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July 14 - CANCELLED - Planning Commission Meeting, 7 p.m.

July 21 City Council Meeting, 7 p.m.

Aug. 11 - Planning Commission Meeting, 7 p.m.

Aug. 18 - City Council Meeting, 7 p.m.

All meetings are held at 
City Hall and all are open to the public.

The specially equipped truck will be used to collect data on city streets. 
Photo courtesy of ESP Associates, P.A..

Mobile Mapping Truck Collecting Data Throughout City


Within the next few weeks, you may see a truck, similar to the one pictured here, travelling through the City and neighborhoods.

The truck is equipped with cameras, lasers and other high-tech equipment designed to collect data within the rights of ways on our city streets.

The truck will collect information on locations of utility poles, signs, sidewalks, driveways, above ground utilities, etc.  

The data will provide the city with an inventory of assets that will assist the City with trouble shooting problems as they arise and better coordinate the design on future roadway projects.

Questions: Contact Public Works Director Greg Ramsey at [email protected]

City Adds 34 New Businesses in June

City Hall processed new business tax certificates for a variety of businesses last month including two restaurants, an event planner and courier service. 

For a complete list of the 34 businesses along with contact information  please click here. 

Bob Howard, Steve Jones, Lorri Howard, Nancie Allen, Bob Allen, Debbie Mason, David Carr and Mike Mason participated in the "Water Walk" May 23.

Green Committee 
Wins 2015 Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful Award


The city's Green Committee, formed in 2014, is the proud winner of this year's Great American Cleanup-Gwinnett Challenge's "Do A Water Walk" award.
The top honor was awarded to the group which spent 24 man hours assessing the habitat of a portion of Crooked Creek, which meanders throughout much of the city, to determine the stream's overall health. 

The trip was headed by Green Committee member Bob Howard, who also works for the Environmental Protection Agency.

Code Enforcement News

Be Courteous to Your Neighbors

Parking Requirements for Residential Vehicles


In any residential district, the parking of any motor vehicle except on a hard-surfaced driveway or in a carport or garage is prohibited.  


Any recreational vehicle or any non-motor vehicle may only be parked in a carport, enclosed structure, or in the rear yard on a paved surface (or approved porous or grassed paving system). 


Any vehicles parked in the rear yard not in a carport or an enclosed structure must be parked at least fifteen (15) feet from the property line. 


For questions: Contact Code Enforcement Department at 678-691-1200.

Parking recreational vehicles on neighborhood streets are prohibited.

Have You Completed the Holcomb Bridge Road Survey?

Holcomb Bridge Road is a vital part of the community and the city is seeking your input on ways to revitalize this important corridor.

Please help by taking a few minutes to complete our online survey. Click on one of the links below to participate.

The History Corner
Century-Old Mechanicsville Schoolhouse Offers Glimpse of Our Past

The one-room wooden schoolhouse sits quietly now in a southeast section of the city. Its roots go back to 1911 when it was built on a one-acre site as one of Gwinnett County's rural schools.

It served students from the surrounding area until 1923 when Gwinnett County School System began consolidating the 40+ schoolhouses scattered around the county into larger districts with better facilities.

During the dozen years it was in operation, two teachers taught seven grades. Records show that there was water from a well but no toilets. The unpainted interior was furnished with desks, blackboards, maps, charts, pictures, a library and a reference dictionary.

Source: Gwinnett Historical Society

Inside Peachtree Corners
City of Peachtree Corners
News from Around the Corners
July 2015
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From the Mayor's Desk

Mayor Mike Mason
Three Years and 
Counting ...

 This month we celebrate the  city's third anniversary. For all of us who were around during those early months when we began the process of setting up the city to officially stand up on July 1, 2012, this three year journey has been quite remarkable.


The months have been filled with amazing work by the council and staff who all worked tirelessly to ensure all the "t's" were crossed and "i's" dotted since Peachtree Corners was incorporated as Gwinnett County's newest and largest city.


We have a lot for which to be proud, and the support from our residents and business community has been tremendous. We thank each and every one of you.


Among the early achievements, we were able to reduce the cost of solid waste pick up for residents by 38 percent, yard waste by 30 percent - and on the city's one year anniversary, we were able to reduce the millage rate from .75 mills to zero. There are very few communities that can boast a zero millage rate.


So much has been accomplished. I'd like to offer just a glimpse of the progress the city has made in the last 12 months. The list is by no means comprehensive, but we're highlighting those significant ones that had the biggest impact on the city.


Read more ...


New Look, New Tenants Planned for Peachtree Parkway Shopping Center

Work is underway for major improvements to the shopping center located on Peachtree Parkway and Holcomb Bridge Road.

Among the plans for the 80,000 square-foot retail center is updating the facade, adding new lighting, signage and landscaping. The shopping center will be renamed Peachtree Marketplace.

Several new tenants including NCG Cinema will open in the retail center. The 600-seat theater will feature luxury seating and multiple theaters showing new releases.  Also planned is a new grocery store and fitness center. 

Phase 1, which includes the current facade work, is expected to be complete by early August. Phase 2, which encompasses the courtyard and cinema, is expected to be finished in Septermber. 

And the work on the remaining portion of the shopping center, Phase 3, is expected to be complete in January 2016., The final phase will include re-configuring the parking lot to make it more pedestrian friendly and adding electric car-charging stations.

City Announces Plans for Community Resource Program



There are many in need in our community and finding assistance can be a daunting process. Wading through a maze of websites and phone numbers can be overwhelming for those seeking family or financial help.


To assist, the city is launching a community resources program which will be a catalyst for providing a resource for those in need. The program brings at least three important benefits to a community:

  • Serves as a clearinghouse for information
  • Provides a point of contact for those in need and those providing service
  • Facilitates awareness and education about resources

The first important step is to assemble a core volunteer group to establish a Community Resource Program committee. "This is a wonderful way to get involved in our community," said Councilmember Jeanne Aulbach (Post 4). "We need people who are passionate, committed and willing to work."


The committee's responsibilities will encompass identifying their work program, creating flyers, brochures, exploring the creation of a website and developing a Community Resources Guide for Peachtree Corners.


Read more ...


Council Adopts 2016 Budget


The Peachtree Corners City Council approved the FY2016 budget at its June 16th meeting. The city's general fund budget of $8.6 million represents an increase of $2.9 million from the FY2015 budget. The reason for the budget increase is that this is the first year the insurance premium tax revenues have been included.


Business licenses, insurance premium tax and franchise taxes paid by utility companies make up the vast majority of total revenue. There were no increases in any user fees in the budget. The tax millage rate will remain at zero (0). The city received a grant of $242,023 from the Georgia Department of Transportation. The Local Maintenance & Improvement Grant (LMIG) will be used for sidewalk construction along Winters Chapel Road.


"The city continues to be fiscally responsible," said Mayor Mike Mason. "Peachtree Corners is one of the few cities in the state with a zero millage rate. We are happy to pass along this news."


For a copy of the budget, click here.


Finishing Your Basement?

10 things to know before you begin


The following is a list of a few things you may want to consider when designing your basement layout for new habitable space:


1.      Permit Requirements: A building permit is required when finishing a basement. A floor plan with dimensions, showing the layout of the entire basement is required. Label the use of all areas and rooms. Show electrical outlets, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide alarms, lighting, fans, plumbing, furnace, and water heater

2.      Ceiling Heights: If the finished ceiling height is less than 7', please consult the Peachtree Corners Building Department.

3.      Emergency Escapes: All basements and sleeping rooms must have an emergency escape window or exterior door meeting the requirements of the code.

4.      Smoke Detectors: Smoke detectors are required in all basements. If the finished basement contains a sleeping room, a smoke detector must be installed in the sleeping room and in the immediate vicinity outside the sleeping room. Newly installed smoke detectors must be hard-wired with battery backup, and interconnected with existing smoke detectors.

5.      Carbon Monoxide Alarms: Carbon monoxide alarms are required on each floor with bedrooms. They are recommended to be located no farther than 15 ft. from any bedroom entrance.


Unclog the FOG


FOG (Fats, Oils and Grease) can cause serious problems for our sewer system. 


Fats are derived from meats, cheeses, ice cream and butters. Oils include vegetable, canola and olive oils, as well as oil-based salad dressings. 

Grease is melted fat from cooking meats that becomes solid again at room temperature. 

If you dispose of FOG down your sink drain, it will solidify and cling to the walls of the indoor plumbing, as well as the public sewer pipes outside. Eventually, FOG accumulation can completely block these pipes and cause sewage to backup into homes or overflow from manholes and discharge into local streams. 

These overflows can cost you and the city money, and pose a serious threat to the environment.  


The good news is that prevention of FOG-related blockages is incredibly easy! 


Read more ...


GCPD Officer Shane Kelly
Beware of Scams


In recent months some of you may have heard in the news, read online or had one of these scams happen to you. I have listed a few below and included tips on how to protect yourself from becoming a victim.


Phone Scams: Aggressive and threatening phone calls by criminals impersonating IRS agents remains an ongoing threat to taxpayers. The IRS has seen a surge of these phone scams in recent months as scam artists threaten police arrest, deportation, license revocation and other things. The IRS reminds taxpayers to guard against all sorts of con games that arise particularly during tax-filing season.


Phishing: Taxpayers need to be on guard against fake emails or websites looking to steal personal information. The IRS will not send you an email about a bill or refund out of the blue. Don't click on one claiming to be from the IRS that takes you by surprise. Taxpayers should be wary of clicking on strange emails and websites. They may be scams to steal your personal information.


Identity Theft: Taxpayers need to watch out for identity theft especially around tax time. The IRS continues to aggressively pursue the criminals that file fraudulent returns using someone else's Social Security number. The IRS is making progress on this front but taxpayers still need to be extremely careful and do everything they can to avoid becoming a victim.


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