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Axus Technology delivers performance improvements for planarization, substrate thinning, and cleaning applications for existing and new tools.  As a valued member of the semiconductor community we are pleased to be able to share the following information with you.  Please let us know if there is any additional information that might be useful.
CAMP Conference Presentation Outlines Changes in CMP Ecosystem 
Paul Feeney from Axus delivered an invited talk at the Clarkson University 19th annual symposium on CMP. The talk first gave an overview of the tremendous amount of activity that is taking place today to push traditional scaling for logic and memory devices. All the changes to materials and structures for manufacture of leading edge transistors had led to much more planarization being utilized for transistor formation. A focus for CMP in the FEOL is on combining replacement metal gates and multi-gate channels. For the interconnects, there is increased emphasis on controlling resistance effects as they come to dominate overall device performance. The interconnect section of the International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors (www.ITRS.net) covers a number of things that need improvement to support future semiconductors. The net of more CMP applications, more average steps per application, and more interconnect layers is a steady rise in the number of CMP steps needed to produce a chip.  Read More...

Mirra Platen Restoration & Axus Removable Polish Platen (RPP) 
Axus RPP Upgrade Assembly
In addition to providing platen restoration services for Mirra CMP tools, Axus Technology has recently released the Axus RPP™ Removable Polish Platen upgrade for use with the Mirra CMP platform.  


The RPP assembly replaces the current top plate assembly with a two piece assembly that includes a replaceable platen top.  With additional platen tops on hand, users can now change polish platens, including their polish pads, simply and without wasting valuable consumables.  Read More... 

Edge Grinding and Edge Trimming 
As bonded wafer processing applications become more common, edge-oriented process technologies increase in importance. Axus Technology delivers process development services and process equipment that is used to address edge processing requirements. Depending on the exact process need, edge processing solutions are generally described as Edge Grinding or Edge Trimming applications. 


Edge Grinding has always been an essential part of substrate manufacturing and is becoming more common in device processing, as well as for bonded wafer processing. Edge grinding generally provides a rounded or "bullet-nose" profile for silicon, and a "bevel-nose" profile for SiC and Sapphire. This process is also known by the term Edge Profiling.   Read More...

Please feel free to contact us for additional information on these or any other CMP process related questions or requirements you may have.

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