News from BG: October 14, 2020

October is Fire Prevention Month. Each edition of the eNews in October will feature a message from the Fire Division about this important topic. These messages will include information about common mistakes or issues.

Visit the Fire Division webpage for more information!
Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors
Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors save lives! Smoke detectors alert occupants to fires and help give them time to escape.

About 3 in every 5 residential fire deaths occur in homes that either do not have a smoke detector, or do not have one that works ( Carbon monoxide alarms alert people to a dangerous, potentially life threatening gas that is colorless and odorless. Carbon monoxide detectors are now mandatory in all “residential” occupancies if they have a fuel burning appliance such as a stove, furnace, fire place, or hot water heater. They are not required in homes that are “all electric” unless they have an attached garage.

Through various organizations the Bowling Green Fire Division provides smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors free of charge to Bowling Green residents that need them.

Check out the Fire Division's Safety Information Page for more!

Census takers are reaching out one last time to make sure everyone is counted in the 2020 Census. For your family, for your community, for the future … answer the call. Learn MORE.
and Leave'Em!

Fall leaves are a valuable resource that most home-owners let go to waste by having them blown or raked into piles curbside, left for City pickup. Leaf collection, hauling, and disposal are a huge annual cost to our City! In addition, the nutrients in the leaves are lost instead of being returned to nourish the soil and the grass or plants that grow on your property.

The best thing you can do with your leaves is… Leave them on your property!

  • Shred them with a lawn mower and leave them in place on your lawn.
  • Compost them in a pile or container (with or without shredding).
  • Shred them and use them as mulch on your borders and flowerbeds.

City Offers Tips for
Reducing Utility Bills

Are you spending more time at home and noticing an increase in your utility bill? Spending more time at home likely means using more electricity and water, which can lead to higher utility bills. While utility rate increases can be part of the cause of higher utility bills, there is usually more to the story.

In July 2020, Bowling Green’s residential customers experienced an increase of $0.00301/kWh in the energy charge and $0.50 increase in the monthly customer charge. This is approximately a 2.5% increase when comparing similar monthly usage. Despite this relatively small adjustment in rates, many have been caught off guard by higher than expected utility bills. While situations vary, the Utilities Department offers the following suggestions ....MORE
Residents Encouraged
to get a Flu Vaccine

The Wood County Health Department encourages residents to get a flu vaccine.

Getting a flu vaccine is a safe step people can take to prepare themselves and their family for any flu season, but is more important this year.

COVID-19 has made this year a challenge for everyone. You can reduce the chances of you or your family having to have to deal with flu this year by getting your flu shot now.

When you take steps to prevent getting the flu, it makes you less likely to have symptoms also common for COVID-19 that could keep you at home waiting for test results......MORE
The window to register your address for the City's October Brush Collection has closed. The next opportunity to register will be in the spring.

For those who registered, the collection will begin on October 19. Brush will only be collected from registered addresses.  For addresses on the list, please follow the guidelines posted HERE

If you missed the registration window, or find yourself in need of getting rid of brush later, the Wood County Landfill accepts brush, for a small fee, at their Yard Waste Recycling area. The brush is not added to the landfill itself, it is added to the pile that will be turned into mulch next year...MORE
Photo Credit: Holli Gray-Luring

  • Open to any amateur photographer residing in Bowling Green
  • Photos must be taken within Bowling Green City Limits
  • Photo must be of a tree (no shrubs, etc.)
  • Top photos in each category will receive a $25 Gift Certificate to Bostdorff's, Klotz's or North Branch and a photo print from Main Street Photo and Portrait Studio.
Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important to use caution and plan ahead for Halloween festivities. Click HERE for Recommended Best Practices provided by the State.
Refuse & Recycling Container Address Labels
The Public Works Department has resumed the work of placing address labels on all refuse and recycling containers that are picked up by the City. Crews have completed the majority of Wards 1 & 2 and have begun Wards 3 & 4. City employees will be applying labels on containers placed at the curb on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday’s collection route.

Residents, whose scheduled collection day is on Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday, are asked to help in this effort by placing containers – full or empty – at the curb on their regular collection day. Containers should not be pulled back to the house until 4:00 PM that day. This will help crews move through streets efficiently, missing as few addresses as possible. This work will be ongoing over the next several months and...MORE