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Vol. 8, No. 11                                                                            November 2017

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From the Chair
Chime Loan Report
Area 10 at Coppers Classic
Coppers Classic
Snake River Conference
Inland Northwest Workshop
Siskiyou Summit Conference
International Symposium
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Board of Directors

Chair - Diane Hould
   142  3rd St S
   Shelby, MT  59474
Chair Elect - Glen Hascall
   5 Westridge Dr
   Lake Oswego, OR  97034
Secretary - Wendy Goodheart
   1422 Lynn Avenue #8
   Billings, MT 59102
Treasurer - Brian Parrott
   PO Box 80933
   Portland, OR  97280
Past Chair -Brian Tervo
   15504 NE 52nd St
   Redmond, WA  98052
Alaska Chair - Sheri Roach
   403 Henderson Rd S
   Fairbanks, AK  99709
Idaho Chair - Shelly Siemer
   12 N 3167 E
   Idaho Falls, ID  83402
Montana Chair -Tomi Kent
   6120 Skyview Dr
   Missoula, MT  59803
Oregon Chair - Cyndy Patterson
   4080 Carlton Ave
  Central Point, OR  97502
Washington Chair - open
Event Coordinator - 
   Diane Barnes
   479 Drager
   Ashland, OR  97520
Education/Youth Coordinator

Membership Chair
   Ellie Hodder
Communications Chair -
   Phyllis Tincher
   3301 Seminole Dr
   Nampa, ID  83686
Webmaster - Rod Lloyd
   74430 Laurel Wood Rd
   Rainier, OR 97048
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The Northwest Campanologist
Happy Thanksgiving! As we gear up for the Christmas season, let's not forget to take time and give thanks. Be sure to thank all the handbell musicians in your choir for their dedication to our art.

Does your family need a Christmas idea? Why not encourage them to give you the gift of registration to one of the upcoming events in 2018. There are several in the articles below complete with registration forms.

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 Phyllis Tincher, Communications Chair
Notes from the Chair ...
I have just returned from a week's trip to Italy.  My sister-in-law's family owns a small house in an even smaller village in northern Italy and time finally allowed for me to visit.  It was a wonderful week full of all the things you might expect:  good food, good wine and wonderful scenery.

However, one of the most special memories I will have of my stay in Cravanzana is the bells.  Cravanzana, like most other small Italian villages has a church with a bell tower.  These bells are not actually "rung".  As I remember, they do not even swing.  They are operated by a mechanized system, but they are no less impressive.
The bells toll the hour, and then ring again at five minutes after the hour, just for good measure.  They also toll once on the half hour.  Then, to top it all off, at 7:00 am, 12:00 and 3:00 pm - after the usual hourly toll - they ring an uncountable number of times.  My sister-in-law calls it the "song", but there is no distinguishable rhythm or pitch.  The ringing goes on and on and on.  As near as we could tell, this was to make special note of "time for work, time for lunch, siesta is over!"

Now one might think all this ringing could get a bit tiresome.  I will admit, through my open window at 6:00 am after a late night of food and wine, it was a bit jarring.  However, even after the clamor at 7:00 am began, I found it strangely comforting.  It was like all was well with the world, and I could snuggle down for an extra hour or so of sleep.  Most of the time, my reaction was, "Oh, there are the bells again, how lovely."  Bells being such a large part of everyday life seems ideal to me.

What is it about bells that make them so irresistible?  Is there still a part of our psyche that relates to times when they rang out announcements, joyous occasions, danger, or collective sorrow?  Do they still bring us together simply by their resonance?  Questions too profound for me.  All I know is that as I lay in bed in an 1100 year old Italian village, listening to the bells, I felt safe and connected to a world so different from my own.  I can't wait to go back.
Diane Hould
2015-16 Chime Loan Program inspires parents and students
handchimes You have touched the musical hearts of some children at North Star. Thank you!
North Star, Mead, Washington, is a Mead School District Alternative Learning Program designed to serve parents who want to be the primary educators of their children. Families who choose this program prefer to provide the bulk of their child's academic instruction at home. They access the North Star program to round out the curriculum, selecting clubs which primarily enrich, rather than replace, academic instruction at home.  Our students range in age from K-12th grade and we serve a higher percentage of students with special needs (30%) than the traditional schools (12-16%) and provide instruction and support across a wide spectrum of exceptionalities.
We originally sought out a handchime grant because of our desire to provide a musical experience to children of ranging abilities, at an affordable rate, without requiring parents to purchase or rent instruments. Very few of our students are receiving music instruction and are not in a school with a band or orchestra or choir or even a music teacher. Students and parents found the handchimes to be small and portable but most of all, enchantingly lovely to listen to. They are so much nicer than a rhythm band or a class of soprano recorders for captivating students and drawing them in other world of music and performance instruments.
Our first class, with the instruments your program provided on loan, attracted only 5 students, one of whom withdrew from our program.
Nevertheless, the students were able to play simple carols by Christmas and performed the theme from "Frozen" by the end of the year. In all, these students had only 32 hours of rehearsal time! Amazing! 
At the end of the loan program you provided, we received news that we had been awarded a grant to purchase a 25 note set Schumerich Chimes from Handbell Musicians of America. We were delighted to be able to continue the program.
This year, our class size has tripled and several of our students have branched out to join a local marimba choir as well. This year, we hope to have the students perform at a local retirement home as a form of community service. This will be the third performance of the year.
The students who have participated have mentioned this as one of their favorite classes. In my supervision of the class, I have seen a growing ability in the students to persevere through difficult work and an ability to wait patiently for the group to work together. Quality music takes time, and the students are growing in their ability to appreciate that reality and put in the work to create something in which they can feel justly proud.
Hello Handbell Musicians of Area 10!
Area 10 was well represented at the Coppers Classic 2017 last weekend in Portland, Oregon. I decided to "review" that event in this newsletter in the hopes that others will start planning NOW to attend next year. If you are a director who doesn't often get to ring, Coppers Classic is a great place to fill that gap while filling your bag with director insights from Ellie Hodder. If you are not a director, it is still a top-notch ringing experience without being intimidating.
The music was at Levels 3+ and 4 and may have seemed difficult to prepare ahead of time, but one of Ellie's skills is to guide ringer preparation weeks ahead of time. Ellie's director notes are outstanding. That is matched by her ability to organize a bee-hive of people to find bells, transport them, and to accomplish the set-up/tear-down of this event most professionally. 
Ellie is intent on having a varied program with music from around the world, music composed by women, music composed to honor our great Northwest, and music that makes us count in 5, or change meters frequently, or whatever will stretch our musicianship. We played salsa; we played rock; we laughed, and if dancing helped the music, we did that, too!  Ellie knows how to grow group spirit while supporting individuals.
Coppers Classic will come again, next year, and it won't disappoint. Consider jumping into the excitement of this inter-generational choir so we can keep it alive for years to come.  See you there!
Tomi Kent, Montana Chair

Coppers Classic
"I had fun, even on breaks!" - Anne Gire_ Portland_ OR

Coppers Classic 2017 completed its third year in style with a grand concert at University Place Hotel and Conference Center in Portland, Oregon under the baton of founding clinician, Ellie Hodder. Musicians from all over the U.S. attended representing Area 10, the "home team", Area 9, Area 11 and Area 12.
This year, the event added a Low Bass Bell Workshop with guru Brian Tervo of Seattle. This kicked off a great weekend of ringing and gave our remarkable "pit" a chance to learn a bit more about bass ringing and assigning considerations before putting their heavy lifting talents to the test.

At last year's event, funds were raised to establish a scholarship for an adult musician and also for a full-time student. Anne Gire of Portland was this year's scholarship recipient. "Getting the news that I was awarded the scholarship was exciting! Having a scholarship for both an adult non-student musician and a student musician is a great way to bring awareness of the variety of needs in a group of handbell ringers to other ringers and clinicians. It also offers more opportunities to connect and promote additional fundraising for scholarships and other charitable initiatives in the handbell ringing community."

Coppers Classic 2018 will be held October 12-14 in Portland. Complete details will be on the  website before the end of the year. 
Ellie Hodder
Snake River Handbell Conference
Friday & Saturday, February 2 & 3
Central Elementary Gym
1415 6th Street South, Nampa, Idaho

C linician: Michael J. Glasgow

With doze ns of commissions and best-selling works, Michael J. Glasgow' s music is destined to achieve a lasting presence. His "overwhelming elegance" (Rima Greer, Above the Line) on the podium and high  musical integrity have been experienced at more than 100 engagements throughout the United States and abroad, most leading to repeat invitations. A consummate musician and creative visionary, with a perfect balance of humor and intensity, Glasgow is truly a "sculptor of sound."

$55 by December 1
$65 after December 1

This event is sponsored by Handbell Musicians of America.
Inland Northwest Handbell Workshop

Ron Mallory
Friday & Saturday,
March 23 & 24
First United Methodist Church
1906 Broadview Drive
Lewiston, Idaho

Clinician: Ron Mallory

This event is sponsored by Handbell Musicians of America.
Siskiyou Summit Handbell Conference
May 4-5, 2018
Ashland Middle School, Ashland, Oregon

Michele Sharik will be a featured workshop instructor for the 2018 Siskiyou Summit.  She will be teaching: Bell Control-Your 100,000 measure Tune-Up and 50 Shades of Damping.  These classes will get you ringing ergonomically and with greater musicality.  Our guest conductor is Barb Walsh-artistic director of Tintabulations with Ellie Hodder directing the Bronze Conference Choir.  The repertoire list and schedule are on the webpage with registration, BCC application and lodging information available beginning January 1st on the Area 10 Website.  If you wish to receive your registration materials electronically please contact Diane Barnes at with your e-mail information.

This event is sponsored by Handbell Musicians of America.
18th International Handbell Symposium - 
Rogue Ringers International Handbell Choir
The 18th International Symposium will be held in Cairns, Queensland, Australia-gateway to the Great Barrier Reef and the Tropical Rainforest.  The event is scheduled for August 6-11, 2018.  Expand your bell "family" and experience the universal language of music with ringers from around the world.  If you would like to be part of the 18th IHS contact Diane Barnes, co-director of the Rogue Ringers, to reserve a spot in the Rogue Ringers International Handbell Choir. For more information or to let her know you want to be part of the adventure drop a note to her at . Registration for the event has just opened up. Early Bird registration is $1100 AUD or $850 US.  

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To contact by phone: 937-438-0085. Please note the 1-800 number is no longer in service.
All check payments for membership renewal and other services should be sent to:
PO BOX 221047
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Handbell Musicians of America
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Alaska Events 
Your event or concert could be listed here!

Idaho Events 

Friday, November 3 - 7:00 pm, Ring Praise Music Ministry concert with Phyllis Tincher, handbells, and Sean Rogers, piano. Southminster Presbyterian Church, 6500 W Overland, Boise. This concert is sponsored by the Presbytery of Boise.

Sunday, December 10 - 4:00 pm, Southminster Bells presents their annual Christmas Concert. Southminster Presbyterian Church, 6500 W Overland, Boise. An offering will be taken.

Sunday, December 17 - 4:00 pm, Phyllis Tincher, handbell soloist, and Sean Rogers, pianist/organist, present the 12th annual "Bells of Christmas" Kettle Koncert at Jewett Auditorium, The College of Idaho, 2112 Cleveland Ave, Caldwell. An offering will be taken for the Nampa and Caldwell Salvation Army.

Friday & Saturday, February 2-3 - 4th Annual Snake River Handbell Conference with clinician Michael J. Glasgow, Central Elementary Gym, Nampa. See article above for details. Repertoire, Information, Registration Form.

Friday & Saturday, March 23 & 24 - Inland Northwest Handbell Workshop with clinician Ron Mallory, First United Methodist Church, 1906 Broadview Drive, Lewiston. See article above for details. Repertoire, Information, Registration Form, Rehearsal Notes, Lodging.

Montana Events 


Your event or concert could be listed here!

Oregon Events 

The Bells of Sunriver announces their Christmas concert schedule!
Sunday, December 3 - 4:00 pm, Bells and Bellows with Mark Oglesby, organist;  St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church,  2450 NE 27th Street,  Bend.
Saturday, December 16 - 3:00 pm, Bells and Bellows with Mark Oglesby, organist; Bells of Sunriver ensemble; Zion Lutheran Church, Redmond.
Sunday, December 17 - 3:00 pm, A Celebration of Christmas with Bells and Voices, Sunriver Christian Fellwship, Sunriver.

Friday & Saturday, May 4 - 5 - Siskiyou Summit Handbell Conference, Ashland. See article above for details. Repertoire
Washington Events 

International Artists Carillon concerts featuring an oboe solo accompanied by the ensemble, a handbell solo, and a double choir piece with St. Luke's/Bridge Bell Choir. Tchaikovsky's "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy," "Two Guitars," and Leroy Anderson's "Sleigh Ride" are sprinkled throughout a delightful program of Christmas music. International Artists Carillon, the distinguished handbell ensemble of the South Sound, presents a concert that will please everyone. Come, bring family and friends, and enjoy the wonderful music with us.
Friday, November 24 - 1:00 pm, Museum of Glass, 1801 Dock Street, Tacoma. Free with museum admission. 253.284.4750.
Sunday, December 10 - 4:00 pm, St. Luke's Memorial Episcopal Church, 3615 N. Gove Street, Tacoma.  253.759-3534.

Join the Rainier Ringers for our holiday concerts reminiscing through "Christmas Postcards." We'll browse through holiday music and customs from a wide variety of countries, and come back home for some new favorites, including a new arrangement of the Beach Boys' "Little Saint Nick." We hope to welcome you to our holiday concerts and to enrich your holiday season.
Friday, December 15 - 7;30 pm, Lacey Presbyterian Church, 3045 Carpenter Road SE, Lacey.
Sunday, December 17 - 4:00 pm, Little Church on the Prairie, 6310 Motor Avenue SW, Lakewood

Canada Events 
Your concert or event could be listed here!
     Please remember to send information for the December issue to me by November 22.
Happy Ringing,
Phyllis Tincher
Area 10, Handbell Musicians of America