Mayor Mike Mason
From the Mayor's Desk
Expanding Street Lighting in the City
When the city of Peachtree Corners was formed, one of our top priorities was to improve pedestrian safety. In just four years, we've added a number of pedestrian-friendly features including crosswalks and sidewalks. And we expect to install more new sidewalks in 2017.
We also have a new park, Simpsonwood, and plans for an 11-mile multi-use trail to connect residents with offices, restaurants and parks are underway. And now plans are in place for street lighting to be installed throughout the city.

Maximizing Technology Park
Technology Park sign
The well-known office park to become an innovation hub
Since its inception in the 1970s, Technology Park Atlanta has been attracting technology-based businesses to its 500-acre campus. 

The office park, envisioned by Paul Duke who is considered the founder of Peachtree Corners, continues to draw top engineers and innovators from around the country.
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Citizens Provide Input for Future Transportation Needs
At the November open house, residents provided input in identifying areas for improvement.
When the city began developing a Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP) earlier this year, getting citizen input was an important piece in creating the city's long-range plan. 

Residents were invited to attend the Project Kick Off meeting on August 11, a Community meeting on Nov. 17, and to participate in an online survey.  Nearly 100 residents attended the two city meetings and over 1,200 took part in the online CTP survey. 

The city will use the input to help create the Comprehensive Transportation Plan which will include planning for intersection improvements, roadway widenings, sidewalks, bike facilities, trains, and other transportation infrastructure needs. 

The p lan will be used to develop the city's Capital Improvement Program, a document that will serve as a guide for the next 20 years. A final report with recommendations will be presented early 2017. Please visit the city's Comprehensive Transportation Plan web page for more information and updates.
Council Passes Amended Ordinance on Discharge of Weapons in Residential Areas

After hearing from residents and business owners during a public hearing at the November City Council meeting, the mayor and council approved an amended ordinance to address bow hunting and gunfire within the city limits.

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Vietnam Veterans
State of Georgia Veterans Service Commissioner Mike Roby (right center) and Mayor Mason (center) presented a certificate and lapel pin to each veteran.
Peachtree Corners Honors its Vietnam Veterans

Thirty-five Peachtree Corners veterans were honored recently in a special Vietnam War Commemoration. 

The event was held in the city as part of a national effort to recognize and officially welcome home the more than 9 million Vietnam Veterans who served our country.
NanoLumens Making Visual, Global Impact
NanoLumens Director of Strategic Solutions, Paul England, CEO Rick Cope, U.S. Rep. Rob Woodall and Amy Smith, Director of Communications.
One of the nation's fastest-growing private companies, NanoLumens, in Peachtree Corners, is leaving its visual footprints across the globe.

A provider of customized, scalable LED display solutions for every size and purpose, both indoor and out, NanoLumens has been actively manufacturing and selling its product from its Peachtree Corners location for five years.

With major premium brand customers, including Atlanta-based major sports teams and beverage retailers, NanoLumens is leading the way in LED display solutions.

Fireworks Banned Due to Drought Conditions
In November Gov. Nathan Deal signed an executive order banning the use of fireworks in 110 counties, including Gwinnett, due to the extreme drought and risk of wildfires.

The ban will remain in effect while drought conditions persist. To report a violation in the city of Peachtree Corners, please contact the Gwinnett County Police Department, 770-513-5000.
Outdoor Water-Use Restrictions 
Now in Place

The state has placed restrictions on out-door water use in Gwinnett and surrounding metro Atlanta counties due to drought conditions. The restrictions include limits on lawn-watering and a ban on a number of other outdoor water uses.

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Report Trash Pickup Issues on Smartphone or Computer

For filing complaints, compliments or requests regarding residential trash pickup and recycling services, v isit the city's website, , click on the "Residents" tab at the top of the page then select "Trash Pickup Complaints & Requests," in the pull-down menu. 
The link directs you to a web page where you will be prompted to add your contact information and the type of complaint you are filing. After completing the information, click on the "continue" link and your information will be sent directly to Waste Pro for a response.

For assistance in using the online reporting system, call 770-609-8816.

From Code Enforcement

Does Waste Pro Offer Curb Pickup for Bulk Items?
We hear this question quite often - can I place large furniture and appliances at the curb for pickup by my solid waste company?  

The answer is yes but there are specific requirements for this type of pickup. P lease follow these requirements first:

From the Building Department

Residential Roofing: FAQs

Q: Why do I need a permit to re-roof my house?
A: Your permit allows the building department to inspect for potential hazards and unsafe construction. By ensuring your project meets the minimum building code standards of safety, the building department can reduce the risk of fire, structural collapse and other issues that might result in costly repairs, injuries and event death. Inspections complement the contractor's experience and act as a system of checks and balances that can result in a safer project. Besides it's the law.

City Adds 28 New Businesses in November

Peachtree Corners City Hall processed new business tax certificates for a variety of businesses last month including a restaurant, physician's office and pet sitting service.

See the  complete list of 28 businesses along with contact information.

Holiday Gift Idea for Veterans

You may have heard that the city of   Peachtree Corners is planning a Town Center project that will feature restaurants, shops and townhouses.  The project will also include a Town Green for events - and something more -- a veterans monument. 

The monument, which will be located just off the Town Green, is taking shape and will help make our community even more unique. 

How to Prepare Recyclables 

To ensure cardboard boxes are collected each week, be sure to breakdown and flatten all boxes and place in recycle bin.

For other recyclable items:
  • RINSE all bottles and cans,  lids and labels may remain on.
  • FLATTEN plastic jugs and plastic bottles
  • BREAK DOWN and FLATTEN corrugated cardboard
Set your recyclables at the curb by 7 a.m. on Mondays.
Bring One in for the Chipper

Recycling your Christmas tree keeps trees out of landfills by recycling them into mulch. This effort saves precious landfill space and provides an easy and environmentally conscious solution for residents.

Trees must be dropped off free of decorations, lights and stands. The collected trees will be chipped into mulch to line the grounds of local playgrounds, beautify the beds around city halls throughout the county, mark walking trails in area parks, and so much more.

Protect Your Environment, 
Adopt a Stream

Help protect and preserve the natural resources of Peachtree Corners by adopting a portion of a water-body near you.

Visit for more information on the Gwinnett Adopt-a-Stream program, and opportunities for you to participate.
Car Break-in Prevention

No one likes to walk out to their car to find their car window broken and valuables taken. There are little steps that can be taken to lessen the chances of your car being a target. The cleaner the car is on the inside the less likely it will be broken into. Here is a friendly reminder on things to consider when leaving your car unattended.
  • Lock your doors and roll all windows up (avoid cracks in the window).
  • Park in a well-lit area
  • Place all items of value in the trunk or conceal them (electronics, GPS, laptops etc.) If possible conceal these items prior to making it to your destination.
  • Conceal auxiliary cords, chargers, wires etc.
  • Conceal bags, purses, and duffle bags
Those are just prevention tips, to help combat car break-ins. Share these tips with family and friends. In the meantime drive safe, stay safe and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! 
Holiday Fire Safety Tips

As you deck the halls this holiday season, be fire smart. A small fire that spreads to a Christmas tree can grow large very quickly. 
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