News from BG: February 3, 2021
Snow Streets and Snow Emergencies – What You Should Know

Each winter circumstances arise that require the City to declare a snow emergency. Residents and visitors may wonder what a snow emergency is, what a snow street is, how those streets are identified, and how you may stay up-to-date when a snow emergency is declared.

So, why and how are snow streets determined?

The City’s approach to snow removal is a process that prioritizes safety and mobility. Snowplow drivers prioritize the major streets first – largely based on traffic volume, then onto snow streets, and then side streets. The designation of certain streets as “snow streets” has been around since about the 1970’s. There are various criteria that results in a street being designated as a snow street, but generally, these are the more heavily traveled roadways that connect major areas of town and/or a narrow street with a history of being challenging to clear. Most important, however, is the street must also allow for parking because a snow emergency within Bowling Green is a temporary ban of on-street parking along the designated snow street. For example, Pearl Street is a heavily traveled road, but it is not a snow street—and that is because parking is not allowed on Pearl Street. Additionally, all cul-de-sacs are snow streets. The complete list of designated snow streets is on the City’s webpage and is reviewed annually. Changes are not often made to encourage consistency and routine, but as new subdivisions are added or other challenges revealed, the list is subject to amending and will be published in the paper, listed on the website, and appropriately signed. Note that all snow streets have signage indicating that parked cars must be removed when snowfall reaches 2-inches and above....MORE
Snow streets are designated throughout Bowling Green and are marked with blue and white signs. Vehicles parked on a snow street must be removed within 2 hours after a Snow Emergency is declared. If a Snow Emergency is declared overnight, vehicles must be moved by 9AM. Snow Emergencies are typically called for when the City receives 2"+ of snow. Vehicles parked in violation of snow regulations are subject to towing at the owner's expense and/or a citation.....MORE


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Parking Regulations Reminder
Those parking within city-owned parking lots and at on-street parking stalls are reminded of certain parking regulations. 

Since 2019, there has been no charge to park in city-owned parking lots within the downtown area. There are, however, time limit restrictions both in the parking lots and in on-street parking stalls. Those time limit restrictions are being enforced. 

Additionally, where parking meters are located, the charge for parking exists and meter violations are also being enforced.
Help Shape Ohio’s
Bike & Pedestrian Plan
Ohio Department of Transportation has drafted a bike and pedestrian plan and is asking for public feedback. Walk.Bike.Ohio is ODOT’s first plan to focus on walking and biking policies and programs around the state. When complete, it will guide Ohio’s bike and pedestrian transportation policies and investments in infrastructure and programs.
The 102-page draft plan is available as a PDF, or browse the webpages HERE. Complete the SURVEY after reviewing the Walk.Bike.Ohio plan. Survey responses are requested by February 26.
The plan makes the case for the value of active transportation as part of a well-integrated transportation system. It covers general resources, facility design and maintenance, health benefits of walking and biking, economic impact of walking and cycling, existing and future conditions analysis, and public and partner involvement....MORE

Extreme Cold
With upcoming temperatures expected to be near or below zero, City residents are encouraged to read through the following tips to stay safe and protect their property.

Stay Safe: 
Be sure to check your carbon monoxide detectors and replace the batteries regularly. If you are using space heaters, be sure to use them on a hard, level surface away from flammables, and make sure that they are plugged directly into an outlet-not a power strip. Do not use stoves, ovens or grills for heat. 

If you can, stay indoors as frostbite can develop quickly in these extreme temperatures. If you must venture out, be sure to bundle up and make sure your vehicle has at least a half tank of fuel. Check on your neighbors, especially the elderly, and be sure to bring pets indoors.
Protect your Property: 
Extreme cold temperatures cause concerns for frozen water pipes. Taking the time now to insulate or apply heat tape to water pipes can help prevent this issue... MORE
COVID-19 Vaccines:
  • Given the limited COVID-19 vaccines Wood County is receiving each week, Wood County Health Department and its partners are working together to ensure that all people who are currently eligible have opportunities to be vaccinated.
  • WCHD appointments may be limited during February as school personnel are vaccinated and we perform targeted outreach to vulnerable people who are at the greatest risk for severe illness.
  • We’re working with the Wood County Committee on Aging to identify people who are at increased risk and face obstacles to accessing vaccines due to limited transportation and other factors.

  • Other Wood County vaccine providers will continue to receive vaccine allocations to serve the eligible public.

  • Each local provider handles scheduling and registration differently.
  • Each provider’s contact information will be posted HERE
  • As the Health Department receives updates from providers on their availability of vaccine, this information will also be provided.