We are progressing on the new store building and hope to be open August 1, 2014. 


In the meantime we continue to operate out of the temporary location, 1865 McGee Lane in Lewisville, Texas.  We also offer a satellite location in Argyle, next to the old barn on Leesley Lane, where many products can be ordered and picked up. You can find this location in the parking lot of the ALT business (Advanced Lighting Technology). Call 940-241-2444 to schedule a pickup or delivery. Orders over $100 and within 10 miles of the old store will be delivered at no extra charge.


Looking for hay?  We have fresh, new 2-String Alfalfa available for $16.50/bale.  Limited quantity available, come see us.  


We are open normal business hours on Memorial Day.  

We appreciate your business.
Argyle Feed Store
BBQ Pellets

BBQ season is upon us. The weather has warmed up, spring is in full swing and the smell of backyard BBQ's is in the air. Argyle Feed Store carries BBQ pellets for your Traeger Grills. These clean-burning, environmentally-safe wood pellets generate about 8500 BTU's per lb. with very little ash. Traeger selects only the finest hardwoods from across the ...  Read More �
Ready Seal Stain

Need to update the stain on your fence or deck? Argyle Feed Store offers Ready Seal� Stains. Ready Seal� is a professional grade oil based semi-transparent stain and sealer in one. Ready Seal� will protect, beautify and prolong the life of all your outdoor projects. It may be used to protect and enhance decks, fences, gazebos, outdoor furniture and any ... Read More �
Grasshopper Control

Grasshopper season is upon us. Argyle Feed offers Nolo Bait for grasshopper control. Nolo Bait™ is a long-term grasshopper suppression agent. It is a spreadable bait made from flaky wheat bran coated with Nosema locustae spores. Grasshoppers eat the bran, thus becoming infected with Nosema. Nolo Bait™ is very easy to apply and has no adverse effects on non-target ...Read More �
Purina SuperSport

Purina� SuperSport™ amino acid supplement is scientifically formulated and demonstrated in published research to support: RECOVERY: More rapid recovery of muscle cell integrity after exercise to help horses bounce back faster. PERFORMANCE: Increased exercise capacity for higher performance over a longer period of time. MUSCLE MASS: Supports muscle development for a more athletic body type. Feed Form: Pellets ...  Read More �
Temporary Address:

Argyle Feed Store
1865 McGee Lane
Suite 111
Lewisville, TX 75077 
Phone: 940-241-2444

Contact us: info@argylefeestore.com
Map of temporary 
store location

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Solitude Fly Control for Horses

Looking for help with fly control for your horses? Consider Solitude Fly Control. Solitude IGR is safe for all horses (pregnant mares, stallions, foals, minis, etc.) Solitude IGR contains cyromazine, an insect growth regulator that dramatically reduces the number of house and stable flies by preventing immature flies from developing into adults. As existing adults die off, the overall fly p ...
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Save $5 off your first in-store purchase of $20 or more.

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