News from BG: January 6, 2021
Human Relations Commission - MLK Jr. Tribute
The annual Human Relations Commission tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr. will be held virtually this year. This year's program will feature keynote speaker Jennifer McCary, who is the Chief Diversity and Belonging Officer at Bowling Green State University. The HRC will also present the Drum Major for Peace Award. The Drum Major for Peace Award is given to a citizen of BG who has made significant efforts to further the betterment of human relations by actively promoting justice, peace, and respect, and who exemplifies Dr. King’s character and values of courage, truth, compassion, dignity, humility, and service.
Knox Box Program
Bowling Green Fire Division

The Bowling Green Fire Division received a grant from the Bowling Green Community Foundation with assistance from the Wood County Committee on Aging to start a Knox Box loaner program.

The program will provide a free Knox Box to eligible city residents. The Knox Box is a secure metal box that is mounted to the exterior of the building and is used to hold keys to allow emergency crews to gain entry during an emergency, instead of causing damage to doors and windows. Only the BGFD can access these boxes.

If interested, or if you would like more information, contact Craig Cookson at 419-352-3106 or leave a message at the Fire Division.

Main & Wooster

The Electric Division has completed the traffic signal and pedestrian crossing upgrades at Main Street and Wooster Street, which will improve traffic flow within the downtown and improve accessibility of the pedestrian crossings. The upgrades include a camera detection system for improved traffic movement and battery back-ups for the traffic control cabinets which power and run the traffic signals so that during a power outage the traffic signals will continue to operate normally. The pedestrian crossing pushbuttons were also upgraded to include a touchless option and ADA improvements.

The new pedestrian crossing pushbuttons include an option for users to simply waive their hand in front of the button to activate the pedestrian countdown timer (rather than pushing the button). They also include an audible tone that indicates when a pedestrian should “wait” and when it is safe to cross the road. Pedestrians will now be required to activate the crosswalk before receiving the “Walk” indicator to cross Main Street rather than simply waiting for the traffic signal light to automatically change the “Do Not Cross” indicator to the “Walk” indicator. If the pedestrian does not activate the crosswalk by pushing the button or waiving their hand in front of the button, they will not get the signal to cross the road.
Columbia Gas
Home Energy Audit
Join the battle against energy waste, save money, and make your home more comfortable.

Schedule your Home Energy Audit today by calling 1-877-644-6674.

This Includes:
  • A 3-4 hour comprehensive in-home review by a trained energy auditor
  • Blower-door test for air leaks
  • Infrared scan of your walls to detect low levels of insulation
  • Installation of free energy-efficient items like shower heads, insulating pipe wrap, and a programmable thermostat.
  • A safety check of your gas furnace for carbon monoxide levels and efficiency
  • A personalized report of your home's efficiency with generous discounts, rebates and incentives to put toward your upgrades

Only available to Columbia Gas customers with gas-heated homes. Homes that are not owner occupied will require owner permission to receive improvements.

Click HERE for additional details.
Snow streets are designated throughout Bowling Green and are marked with blue and white signs. Vehicles parked on a snow street must be removed within 2 hours after a Snow Emergency is declared. If a Snow Emergency is declared overnight, vehicles must be moved by 9AM. Snow Emergencies are typically called for when the City receives 2"+ of snow. Vehicles parked in violation violation of snow regulations are subject to towing at the owner's expense and/or a citation.....MORE


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COVID-19 Vaccines:
  • We expect to continue receiving COVID-19 vaccine shipments but don’t yet know how long it will take to provide vaccines to people who want them in Phase 1A.
  • We will share more information as we receive it about Phase 1B, which will include:
  • People age 65 and older.
  • People with severe congenital, developmental, or early-onset medical disorders that make them particularly vulnerable.
  • Employees in all schools that want to go back, or to remain, educating in person.
  • Accurate information about vaccines is critical.
  • CDC has lots of easy-to-understand information available HERE.
  • The first doses of vaccine will go to health care workers and the most vulnerable people, like residents of long-term care facilities.

  • Governor DeWine announced last week that an updated policy on quarantine in schools is forthcoming.
  • WCHD is awaiting this final policy from the Ohio Department of Health. Once it is received, it will be reviewed with school leadership to understand how the policy will be operationalized in Wood County.
  • Until that policy is received, the established guidelines for quarantine in schools will remain in effect. Below are some of the features of the updated policy that the Governor previewed last week:
  • If a student or teacher is exposed in the classroom setting to someone with COVID-19, quarantine is not recommended for the exposed individual as long as masking and other appropriate protocols were followed.
  • Quarantine continues to be advised for anyone who is exposed in the classroom if protocols have not been followed (e.g., students or adults in the classroom did not properly wear masks).
  • Quarantine also continues to be advised for anyone exposed during extracurricular activities, including sports, regardless of masking or other protocols. Revised guidelines above only apply in classroom settings.
  • In all cases of potential exposure, consult with the local health department for guidance.

Last Week's Pop-Up Testing:
  • Results from pop-up testing at the Wood County Fairgrounds last week are expected soon.
  • Avoid other people while waiting for results in case they’re positive.
  • People who test positive will be contacted by their local health department.
  • Get more information on how to retrieve your test results HERE