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July 2016
Axus Technology delivers performance improvements for planarization, substrate thinning, and cleaning applications for existing and new tools.  As a valued member of the semiconductor community we are pleased to be able to share the following information with you.  Please let us know if we can provide any additional information that might be useful.
Axus Technology, Exhibiting at Semicon West 2016
Booth 2305
Our annual trip to Semicon West 2016 is coming up soon.  The Axus Technology team will be on site to discuss equipment, upgrades, services, and our foundry and development lab activities.

Axus is pleased to be exhibiting the Trusval CO2 DI Water Delivery System tool during the show.  More information about this tool is included in this newsletter.  The tool and representatives from both Axus Technology and Trusval Technology will be at the Moscone Center, Booth #2305 in the South Hall. 
Gemini-2, Dual Slurry Delivery System       
Axus Technology is pleased to now offer the Gemini-2, Dual Slurry Delivery System for all of our customers. This innovative system delivers a continuous supply of two precisely controlled CMP slurries in an exceptionally compact and economical package. The system was developed and delivered under an exclusive customer contract and has been in service for more than five years at that site. Axus is now able to offer this system to other users -- for use in production environments as well as development and R&D facilities, where space and the cost of wasted slurry are expensive.
The Axus Gemini-2 slurry delivery system provides a rapid mix and distribution system utilizing a pair of mix and delivery tanks for each slurry.  When used for continuous dispense, slurry dispenses from one tank while the next batch is blended in the second tank.  Dispense and mix alternates between tanks continuously, allowing for uninterrupted slurry delivery.  This twinned-tank arrangement eliminates the need to mix large batches of slurry reducing concerns about pot-life for unused slurry as well as removing the need for space consuming day tanks.

With two sets of twinned tanks and controls, users are also able to deliver two different types of slurry from one compact slurry system.  The system includes automated clean and purge capability, allowing for rapid changeover of slurry types.
"Having this system in service for more than five years, the installed tools have demonstrated their reliability and consistent performance," stated Dan Trojan, VP of Technology at Axus.  "We're delighted to be able to offer these systems to users going forward.  The Gemini-2 occupies less than 6 square feet of space so for many sites it's the perfect solution, delivering tremendous savings in space, capital investment, and slurry costs. And while delivering two different slurries, the Axus Gemini-2 is priced less than most single-slurry automated delivery system."

G&P Technology POLI-1300PCB Planarization Tool
The G&P Technology POLI-1300PCB planarization tool is specifically designed for use in processing large format multilayer panels.  The G&P POLI-1300PCB uses a large format carrier designed for use with rectangular substrates up to 530mm on a side. The rigid design of both the direct drive carrier and tool, coupled with efficient through-the-table slurry delivery, provides for efficient planarization with exceptional process uniformity and substrate-to-substrate repeatability. Using process hardware similar to that used in semiconductor CMP processing, the carrier assembly with the substrate backing film, is easy to load and securely holds the substrate in place for polishing.
Trusval CO2 DI Water Delivery System   
The Trusval Technology CO2 DI Water Delivery System is used for wet cleaning applications and provides high purity DI water that is also conductive.  The CO2-DIW is in use for processes where consistent conductance levels are essential to the process, as well as providing efficient delivery of conductive water that eliminates ESD risk in wet cleaning and grinding applications where SOI and other devices might otherwise be prone to damage. 

Much more efficient than membrane-based technology or CO2 bubbling, a single Trusval CO2-DIW system can deliver up to 80 liters per minute of stable conductive CO2-charged water.  For certain process steps the CO2-charged water has also proven to be an effective replacement for NMP, while delivering improved process performance.

The system relies on a CO2 concentration technology that is 100% efficient in the use of CO2 and DI water inputs, delivering exceptionally consistent water at high volumes.

Please feel free to contact us for additional information on these or any other CMP process related questions or requirements you may have.

Barrie Van Devender
Axus Technology

(480) 705-8000

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