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Restaurant Review: Yellow
October 2013


A restaurant review by Franz Scheurer


This new place in the historic Yellow House building, by the Bentley team, is a place where I want to eat, a place where I want to linger and I love the simplicity of Pascale Gomes-McNabb's design. Many of the original features were maintained and the end result is a dark, moody bistro that has a lot of sex appeal.


The team on the floor is excellent and they know their food and wines. The wine list is extensive, eclectic, perfect with the food and a way to discover tomorrow's names and if you just want a beer you will happily find quite a few, too.


Brent Savage's food is astounding, mesmerising and almost too beautiful to eat. He manages to make the simplest ingredients jump over their own shadow and create some grand appearance that is unusual and unexpected without ever losing sight of things that really matter: aroma, flavour and texture. Here's my disclaimer: I adore Brent Savage's food; it's right up my alley, it tickles my senses and no matter how full I am, another dish of Brent's food will put a smile on my face and breathe many 'ooohs and aaaahs' into the air. If you haven't tried his beef tendon crisps then you haven't lived. His lamb's tongue with pickled green raisins and puffed black rice is a symphony of aromas, textures and flavours unequalled in this this town. This lamb's belly, which is first brined, then steamed, then smoked, then fired to give it a crisp, caramelised skin, is sensational and his glazed eggplant with quinoa and Broccolini will keep the vegetarians gasping and the omnivores trying to steal some. The food isn't just good, it's sensational.

Another thing I want to mention: they bake their own bread and churn their own butter and both are as good as I've had, anywhere.


Yellow is a place to go back to; it's perfect for an early dinner or a late one, sit on one of the tables or at the bar; you won't regret going there. It's noisy when full, but ok a little later at night.


Noise: 92 db

Best dish: Lamb Tongue

The 'je ne sais quoi': the perfect synergy between food and wine

Would I go again: Yes, I will... probably quite a few times

Would I recommend this to my friends: Hell yes!


Score: 8.5/10


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57 Macleay Street, Potts Point

Tel.: 02 9332 2344


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