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Vol. 6, No. 1                                                                           January 2015

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Board of Directors

Chair - Diane Barnes

   479 Drager

   Ashland, OR  97520
Chair Elect - Diane Hould
   142 3rd St S
   Shelby, MT  59474
Secretary - Cyndy Patterson
   4080 Carlton Ave
   Central Point, OR  97502
Treasurer - Brian Parrott
   PO Box 80933
   Portland, OR  97280
Past Chair - Brian Tervo
   15504 NE 52nd St
   Redmond, WA  98052
Alaska Chair - open
Idaho Chair - Barbara Mix
   1729 Dora Dr S
   Twin Falls, ID  83301
Montana Chair -Tomi Kent
   6120 SkyviewDr
   Missoula, MT  59803
Oregon Chair - Shosh Meyer
   10390 SW Canyon Rd
   Beaverton, OR 97005
Washington Chair -
   Micki Mennet-Martin
   PO Box 116
   Asotin, WA  99402
Education Coordinator -
   Wendy McPhetres
   6073 Sycamore Ln
   Bremerton, WA  98311
Youth Coordinator -
   Ron Mallory
   Maple Valley, WA
Membership Chair -
   Ann Pomazal
   7848 SE Cypress Ave
   Milwaukie, OR  97267
   503-534-1336 (home)
   503-539-4546 (cell)
Communications Chair -
   Phyllis Tincher
   3301 Seminole Dr
   Nampa, ID  83686
Webmaster - Rod Lloyd

   74430 Laurel Wood Rd

   Rainier, OR 97048


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The Northwest Campanologist

     Happy New Year! As you plan for the next few months, be sure to include one of the conferences near you. Getting together with musicians from other choirs and working under a different director is exciting. Also think about a trip to Vancouver, BC in July 2016 for the International Handbell Symposium. You can read about it by following the link in the article below.


          Please forward this to your choir members and to anyone else who would be interested in all the concerts and events. Encourage them to subscribe to the newsletter. Click "Join our mailing list" at the bottom of the left column or click the newsletter link on our website, With permission, I can also add names and addresses. 

 Phyllis Tincher, Communications Chair 

From the Chair's computer ...



Happy New Year! January begins and with it new beginnings, a crisp winter landscape is your canvas to paint on, full of new possibilities. As you look to the second half of your ringing season now is the time to look towards new challenges and opportunities for your bell choir. Is it time to try something new-like processing into the worship service while playing, ringing a call to worship prior to the prelude, or taking the step to add an obligato or just chords to a few stanzas of a hymn. These "service music" bell additions don't just have to happen when the bell choir is already playing in the service, you can add them to a service as standalone ringing opportunities. These appearances help your congregation understand that the bells can be an integral part of the worship experience beyond the anthem. So, in this New Year, if you have been an anthem only bell choir, I challenge you to step up to ringing beyond the anthem. If you have already been ringing beyond the anthem why not challenge your ringers to try something different and new outside your current routine. One idea I have buzzing around my head is a marching bell choir. I have been reading the Mark Schweizer "Liturgical Mystery" series, in "The Organist Wore Pumps" a marching bell choir is featured in the St. Germaine Christmas Parade-I thought why not? Ashland has an annual Festival of Lights parade the Friday after Thanksgiving, a few 12 Bell Christmas pieces would work wonderfully-short, not too heavy of bells, tunes well known to listeners and ringers. So, this fair warning to the bell choir I direct-keep your Friday after Thanksgiving open as we will be marching in the Festival of Lights Parade. Happy 2015 and here is to many wonderful ringing experiences in the coming year!

Diane Barnes
What's Happening in Area 10
     Check out all the festivals coming up this spring-there many opportunities to ring with your peers, under a different director and a chance to learn a new skill or two. Now is the time to start planning for the 2016 International Handbell Symposium in Vancouver B.C.-"Soundings - Music of Our Lands and Our Lives". Area 10 will be putting together pick-up choirs so if you want to attend but your full choir can't, join with other ringers from around our area for a truly one of a kind experience. Details about the program coming in February.
Think Out of the Box


by Diane Hould

Director St. Luke's Lutheran Church &

Area 10 Chair-Elect


     Whew! Christmas is over. If any of you are like me the past 6-8 weeks were a blur: rehearsals, performances, planning, programs, publicity, extra rehearsals; and then, wait, actual Christmas?   The season for a musician can be murder. And then ... ah ... break time.


     What? Break time is over? Wait a minute, you can't be serious? Already? Ok, now what?


     So January is here and it's back to work. But doing what? How can our church bell choirs be effective in January in just a couple of rehearsals? Resources and thinking out of the box, that's how.


     How many of us actually use the Tips and Tools section of our Overtones? I know I rarely do, which is silly. For one thing it's FREE! The music provided is always timely and relatively easy to prepare. I took a look at the Nov/Dec issue and came up with 5 ways I could use this month's version: Fanfare and Allegro by Jim Smith.

  • As special music: I know this seems obvious, but we often think our special music selection has to be hot off the press or really challenging. It doesn't. This piece is 31 measures long with a built in repeat, - substantial enough for special music and easily learned by a level 3 choir in a couple of rehearsals.

  • Take part of it and use as an introit or prelude:   If you have less time or a more inexperienced choir, just take the last section (start at ms. 22) and use it for a prelude/introit/postlude.

  • Take another part for an offertory: Take the center section (ms.8-19) and use just the melody on a bell tree or in octaves with suspended mallets. You could repeat as many times as necessary and end with an Eb maj. chord.

  • Use as a warm up: This piece is full of techniques - mallets, marts, shakes, dynamic changes. Pull a section and warm up a specific technique your choir needs work on.

  • Sight reading practice: We all wish our choirs were better sight readers, but do we ever practice it?

     These are just a few ways to use this month's Tips and Tools. Think if we used each month's edition this much! We might be able to ease our budget and our stress level.


     Another great resource that I was fortunate to find in my file cabinet when I started is Five Easy Celebrations by Michael Keller. It contains five short pieces that can be used in much the same way: play just opening sections or repeat center sections to lengthen. They are big and grand sounding, but easy as can be to put together. Every director should have this in their library!


     Do you have a full piece sitting in your file cabinet that you could dissect and use part of? I am learning this from a friend of mine: the printed page is not always sacred. Take something apart and use what you can. Just think, when you do go to play the whole piece, part of it will already be learned!


     So think out of the box a little; our worship participation doesn't always have to be a full piece, especially this time of year. This is true for startup time in the fall as well. The important thing is to get back to ringing!


Retirement Community Loving Handchimes


     The "Chimers" at Mary's Wood Retirement Community, Lake Oswego, Oregon, wish to thank Area 10 for the loan of handchimes for a year. There are 10 members at this point and several willing substitutes. We range in age from 72 to 95(!) and have a wide variety of musical and physical abilities. We had a short but very successful Christmas concert, and several members played during a Sunday afternoon church service here. Our choir is doing so well and enjoying it so much that Mary's Woods is considering purchasing a set of handchimes! Thank you again, and Happy New Year!

Susan Schilke, Director

2015 Snake River Handbell Conference



February 6-7, 2015

Central Gym

1415 5th Street South

Nampa, Idaho

Guest Clinician: Jason Krug


     Next month is the FIRST Snake River Handbell Conference! It's not too late to register and join the fun as Jason leads us through seven wonderful pieces of music making sure we are all on the same page with the various techniques. Check out the links for all the conference materials below and sign up.


     The cost is only $65/person including lunch on Saturday. Family discount - first ringer at full price; additional ringers from same family $15 less. For additional information, contact Phyllis Tincher, or 208-989-2811.


Conference Information

 Registration Form 

Music Repertoire

This event is sponsored by Handbell Musicians of America.

2015 Siskiyou Summit Handbell Conference



May 1-2, 2015

Ashland Oregon

Guest Clinician: Larry Sue

"Water Music"


      Larry will conduct the Massed Ringing and both The Siskiyous and Cascades groups. Ellie Hodder will once again conduct the Bronze Conference Choir. Bronze Conference Choir is by application; rehearsals will begin Friday afternoon at 4pm.   


     Registration for the event will be $65/person if registered by March 1st, after March 1st registration will be $75/person. Registration materials will be available beginning January 1st, space is limited so register early. If you wish to receive your registration materials electronically please contact Diane Barnes at with your e-mail contact information.


 Music Repertoire 


2015 Greater Puget Sound Handbell Conference


May 15 & 16, 2015
Green River Community College
Auburn, Washington

Clinician: Michael Glasgow



     The Greater Puget Sound Handbell Conference is open to full choirs, partial choirs and individuals. If you don't have a full choir - or don't have a choir at all - you can still participate. We can place individual ringers in choirs with openings.


     The conference repertoire is below - hopefully you will find some of these selections will also fit in your ringing opportunities throughout the year. Complete registration details will be available in January 2015. If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Micki Mennet-Martin at


Music Repertoire  

This event is sponsored by Handbell Musicians of America. 

Bell Trees in Worship and Concert


Creativity with Bell Trees - Whitechapels included! 


     A Bell Tree workshop on Saturday, March 7 in Portland, Oregon will center on creative ways we can use bell trees in worship and in concert. The clinician, Barbara Brocker, has extensive experience teaching and performing at national and international events with the bell tree "keyboard." However, the experience she brings to this workshop is based more on the years she has used bell trees in various settings.

     Barbara will teach the basics of bell tree ringing - including set-up, malleting techniques and music selection - and will discuss some of the many ways she has incorporated bells trees in her performances. There will also be an opportunity for participants to share their ideas of what has worked well for them.

     A special feature of this workshop is the addition of Whitechapel bells to the bell tree world. Anne Stevenson and Peery Products have designed a bell tree clip that allows the stiff-handled Whitechapel bells to be strung into a bell tree.

     The 10:00am - 3:00pm workshop will be held at Westminster Presbyterian Church, 1624 NE Hancock Street, in Portland and the cost is $25. Additional details can be found on the registration form below. You can also email Anne Stevenson, bell director at Westminster, if you have questions:


Registration Form 

This event is endorsed by Handbell Musicians of America.


Pacific Northwest Youth Handbell Festival


Ron Mallory


Saturday, March 21, 2015

Westminster Chapel

Bellevue, WA

Guest Clinician: Ron Mallory



     Calling all youth: Join the Emerald City Ringers on Saturday, March 21, 2015 at Westminster Chapel in Bellevue for a day of ringing and learning with clinician Ron Mallory.  Registration materials coming soon - registrations received by February 14 will be $55/person.

     Contact Colin Walker,, for more information.

Music Repertoire

This event is endorsed by Handbell Musicians of America.

2015 Big Sky Handbell Conference



  April 24 & 25, 2015

Carroll College

1601 N Benton Ave

Helena, MT


Clinician: Lee Afdahl


  Music Repertoire 

Rehearsal Notes 

(There are score corrections included in the notes.)


This event is endorsed by Handbell Musicians of America. 

Read & Ring in Bellevue, WA 

     On Saturday, January 17, 1:00 pm, join the Emerald City Ringers for a Read & Ring! Come and ring this spring's Greater Puget Sound and Pacific Northwest Youth Handbell Festival music, along with some other old and new favorites. This event will be held at Cross of Christ Lutheran Church, 411 156th Ave NE in Bellevue, WA. Limited quantities of music will be available for purchase at the event. Registration is $5 per person. Email Colin Walker,, for more information or to register.
17th International Handbell Symposium

Click here for basic information.
Click the image for all the details.
National Office contact information



The national office is a virtual operation!


To contact by phone: 937-438-0085. Please note the 1-800 number is no longer in service.


All payments for membership dues, contributions, and other invoices should be sent to our lockbox:

Handbell Musicians of America

PO Box 145400

Mail Location 521

Cincinnati, OH 45250


All other correspondence should be sent to:

Handbell Musicians of America

201 E. 5th Street, Suite 1900-1025,

Cincinnati, OH 45202


Staff emails are in Overtones and at 

Alaska Events 


Your event or concert could be listed here! 
Idaho Events 


Friday & Saturday, February 6 & 7, 2015 - Snake River Handbell Conference, Jason Krug, clinician. Central Gym, Nampa. See article above for additional information.

Saturday, February 7, 2015 - 7:00 pm, Snake River Handbell Conference concert, Central Gym, 1415 5th Street South, Nampa. 

Montana Events 
Friday & Saturday, April 24 & 25, 2015 - 2015 Big Sky Handbell Conference, Carroll College, 1601 N Benton Ave, Helena. See article above for additional information.
Oregon Events 


Saturday, January 10 - 2:00 pm, Concert by the handbell choirs of Pendleton under the direction of Phyllis Tincher. First Presbyterian Church, 201 SW Dorian Ave, Pendleton. A free-will offering will be received. Choirs performing are Bells of Joy (First Presbyterian), Bells of Peace (Peace Lutheran), and Celebration Ringers (First Christian).


Sunday, January 11 to Sunday, January 17, 2015 - The thirteenth annual handbell cruise: Twice the Fun! Bells of the Cascades' seven-day Caribbean cruise will for the first time feature two clinicians, Stephanie Wiltse and Michael J. Glasgow, plus the Handbells Unlimited! duo. Join us as we sail Holland America ms Eurodam from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, through the blue waters of the Caribbean to the ports of Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos; San Juan, Puerto Rico; St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands; and the private island Half Moon Cay, Bahamas. The days we're not in port, you'll be making music with two distinguished and well-known, handbell clinicians, Stephanie Wiltse and Michael J. Glasgow. Solo and ensemble ringers will also have the opportuntity to be coached by Beth Davidson and David Jordan of Handbells Unlimited! A lucky auditioned few will also get the chance to perform with Beth and David. Tickets are still available, and start at $935 for an inside cabin. Learn more and register for your winter handbell cruise in the Caribbean:


Saturday, March 7 - Bell Trees in Worship and Concert workshop with Barbara Brocker, 10:00 am - 3:00 pm, Westminster Presbyterian Church, 1624 NE Hancock Street, Portland. See article above or contact Anne Stevenson, 


Friday & Saturday, May 1 & 2, 2015 - Siskiyou Summit Handbell Conference, Larry Sue, clinician, Ashland. See article above for additional information.  

Washington Events 


DeColores concerts (optional offering donation):

Sunday, January 4, 2015 - 6:00 pm, Medical Lake,  Lake City Assembly Of God, 400 E Grace Street.


Bells of the Desert present their annual Christmas concert, "What Gift?" Bells of the Desert is the Tri-Cities premier handbell ensemble performing both traditional handbell music as well as more modern pieces. We are excited to present "What Gift?" and share our gifts of handbell music with you this Christmas season. Selected pieces include "You're a Mean One Mr. Grinch", "In the Bleak Midwinter", and "O Holy Night". Our concerts are free, but donations are appreciated to keep us ringing into the future!

Saturday, January 10 - 3:00pm, Central United Protestant Church, 1124 Stevens Drive.


Sunday, January 11 - 10:00 am. Phyllis Tincher, handbell soloist, will be leading the worship service at Riverside Community Church, 5 Desert Aire Dr SW, Desert Aire. 


Saturday, January 17 - 1:00 pm. Join the Emerald City Ringers for a Read & Ring! Come and ring this spring's Greater Puget Sound and Pacific Northwest Youth Handbell Festival, along with some other old and new favorites. This event will be held at Cross of Christ Lutheran Church, 411 156th Ave NE in Bellevue. Limited quantities of music will be available for purchase at the event. Registration is $5 per person. Email Colin Walker,, for more information or to register.


Saturday, March 21, 2015 -  Emerald City Ringers presents the 2015 Pacific Northwest Youth Handbell Festival. Join clinician Ron Mallory and youth handbell choirs from around the Northwest at Westminster Chapel in Bellevue.  See the article above. Contact Colin Walker,, for more information.


Friday & Saturday, May 15 & 16, 2015 - Greater Puget Sound Handbell Conference, Michael Glasgow, clinician. Green River Community College, Auburn. See article above for additional information. 

Canada Events 

July 26-30, 2016 - International Handbell Symposium, Vancouver. See article above or visit website

     Please remember to send information for the February issue to me by January 22.
Happy Ringing,
Phyllis Tincher
Area 10, Handbell Musicians of America