News from BG: November 4, 2020
2020 Leaf Collection - Begins November 9
Public Works will begin collecting leaves during the week of November 9. Leaf collection is available for addresses that are eligible for refuse/recycling collection and is not connected to the regular refuse/recycling collection schedule. A MAP will be posted to the City’s website allowing residents to follow crews as they move through the City.
The primary method the City uses for collection of leaves is the “Grab and Go” method which utilizes a tractor with a rake on the back of it. The tractor will drive through the right-of-way loosely raking the leaves into the street for collection. This method is used so that crews can efficiently work their way through the city, minimizing fuel consumption and maximizing the amount of time the crews have to collect the leaves. This method may look messy, but re-rake your leaves, add more to the pile and crews will be back for another round. The second (and final) round will be more thorough and will be announced after the Thanksgiving Holiday.

If you choose to use this method, please follow PROGRAM GUIDELINES.

Questions may be directed to the Public Works Department by calling 419-354-6227.
Additional Options for Leaves
Love 'Em & Leave 'Em

The best thing you can do with your leaves is… Leave them on your property!

  • Shred them with a lawn mower and leave them in place on your lawn
  • Compost them in a pile or container (with or without shredding)
  • Shred them and use them as mulch on your borders and flowerbeds

Love ’Em and Leave ’Em "How to" Videos:

City Yard Waste Drop Off Site

Garden/Yard Waste/Grass/Leaves can be taken to the City Yard Waste drop-off site for those who are eligible to receive City refuse collection.

Open daily from 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM.

The site is located behind the Public Works garage on Tarragon Drive (off of E. Poe Road). This site does NOT accept brush (anything with a bark covering).
Refuse/Recycling Schedule
Week of November 11

In observance of the Veterans Day holiday, all non-24 hour City facilities will be closed on Wednesday, November 11.

As a result, the following collection schedule will occur for refuse and recycling next week:

Monday's route will be collected on Monday.

Tuesday's route will be collected on Tuesday.

Wednesday's route will be collected on Thursday.

Thursday's route will be collected on Friday.

Questions about this schedule may be directed to Public Works at 419-354-6227.

Never miss a "trash day" again! Download the Recycle Coach App to receive a custom calendar and reminder notifications for special collections.
Mailboxes &
Snow Removal

Mailbox Preparedness Check: Residents are reminded to check their mailbox alongside the roadway to ensure it will be sturdy enough to handle winter weather and roadway snow removal operations. Check the mailbox for rotten or leaning posts, cracked sections or general overall poor condition that needs attention. This will help the mailbox withstand snow or ice being removed from the roadway.

If a properly positioned mailbox, (usually 6-8″ behind the face of curb or edge of pavement) meeting United States Postal Service requirements, is struck by City snow removal equipment due to non-weather related causes, the City will either repair or replace the mailbox. The City shall not pay more than a maximum rate for a replacement. The City reserves the right to make a determination on a case by case basis.

The City is not responsible for damage to mailboxes located in the City right-of-way which are damaged as a result of snow and/or ice or any other object dispersed from the snow plow blade during street clearing of snow by City crews....MORE
COVID-19 Reminders
WC Health Department

We’re all anxious to get back to the “good old days,” and we will, but right now we have to hold fast and keep doing everything we can to keep COVID-19 from causing more illness and death. We can control how COVID-19 spreads, and we are the key to changing how this progresses.

▪ It’s not only about vaccines, treatments, or rules. It’s us. It’s each action we take that can either spread or stop the spread of the virus.

▪ Wearing masks, maintaining distancing, washing hands often, and staying home if we’re sick will all be critical as people spend more time indoors and potentially gather with family and friends over the holidays.

▪ Being vigilant about these actions now will help reduce COVID-19 and influenza cases and cause less illness to be spread over the next few months.

▪ Start making plans for how you will do the holidays and other celebrations differently.
Community Reads: "So You Want To Talk About Race" by Ijeoma Oluo
The City of BG Human Relations Commission invites you to join in our Community Reads: So You Want To Talk About Race, By Ijeoma Oluo. This is an opportunity for all members of the BG Community to engage in compelling literature that invites empathetic learning and meaningful, constructive dialogue about racism and how to deal with racial injustices and biases.

The book discussion will occur over three sessions: November 9, December 7, and January 11, with one section of the book discussed at each session. To accommodate busy schedules, a variety meeting times are offered. Registration is required by clicking HERE or by calling the Wood County District Public Library at 419 352-5050.
Wood County 3rd Annual Personal Shredding Event - November 14
Wood County residents may bring up to five bags or boxes of paper items to be shredded onsite as you watch. Participants are asked to provide a gift card or cash donation. (Due to COVID-19 restrictions, toys will not be accepted this year.)

Masks will be required if you get out of your vehicle and Social Distancing Guidelines will be encouraged.

Donations will be given to children who are involved with Wood County Job and Family Services to make their Holiday a little brighter!!

Refuse & Recycling Container Address Labels
The Public Works Department has resumed the work of placing address labels on all refuse and recycling containers that are picked up by the City. Crews have completed the majority of Wards 1 & 2 and have begun Wards 3 & 4. City employees will be applying labels on containers placed at the curb on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday’s collection route.

Residents, whose scheduled collection day is on Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday, are asked to help in this effort by placing containers – full or empty – at the curb on their regular collection day. Containers should not be pulled back to the house until 4:00 PM that day. This will help crews move through streets efficiently, missing as few addresses as possible. This work will be ongoing over the next several months and...MORE
Ohio Makes $50 million in CARES Act Funding Available
for Assistance; Includes Water, Sewer Payments

On Oct. 26, the state Controlling Board approved the release of additional CARES Act funds for Ohio businesses, restaurants, and citizens impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and created the Home Relief Grant program. The program allocates $50 million in grants for Ohio citizens to pay rent, mortgage, and water and sewer payments. The program does not, however, cover outstanding electric bills.

Starting Nov. 2, 2020, the State of Ohio will allocate $50 million from the Coronavirus Relief Fund from the CARES Act to 47 Community Action Agencies to help Ohioans that have experienced economic hardship as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Each Community Action Agency will receive a portion of the funding based on their Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) CARES Act allocation. Ohioans who are behind on rent, mortgage, and water and/or sewer utility bills (back to April 1, 2020) may be able to receive assistance. Ohioans can receive monthly assistance until the program ends on December 30, 2020. As it pertains to utility bills that include more than the water or sewer services, assistance can be provided to maintain service or prevent shut off only.

Please note that additional utility assistance (electric and natural gas) is not available under the Home Relief Grant program. The only current statewide electric and natural gas assistance program available to customers of municipal electric communities is HEAP, which may also be applied for by households beginning Nov. 1 at the Community Action Agencies.

Procedurally, the Community Action Agencies will make direct payments on behalf of the applicant to the landlord, bank, or water and/or sewer company. A household can receive assistance in more than one category.

Bowling Green residents, interested in the Home Relief Grant program or HEAP, should contact the Great Lakes Community Action Partnership