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 October 22 - 25
Memorial and Celebration October 25
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Dr Sue Brown

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Greetings Dear BGI Chiropractors, Staff and Masters,


We are reaching out to you all today with a distinct blend of sadness for our collective loss and enormous gratitude for the extraordinary gift that we all inherit from our dear friend and mentor Sue Brown.


Each of our lives has been affected deeply, even profoundly, by Sue and her teaching. Each of our bodies has experienced the transformational nature of her touch. Indeed, the entire field of the chiropractic profession has expanded in scope due to her tireless commitment to sharing her vision of Bio-Geometric Integration. Until now, we have individually experienced Sue's passing. Now the time for us to join together again as a community is fast approaching.  


We invite you to gather with us at the BGI 4M in October!

Come share your personal reflections and celebrate Sue's life and work!

Come to take your adjusting skills to a whole new level!

Come to embrace each other in community and help co-create the future of BGI!


This year's BGI 4-M is going to be an amazing opportunity to explore BGI concepts and deepen your mastery of the advanced materialOn Saturday, there will be a series of breakout sessions in which we invite you to choose from a wide range of offerings and classes designed around different aspects of BGI.


On Thursday and Friday, we, Drs.Val Pennacchio and Eric Rubin, will be introducing several of the key concepts of the Mastery Modules, such as working with multiple patterns, secondary planes and fractals. During the advanced training sessions, select Staff and Masters will be assisting, helping to bring these ideas into focus and support your learning.


Click HERE to find a general outline of the BGI 4M schedule. Please note that Sunday October 25 is our Celebration and Memorial for Sue.  We invite each of you to gather your stories, photos and memories of Sue to share with the extended BGI Community on this day.


We look forward to gathering with you all in October!


In Love and Gratitude,

~ Eric & Val


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Dr. Sue's obituary or leave a message of condolence