News from Axus TechnologyJune 2014
As a valuable member of the semiconductor, MEMS, LED, nanotechnology, and the micro-manufacturing community, Axus Technology wants to share some of our exciting news with you.


Mirra CMP Tool Remanufacture
In a recent source inspection of two Applied Materials MirraTrak CMP tools, it was apparent that Axus achieved their quality goals when their end user asked, "Are you sure these tools aren't new?" 


The Axus-supplied MirraTraks, supported by Axus' expert installation and service teams together with their highly experienced process support engineering team, were installed and ready for site qualification long before the user's other process tool installations were complete.  Read More... 

Titan Upgrade for IPEC & Strasbaugh CMP Tools
In the two years since Axus Technology introduced the Titan Carrier Upgrade for legacy CMP tools, several users have been able to greatly improve the process performance and throughput of their legacy CMP tools. 


While process metrics would indicate that the upgrade ROI is driven by improving the edge exclusion to 3mm, along with 2% WIWNU and the general doubling of removal rates - some of the early users see the greatest value in the wide range of substrate thicknesses that they can use without needing to rebuild the carrier.  Read More...

Pattern Wafer Defect Characterization Aids Process Results
Axus' fully equipped lab now includes the recent addition of a KLA-Tencor AIT XP+ for defect detection and review on patterned or blanket wafers. Defectivity is an increasingly important aspect of CMP results. Quantification and characterization of defect types is important to the development of processes, especially for those customers who are developing CMP products and consumables. The efficiency of development work is increased because root cause issues can be found and improved quickly.  Read More...

Please feel free to contact me for additional information on these or any other CMP process related questions or requirements you may have.

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