News from BG: February 24, 2021
"Wish"cycling (putting non-recyclable items in your recycling bin, hoping that they will be recycled) can cost recycling programs money and cause true recyclable material to become too contaminated to be recycled.

NO BAGS! Recyclables should be placed loose in your recycling container and not bagged. Plastic bags can become tangled in machinery causing expensive downtime and repairs. In most cases, bagged material is thrown away in fear it is garbage.

The City's list of ACCEPTED MATERIALS can be viewed on our website.

We also encourage you to download our FREE Recycle Coach App today! The "What Goes Where Tool?" allows residents to search for common household items and provides proper recycling guidance.

Don't need another app on your phone? Check out the web version instead!
Need help completing your forms?
Call 419.354.6212
The City of Bowling Green tax filing due date is April 15, 2021 for 2020 tax returns. Payments of your 2020 tax return and first quarter 2021 estimated tax payment are also due April 15, 2021.

The Bowling Green Income Tax Division requires a copy of your Federal tax return (Form 1040) and all W-2s. If you are claiming Bowling Green withholding or a credit for taxes paid to another municipality, your W-2 needs to report this withholding.

Income tax filings may be turned in using the drop box located outside the building or mailed in. Staff will frequently check the drop box throughout the business day (Monday through Friday, 8:00 am – 4:30 pm).

Those who are planning to file income tax returns in person are strongly encouraged to do so well in advance of the April 15th deadline in order to avoid long lines.
Help Local Residents

Muni-Pal is a program in cooperation with the Salvation Army to help local citizens. When you donate to Muni-Pal, the money goes directly to the Salvation Army office in Bowling Green to help local citizens in need of assistance to pay their utility bill.  The money does not leave Bowling Green and is used solely to help Bowling Green customers. You can donate a one time contribution or an additional charge can be placed on your monthly bill.

Download the Muni-Pal Form or call the Business Office at 419-354-6252 for more information.
City's Business
Revolving Loan Fund

The City’s Business Revolving Loan Fund (RLF) was established in 1987 as a means of offering “gap finance assistance” for those businesses desiring to create employment for persons at lower income levels within Bowling Green’s corporation limits. Thirty-four years later, it is still making an impact–recently surpassing the $5.5 million-dollar mark in terms of total loans made since the fund’s inception....MORE
Oak Grove Cemetery
Winter Decorations

In preparation for the spring season, the Cemetery Maintenance Crew will be removing all decorations. The Director of Public Works requests that all wreaths and winter decorations be removed from Oak Grove Cemetery prior to March 1, 2021.

It is suggested that anyone wishing to retain the wreaths or decorations remove them prior to March 1, 2021.
Snow streets are designated throughout Bowling Green and are marked with blue and white signs. Vehicles parked on a snow street must be removed within 2 hours after a Snow Emergency is declared. If a Snow Emergency is declared overnight, vehicles must be moved by 9AM. Snow Emergencies are typically called for when the City receives 2"+ of snow. Vehicles parked in violation of snow regulations are subject to towing at the owner's expense and/or a citation.....MORE


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COVID-19 Vaccines:
  • School vaccination events went smoothly on Feb. 19 at all sites. Approximately 2,500 school personnel were vaccinated.
  • All school personnel county-wide who wanted the vaccine were given the opportunity to receive it.

  • WCHD, thanks to support from the Wood County Committee on Aging, will be making in-home visits to administer vaccines this week.
  • Visits for individuals who must be served at home will continue as long as needed. 

  • Eligible people who are unable to find appointments can sign up for an on-call list for vaccine here.
  • This is not a waitlist; it will be used for rare occasions for last-minute vaccination.
  • Anyone on this list should continue to seek vaccination appointments.
  • We will also use this list to help determine the extent to which the 1B population has been served. People on this list will be notified of vaccine opportunities when we begin to wrap-up 1B vaccinations.

  • COVID-19 vaccines continue to be in short supply everywhere.
  • Wood County Health Department and its partners are working together to ensure that all people who are currently eligible have opportunities to be vaccinated.
  • We are committed to distributing vaccines as quickly as we receive them, and we are ready for the time when supply increases. Doses are not being stockpiled.

  • Get contact information for vaccine providers, and what we know about how they schedule appointments, at
  • To hear a recorded message about vaccine availability, call 419-823-9528.
  • Some local providers, like Wood County Health Department, Mercy Health and Wood County Hospital, are making their appointments available starting at noon on Fridays.
  • For appointments with Wood County Hospital, call 419-728-0642 or go here:
  • For appointments with Mercy Health – Perrysburg Hospital, call 419-352-8402 and choose Option 1, or get the week’s registration link on Fridays at noon at
  • For appointments with Wood County Health Department, call 419-352-8402 and choose Option 1, or use the ArmorVax app and website.