December 2017/January 2018 News
What's happening at BACA?
As we wrap up 2017 and enter into a new year, we look forward to sharing updates with you about BACA! Whether you're already a part of BACA or are looking to learn more, we are here to answer any questions.
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What's the Sprouts Program
at BACA?
An interview with BACA Hart's Sprout's Coordinator, Emily Dobson
What Sprouts? – Sprouts is a fully functioning kindergarten readiness class which is constructed with both a population of clients of BACA as well as typical peers.
Who is Sprouts' target audience? – Since our program is a preschool aged program, we are reaching out to children ages 3-5 that can be social peer models.
Any recent changes to the program? – Our Sprouts program at BACA Hart just began a new half day program so that has been our most recent change.
How did you personally get involved with BACA and Sprouts? – I have known about ABA since I was in high school and college, and after a while I had learned that there was a new behavior center opening up here in Elkhart so I applied and started out as a behavior technician. From there I eventually transitioned into Sprouts and have been there ever since.
How does Sprouts benefit children that have an autism diagnosis? – It benefits children with an autism diagnosis by providing them typical peer models, and all kids can learn from modeling their peers. Additionally, it allows the children to learn in a social setting where they are able to interact and play in a group or class setting, which is an environment that really can’t be created in our center.
For additional questions regarding Sprouts at BACA Hart, please contact Emma Dobson at
-Interview completed by Jared Cooper, Marketing Intern.
Current BACA Families:
Important Insurance Notice:

Not notifying BACA of a change in insurance coverage (child added to a new policy, added to an additional policy, employer changes plans, etc.) may result in substantial out of pocket debt to you (i.e. tens of thousands of dollars). 
In these circumstances, services are terminated, and the client family is expected to pay these services out of pocket. Due to the enormity of the expense, the bill is often sent to collections.
You can enroll in or change 2018 Marketplace health insurance right now. The 2018 Open Enrollment Period runs from November 1, 2017 to December 15, 2017. It's important to act quickly. If you don't act by December 15, you can't get 2018 coverage unless you qualify for a Special Enrollment Period. Plans sold during Open Enrollment start January 1, 2018. Contact Ashley Triplett , Linda Alley or Colin Clayton  or go to if you have question. We’re here to help!
BACA Parent Handbook

The new year is approaching and BACA needs to make sure all of the information we have on file concerning your child or children is correct. We will be sending a shortened 2018 handbook for you to fill out on 12/4/17. The parent handbook needs to be completed by 1/31/18. For questions, please contact BACA's Family Coordinator, Colin Clayton
2018 Registration Day

We will have a registration day in 2018 where you can turn in your parent handbooks, update insurance information, etc. More details to come!
1102 Task Force for Assessment of Services and Supports for People with Intellectual and Other Developmental Disabilities Survey 

The Task Force for Assessment of Services and Supports for People with Intellectual and Other Developmental Disabilities, established by HEA 1102 in the 2017 session of the Indiana General Assembly, is studying the current system of services for people with I/DD.

To assist  The Arc of Indiana  in providing information to the task force, please complete a short survey. Your input will be shared with the task force.

Survey for Parents, Family Members, and People with I/DD
Survey for Providers, Direct Support Professionals, and Professionals in Disability Field
BACA's Holiday Updates:
What days are we closed for the holidays?

Dec. 23rd
Dec. 24th

Do you have other planned time off for the holidays?

Please let your child's clinical director know ASAP.