community handbell group in Seattle, Washington that strives to perform exciting and challenging music expanding the audience of handbells beyond handbell enthusiasts, which shows just how fun this music can be to play! Bells of the Sound is holding auditions on Sunday March 17th, for experienced ringers interested in joining our ranks. If you'd like to schedule an audition with us or if you'd like more information about who we are and what we do, please contact Elliot Lewis at or visit
Alaska Events 


Saturday & Sunday, May 4-5 - Isle Bells, a community handbell group on Kodiak Island, is hosting David Harris of the Raleigh Ringers.  Isle Bells anticipates musicians from around the state will be interested in learning from Mr. Harris and ringing under his baton. See the article above or contact Ella Saltonstall, Artistic Director of Isle Bells, at for more information.

Idaho Events 


Saturday, March 2 - 9:00 am - 5:00 pm, Boise Bell Bash, King of Glory Lutheran Church, 3430 N Maple Grove Road, Boise. Ring through 20 new pieces and attend a variety of classes. Click for Registration Form. For additional information, contact Phyllis Tincher, or 208-989-2811.

Montana Events 

Ring Praise Music Ministry (Phyllis Tincher, handbells, and Sean Rogers, piano) Montana Tour. An offering will be taken for their ministry.

Tuesday, April 23 - 7:00 pm, Bethlehem Lutheran Church, 603 S Main Street, Kalispell.

Wednesday, April 24 - 7:00 pm, First Presbyterian Church, 235 S 5th Street W, Missoula.

Thursday, April 25 - 7:00 pm, St. John's Lutheran Church, 222 2nd Avenue South, Shelby.

Friday, April 26 - 7:00 pm, Conrad.

Sunday, April 28 - 7:00 pm, near Great Falls.

Monday, April 29 - 7:00 pm, Billings.

Tuesday, April 30 - 7:00 pm, First Presbyterian Church, 26 W Babcock, Bozeman. 


Saturday & Sunday, April 27-28 - Big Sky Handbell Festival, Great Falls High School, Great Falls. See block above for links to all the information and registration forms.


Sunday, April 28 - 2:00 pm, Big Sky Handbell Festival Concert, Great Falls High School, 1900 4th Avenue South, Great Falls.

Oregon Events 


Saturday, February 23, 2013 - Workshop on Musicality for the Handbell Choir with Nancy Hascall, Sunriver. Contact Barbara Brocker at or 541-593-7396.


Saturday, March 9 - 4:00 pm, Handbell choirs from Pendleton, Oregon will perform a combined concert under the direction of Phyllis Tincher, Nampa, Idaho. It will be in the sanctuary of First Presbyterian Church, 201 SW Dorion, Pendleton. The concert is free; an offering will be taken. The choirs involved are Bells of Joy from First Presbyterian Church, Bells of Peace from Peace Lutheran Church, and Celebration Ringers from First Christian Church.


Friday & Saturday, May 3-4, 2013 - Siskiyou Summit Handbell Conference with Monica McGowen, Ashland Middle School. See article above and email Diane Barnes at for more information. 

Washington Events 


Saturday, February 24 - 3-4 pm. Concert by Nancy Kirkner, solo handbells, Janet Anderson, piano, and Karin Rogers, flute. Classical and popular music suitable for the whole family. Calvin Presbyterian Church, 18826 3rd Avenue Northwest, Shoreline. Admission by donation. Ample free parking. Reception following. Information at


Sunday, March 3 - 4:15 pm, Distinctly Broze West Concert, Kitsap Conference Center, Bremerton.


Sunday, March 17 - Bells of the Sound auditions.If you'd like to schedule an audition or if you'd like more information about who we are and what we do, please contact Elliot Lewis at or visit


Saturday, April 20, 2013 - Pacific Northwest Youth Handbell Festival, Bellevue, WA. Click for Brochure/Registration form. Email for additional information and see article above.


Saturday, May 18, 2013 - Greater Puget Sound Handbell Conference with Kath Wissinger, guest clinician. See article above. For additional information, contact Jennifer Vangolen, Washington State Chair, at

     Please remember to send information for the March issue to me by February 22.
Happy Ringing,
Phyllis Tincher
Area 10, Handbell Musicians of America