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Ringing and COVID
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National Seminar 2020
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* Gives you opportunities to connect and form life-long friendships with other handbell musicians.
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* Makes you an integral part of an organization that is THE principal voice of the handbell/handchime art form and is dedicated to advancing the art through education, community and communication.

Board of Directors

Chair - Glen Hascall
   5 Westridge Dr
   Lake Oswego, OR  97034
Chair Elect - Barb Silvey
Secretary - Wendy Goodheart
   1422 Lynn Avenue #8
   Billings, MT 59102
Treasurer - Kylie Johnson
Past Chair - Diane Hould
   142  3rd St S
   Shelby, MT  59474
Alaska Chair - open
Idaho Chair - Shelly Siemer
   12 N 3167 E
   Idaho Falls, ID  83402
Montana Chair - Sharon Peterson
   6426 Marias St.
   Missoula, MT  59803
Oregon Chair - Shelley Giaier
Washington Chair -  David Ramsey-Warner

Membership Chair  - 
   Ellie Hodder
Event Coordinator - 
   Diane Barnes
   479 Drager
   Ashland, OR  97520

Communications Chair -
  Joann Wallenburn

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Less Than 7 Months 'til Christmas

It seems that 2020 is both flying by and standing perfectly still.  In these many weeks of isolation, I should have checked off every item on my To Do list.  No such luck.  Instead of comfort food, I've turned to comfort time - reading, working puzzles, playing games, playing with my grandson.

I just retrieved our bells from their quarantine in the local elementary school.  I have no excuse now to not get back in the saddle.  I'm looking forward to reengaging my choir members and trying out some of the tips in Diane's article below about Ringing in the Time of COVID-19.  We visited several assisted living facilities before Christmas last year and played songs arranged to be played with just music stands.  It was a great hit with both my ringers and the residents.  We'd like to expand our repertoire.

Our Membership Chair, Ellie Hodder, has also shared some activities in her article The World Turned Upside Down - Now What Do I Do?  

AND she has arranged an exciting workshop by Jamien Lin from Singapore on playing the CAJON with BELLZ (yes, I mean Z).  Save the date - June 27th.   You'll receive a special notice and invitation in the next couple of days.

With the march of time, comes the next election cycle in Area 10.  Please see Glen's article that includes information about the positions that will be coming up for election this year.  Area 10 runs completely through the donation of volunteer time by its Board.  We need YOU!  Please consider how you can contribute your time and talents to keep Area 10 thriving and relevant.

The Bell Tree with Choir Composition Contest is still on-going.  Please check out the article below.

WoW!  I was worried about not having enough to put in this newsletter and now my cup overfloweth.  One last thought to pass along to you from our Membership Chair.

In these difficult economic times, all of us have been affected financially. Gratefully, some of us still have work, but we know some do not. ALL arts organizations are being strongly affected by the dramatic drop in income. You can personally help keep handbells and the handbell community afloat if you are able to do so.
  1. Join Handbell Musicians of America ( ).
  2. If you are already a member, please make sure your membership is renewed.
  3. Support your local handbell ensembles. Make a tax-deductible donation to HMA and local organizations.
The support we are able to  give now will help ensure that handbell ensembles will survive these tough times when we are together again in community.

This newsletter is available - free - to everyone.  Please share with any of your fellow ringers.  They can c lick Here to subscribe for themselves.
Events and concerts are added to our website between newsletters, so be sure to check the Events Page frequently.
ChairNotes from the Chair

Another month has passed with little or no bell activity. I'm excited that the planning committee for our National Conference has found a way to either meet in person in Florida or to take the classes virtually. It appears that a new registration period will allow all members a chance to sign up to take the virtual classes. More information will be coming from National soon.

In Area 10 we are gearing up for an election. We need to elect a Chair-Elect and a Secretary. The Chair-Elect position is a six year term where for the first two years the elected is Chair-Elect learning and assisting the Chair, the next two the position becomes Chair and the final two are Past-Chair again assisting in governing the Area. The Secretary position is a 4 year term. Our by-laws specify that the election must be contested i.e. there must be at least 2 candidates for each position. In addition we also need an Alaska Chair and an Idaho chair. These positions are appointed by the Executive members of our Board. 

So if you or a friend feel the need to get active in the governance of our art within our Area please let me or one of our Board members know (see contact information in the sidebar). We can supply you with job descriptions from our Job  Descriptions manual. They are also available on our website, at the bottom of the Board of Directors page. W e would love to have your help!

I hope this newsletter finds you well and healthy.


P.S.  [Note from the editor:]  HMA released new information about the National Seminar, with both virtual and on-site opportunities.  
RingingRinging in the Time of COVID-19         by Diane Barnes

After 10 weeks of staying home, only going out for the essentials and experiencing worship through YouTube videos we are all ready for some "normalcy". However, we may never return to the way we were before COVID-19 for quite a while. I know I have been starved for ringing as part of a greater whole and having our handbell program provide musical offerings for our online services. With some planning that can happen. There are options using 12 bell or 8 bell arrangements that do not require the use of tables. Below is a list of some of the 12 bell arrangements that are available for purchase from you favorite suppler of Bell Music or go to where you will find 8 bell arrangements for handbells by Larry Sue. These can be rung by 4 people or 2 people playing 4-in-hand with hymn arrangements for all the seasons of the Church Year.

For the May 31 st video service, Pentecost Sunday, four members of Ascensions bell choir rang a 12 Bell piece by Jason W. Krug from his All Praise to thee Vol. 3, Spirit of God, Descend Upon my Heart. Using 12 bell music allows one to move away from the tables, and just use music stands allowing the ringers can spread out easily forming a half circle-not ring elbow to elbow.  

I had my ringers take home the bells they would ring in Spirit of God , learn their part on their own at home for a few weeks. To minimize the time spent breathing each other's air we came together a couple of days before the taping for about 45 minutes to put the piece together, get our timing down and musicality. We rehearsed in masks spaced about 6' apart on our own music stands in an arch. We were taped later that week to be edited into the Video for Pentecost Sunday Worship Service. 

Below is a list of some of the 12 bell music available. Some of it is in collections that are reproducible and some are in collections where you will need to purchase least 6 copies if you will have 6 ringers covering the positions and want to space out in a room 6' apart; if you have ringers that can play 4-in-hand you will only need 3 ringers to cover the positions. 

Twelve Bell music covers C5-G6 in the Key of C OR F5 to C7 in the key of F. The music arranged for 12 bells covers all the musical needs for the church year: Advent/Christmas, General Worship, Lent/Easter, Praise & Worship, Classic Hymns, Gospel Hymns and Spirituals. 

Some Collections of Twelve Bell Music

Twelve Bell Series-arranged by Patricia Cota- NOT Reproducible-Key of C

12 Bells in F-collections arranged by Bill Ingram, Linda Lamb or Jason Krug- NOT Reproducible-Key of F

Christmas Carols for Twelve Bells - arranged by Jason Krug -  Reproducible  - Key of F

All Praise to Thee-Vol. 1, 2 or 3-arranged by Jason Krug- Reproducible -Key of F

 Editors Note:  The ringers appear at 10:42 in this YouTube.
EllieThe World Turned Upside Down-Now What Do I Do?
by Ellie Hodder

For most of us, we have been living under a stay-at-home order for 12+ weeks. Our regular music rehearsals have been suspended. We feel cut off from our fellow musicians and from the activity that feeds us emotionally and spiritually. Now that we are through the "it'll be over in a couple weeks" stage and the anger turned to grief stages, what can we do to feed ourselves and to emerge as engaged and ready-to-ring musicians? 

Here's a short list of things you can do now:


1. Stay in touch with fellow musicians. There are free versions of online video chat. True, it's not the same, but it is comforting to see your fellow musicians' faces.


2. Keep some skills vibrant. Remember listening to your director telling you to go home and work out a passage with kitchen utensils (no knives!)? Do that now! Here's an exercise.
    1. Choose 4 different utensils.
    2. Label them 1 through 4 with tape.
    3. Label the ringing space 1 through 4 as well.
    4. Start slowly and work out the weave. Lift the hand with the spatula in your right hand high enough so that you can reach under it to get the salad tongs with your left hand!
    5. When you've mastered it slowly, increase the speed by a couple ticks on your metronome.
    6. Got it figured out? Good. Now start with the other hand.

3. Find out if there are bells or chimes you can borrow from your and work out a simple solo or belltree piece. Composers-in-isolation are writing exactly to fill that need! 

    1. Don't know where to start? Email your  favorite vendor for suggestions.
    2. Need a homemade belltree stand? Join belltree-L and search the resources

4. Know of bells that have been silent near you at a church, a school, a former community group? 

    1. Contact them and ask it they would be willing to loan you some bells. 
    2. Check to see if your homeowner's insurance would cover them while in your possession. 
    3. Offer to come and ring for them when it is safe to do so.

5. This is the most important thing: Tell us what you are doing!! Your energy is inspiring to the rest of us. Joann will be happy to include your activities in the newsletter, on our Facebook page and website. Email her at

    1. Send us an emails describing what you are doing and what you are learning.
    2. Send us a video of you working on weaving.
    3. Send the video of your first solo.
You matter and we all want to know what and how you are doing.
ContestBell Tree with Handbell Choir Composition Contest
The bell tree ringers from  Into the Forest are sponsoring a composition contest for bell tree with handbell choir music. Deadline is August 15. Prize is $2000. The bell tree community is seeking music to help move bell trees from the periphery into the mainstream by seeing more bell trees playing with handbell choirs in concerts, church services, and other venues. We are defining the mainstream as handbell choirs who play level 2+ to 3 music and have 3 to 5 octaves of bells and probably chimes. We are seeking more music for this range. See attachments for more information.

Ringing in the City Beautiful                        Orlando,FL
National Seminar starting Friday, July 17th, is still expected to be held.  Registration is open and the Early Bird pricing has been extended to June 1.   Register for National Seminar. If you have never been, I highly encourage you to go - at least once.  Registration fees include, among a lot of other things, 15 classes over a 4 day period.  I just counted - there are 62 different topics to select from! 

!!! New information about both virtual and on-site participation options can be found here. !!!

Next year, National Seminar will be in Phoenix and 2022 will be combined with the international Symposium in Nashville, TN.   
Inland Northwest 2021
March 19 and 20, 2021 
Central Church 
Richland, WA.

Clinicians: Shirley Lindberg and Bryant Wilkie


Information              Registration

This event is sponsored by Handbell Musicians of America.
Coppers Classic 2021


Coppers Classic 2021
March 19-21, 2021
             March 18 (mini-workshop)            
Monarch Hotel & Conference Center
12566 SE 93rd Avenue                
Clackamas, Oregon                  

Stay tuned for registration information.

Check out the repertoire and consider joining us for next year's concert and ringing with us next year.

Questions: Contact Ellie Hodder, founding director or Kim Bible, event coordinator.

This event is sponsored by Handbell Musicians of America.  
Siskiyou Summit                                      RESCHEDULED!
      April 30-May 1, 2021
      Ashland, OR
      Fascinatin' Rhythms

      Guest Conductor: Tim Waugh 

The 2020 Siskiyou Summit Handbell Conference has been rescheduled for 2021. Tim Waugh will be the conductor and we will be using all the same repertoire from 2020 and offering the same classes plus a couple of others. Watch this space for details later this year.  Contact Diane Barnes if you have any questions  
Will You Help?
State Chair Positions Open

There is a current opening for the Alaska State Chair and the Idaho State Chair.  

Please consider serving on your Area 10 Board in this capacity.  For information or to volunteer please contact Glen Hascall, chair or Diane Hould,  past-chair of Area 10.
Oregon Events 

Friday-Sunday, March 19-21 (2021), Coppers Classic 2021, Clackamas, OR  Details at   Additional info email:   Kim Bible

Washington Events

Friday & Saturday, March 19 & 20, 2021
- Inland NW Handbell Conference, Central Church, Richland, WA

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The national office is a virtual operation!
To contact by phone: 937-438-0085. Please note the 1-800 number is no longer in service.
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