BACA will be open all Spring Break dates and closed May 27 for Memorial Day. Please let us know your time away from BACA.
In January, BACA hosted Wine and Cheese Nights so we could learn more about why our families chose BACA. Families also completed a survey covering the same information. We learned that families value how BACA combines love and science in a safe environment, supported by professionals. Moving forward we will be meeting with physicians, redesigning our website and improving our services based on your feedback. Thank you for sharing your stories and perspectives!
BACA Parent Corner
We're trying something new! We want BACA parents to share their perspective of raising a child on the spectrum. We hope that in laughing and crying together we can all reach a better sense of acceptance and understanding and serve our community better.

March 2019
Please get involved with Fishers City Council's Advisory Committee on Disability. For the past two years, they have hosted a series of events to strengthen our community through including its special residents. Life is so much more enjoyable when we experience it together and learn from everyone. The Sundberg family thoroughly enjoyed the art show that featured many people BACA has had the joy of getting to know through the years. We look forward to what's in store for 2020.
Every year BACA has the privilege to organize the national Women in Behavior Analysis (WIBA) Conference. Devon Sundberg, BACA CEO, is the Conference Director. Devon Sundberg shares, "WIBA is near and dear to my heart. It brings in additional revenue to our therapy center, introduces our early professionals to examples of strong role models and strengthens the behavior analytic community." This year's conference had a focus on diversity and inclusion within the professionals of behavior analysis.
World Class Training
Co-owner and Chief Clinician, Carl Sundberg along with his staff, Christina Thomas and Allison Ackerman, provided a training to the staff of Behavior and Learning Solutions. Sundberg says, "This was a great opportunity to connect with an old friend, Jill Revere, and provide a new professional experience to Christina and Allison." As our staff become more skilled, additional opportunities such as this can strengthen their professional repertoires.
Best Wishes, Sarah Cox!
Being an employer and leader is one of the most rewarding and sad experiences to hold. We are fortunate to have met and worked with some amazing people. We hate it when they go. We wish Sarah the best as she continues to blaze her career path at Dittoe Public Relations and hope she comes back to visit. Thank you for everything, Sarah.
Upcoming Events
ASI's Ability Fest
Come see Devon Sundberg, BACA CEO, and Colin Clayton, BACA Family Coordinator at our booth at ASI's Ability Fest. BACA is a Silver Sponsor and excited to partner with ASI in providing this resource.