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September 2015
Axus Technology delivers performance improvements for planarization, substrate thinning, and cleaning applications for existing and new tools.  As a valued member of the semiconductor community we are pleased to be able to share the following information with you.  Please let us know if we can provide any additional information that might be useful.
MEMS Devices Driving Special Requirements for CMP and Substrate Thinning 
Image of a MEMS device with mixed device features.  Fine metal lines, large pads, and large open field areas requires high planarization efficiency in CMP processing.
As the market for MEMS devices continues to grow along with the development of the "Internet of Things", Axus Technology's process group is spending an increasing amount of time developing processes and providing manufacturing support for the growing number of MEMS producers. As a provider of process development services and equipment, Axus provides process integration planning which can also guide users in selecting the optimal tool set for their production requirements.

MEMS manufacturers often find that they can build their products in established semiconductor fabs. These facilities rely on having very competitive operating costs, taking advantage of lower or depreciated capital equipment, with tool sets capable of supporting IC device manufacturing with critical dimensions ranging from 0.5 microns down to around 130nm. Many times, the manufacture of MEMS devices requires additional film layers to support the desired functionality of the MEMS sensor or actuator. Fabrication of these additional layers requires creative process solutions and often creates an opportunity for clever equipment improvements to support the special CMP and thinning processes needed when adding these layers.
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Repair Services for Reflexion and Mirra Conditioning Arms   
Mirra Conditioning Arm
Reflexion and Mirra conditioning arms are two of the many CMP tool assemblies that Axus Technology provides repair and remanufacturing services for. As with all of the rebuild services we provide, the service includes a bill of materials comprised of all of the major wear components as well as a post-repair test and certification for each conditioning arm. The process includes a complete disassembly and inspection of the conditioning arms.
Reflexion LK Arm Calibration and Test
In addition, Reflexion arms are often stripped and recoated with a more durable Teflon-based coating.

The Reflexion and Mirra conditioning arms are rebuilt and then subjected to an extended functional test using a dedicated test fixture.

Join Axus Technology at ICPT 2015 
The International Conference on Planarization/CMP Technology (2015 ICPT) will be held in Chandler, Arizona beginning on September 30.  As a truly international CMP meeting, the annual meeting rotates through several international venues and is scheduled to be held in North America only once every five years.  A global cast of speakers, attendees, and exhibitors will be in attendance.  For those that might want to attend please follow the link here to find our more about the conference and to register.
Fortunately for Axus Technology, and with Paul Feeney, our Director of Process Technology, serving as co-chair of the conference, this year's ICPT is in a remarkably convenient location for us. Read more... 
Please feel free to contact us for additional information on these or any other CMP process related questions or requirements you may have.

Barrie Van Devender
Axus Technology

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