April 2017
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Welcome to the Ballard Health Club Newsletter. We value your membership at BHC and want to keep you informed of what's going on at the club.

We look forward to staying in touch! 

-The BHC Team


HIIT 6:15-7:15pm

Zumba 6:15-7:15pm
Time Change

Beast Mode 5:15-6:15pm

Ab Lab 5:15-5:45pm
Butt & Gut 5:45-6:15pm
with Karen
New Class
Join Us for Syttende Mai Parade
Ballard Health Club will again be participating in the Ballard Parade, Syttende Mai, on Wednesday, May 17th. We would LOVE for you to join us!

The Syttende Mai Parade is a family event that drew a crowd of 20,000 last year. Syttende Mai is a celebration, steeped in Ballard's heritage, to remember Norway's Constitution Day. Help us make this event just as memorable as last year!
Volunteer Opportunities:
  • Dancers
  • Flag Wavers
  • Photographers
Shirts will be provided to all volunteers. If you participated last year, we encourage you to wear the same shirt!

The parade starts at 6pm and volunteers will need to check in at 4pm. Children are welcome to walk along with us. All participants will have to sign waivers from the parade organization.

Please join us, the more the merrier! Please email karen@ballardhealthclub.com to get more information or to sign up to walk with us.

New Trainer: Chassi

Please help us welcome Chassi to the BHC team! She is on the training board already, so make sure to sign up for an appointment with her!
In Chassi's words: "For as long as I can remember I have always enjoyed sports, particularly soccer, and physical activity in general. My journey into personal training began about six years ago when I decided I wanted to become a healthier version of myself by increasing my activity level and eating better. Over time I discovered how passionate I was about living a more fulfilling lifestyle through health and fitness. I realized that I really wanted to help others find the same desire within themselves. I have experience as a one-on-one trainer and group circuit training. I am also a strength and agility trainer for soccer athletes.

As a trainer I like to build a strong relationship with my clients/athletes and tailor workouts to meet their goals. It is also important to challenge clients to reach new levels that they may not believe they have ability to attain. Building confidence and motivation are key factors in maintaining a lifelong healthy lifestyle."
Chassi is on track to graduate in Spring 2017 with a degree in Exercise Science from Seattle Pacific University. Chassi also holds a personal training certificate through the Diagnostic Health and Fitness Technician Program (DHFT) at Pierce Community College.

Yoga 101 Series: 
Introduction to Yoga: 6 Week Course
with Elliot Tillmann

6 Saturdays: April 8th - May 13th
4:30 - 5:45 PM

This workshop is designed for absolute beginners and novices who want to ensure that they start off their yoga practice on the right foot. At Ballard Health Club we believe that yoga is appropriate for everyone, whatever their fitness level, flexibility, or age. This is why we are offering Yoga 101, an introductory 6 week workshop which is designed specifically for all those who have wanted to try yoga but have found it too intimidating to start - until now!
- Yoga 101 is an accessible introductory workshop where students will learn the basics of a modern yoga practice in a safe, supportive environment. This class is taught by Elliot Tillman (200RYT), who is known for her patience and loves to work with beginner students.

- This workshop is appropriate for both brand new students and for those returning to yoga who want a "refresher course" in the basics in order to deepen their practice.

- Students are introduced to the basic poses (asanas) in yoga and to the principles of proper alignment needed for a safe yoga practice.

- Students are also provided a foundation in yogic breathing, meditation techniques, and the core philosophies behind this ancient tradition.

- After completing this series, students will be properly prepared and feel confident to walk into their first "beginner" or "all-levels" yoga class.

The cost is $120 for all 6 classes.  Drop-in fee is waived for non-members to attend this class. 

Sign up at the front desk or online at BHC Portal under WORKSHOPS / EVENTS tab.
Mobility Skills for Every Body!
with Lisa Elliott

Saturday, May 6 12:30-2:30pm

Are you frustrated by chronically short hamstrings? Do you need new tools for accessing greater mobility for overhead lifting? Do you need to balance out lost mobility from your passion for biking? Would your yoga practice be enhanced by some targeted mobility strategies?
Feeling really good in your body and being ready for activity is dramatically enhanced with greater functional range of motion as well as strength. Learn why stretching is NOT what we thought it was and how you can improve your "flexibility" using smart techniques to give you new length, strength and self-awareness as well as improvements to your posture and alignment.
Aerial acrobatics coach Lisa Elliott understands the limitations of the mature body, as well as the impact of a life spent sitting (car/couch/desk...repeat!) on our health and well-being, not to mention our physical appearance. This two-hour workshop will give you tools for daily life and for the gym that have the potential to revolutionize your movement practice.
Prerequisites: NONE! This 2 hour workshop is appropriate for beginning to elite level athletes, for old and for young. Consider it part of your owner's manual to the human body!
Cost of workshop is $20.00

Sign up at the front desk or online at the BHC Portal under EVENTS / WORKSHOPS.
Handstand Training
with Lisa Elliott 

Saturday, June 3 12:30-2:30pm

Handstands are a fantastic practice for improving core strength, shoulder range of motion, balanced musculature and for tuning up the connection between your core and your limbs. This two-hour workshop with aerial acrobatics coach Lisa Elliott will give you tools and smart/safe progressions for adding handstands to your body weight training repertoire.

Enrollment is limited to 12 students to allow Lisa to carefully assess each person's strengths and weaknesses and provide individualized feedback in order for you to optimize your progress in this demanding skill. You'll be amazed at the positive impact handstands can have on all your athletic pursuits and even on your state of mind. There's nothing like intense balance work for calming your busy brain and getting you in the present moment!

Prerequisites: A fairly health spine (including neck) and some experience with inverting. You don't need to be good at it, but learning to trust your weight on your hands is our starting place for this workshop.
Cost of workshop is $20.00

Sign up at the front desk or online at the BHC Portal under EVENTS / WORKSHOPS.

Awaken Your Inner Spirit
Retreat at Suncadia
June 9 - June 11 

Join MJ and Karen for this Spring retreat in the relaxing location of the Grand Fir Lodge in Suncadia where we shall awaken our inner spirit and true nature. During this retreat we will explore the subtle body through the chakra system and deep mindful awareness. We will learn how to harness the qualities of Yin/Yang movement through our practice in body, mind and emotional awareness. And we will explore our inner voices and intention through chanting to create our inner awakening.

There will also be an emphasis on harnessing our life force and stimulating our energy centers as MJ works with her healing bowls by connecting with more subtle energetic aspects of our being. And Karen works us through the chakra system to give us a better understanding of the rainbow bridge that guides us to consciousness.

Get more information and sign up online at BHC Portal under WORKSHOPS / EVENTS tab.

Are you curious to learn more about all the perks of your membership? If you're interested in knowing more about any of the following, then this FREE orientation is for you!
  • After Hours Access (24/7)
  • Booking your complimentary Fitness Training and Nutrition Coaching sessions
  • How to use the different cardio machines, and recommended routines
  • What types of equipment we offer (Free weights, Pin-Machines, TRX, Battle Ropes, Kettlebells, etc) are kept, and how to use them
  • Tour of the studios and how to use them when there are no classes scheduled
  • What kinds of classes we offer and what they are like
  • Did you know there are several different things you can borrow from the club?
  • Parking 
  • And much more!
The Club Orientation will help you get the most out of your gym membership. In addition to touring the entire facility in depth, get inside knowledge about things you may not be aware of. This orientation will leave you feeling confident to start your workout and illuminate all the valuable services that are included in your membership.

You have two chances to attend:

Monday, April 17th @ 11:30am with Matt Anderson
Monday, April 24th @ 7:00pm with Pat Gilbrough

The Orientation is FREE! Sign up online at BHC Portal under WORKSHOPS / EVENTS. 
FREE Class Pass - April
Each month BHC will be offering a FREE pass to a specific class, so those without a PLUS membership - or any membership at all - will be able to try it out!

For the month of April, INSANITY on Wednesdays with Tina at 7:30pm will be open to all.

INSANITY is a Max Interval training workout.  The goal of the class is to get your heart rate up really high and maintain that level of intensity over a series of intervals.  The class is broken down into 2 to 3 minute intervals with only 30 seconds of rest in between.  The goal of the class is to beat the "stress adaptation response", also know as a plateau, which occurs when the body gets used to a certain level of exertion.  Pushing your body to the max leads to better sports performance, more calories burned, faster results, and a more efficient metabolism.  This class requires no equipment and is 100% performed using the body. Also, every move has several lower impact and/or slower modification versions to allow participants at all fitness levels to attend.

If you've ever wanted to try INSANITY - or know someone who would - now is your chance! Please note that non-members must bring their photo ID with them.

John's Travel Workout
Going away, and do not want to let all of the hard work you have done in the gym go to waste!?!? Here is a 20 minute workout that you can do in your hotel room, on a beach, or anywhere you may find yourself away from home! You can even do it at work on your lunch break if you can not make it to the gym for whatever reason!

Never forget to warm up!

Warmup (3-5 minutes)

25 jumping jacks, 15 body weight squats, 10 push ups, 10 lunges (each leg), 10 hip raises , 25 jumping jacks.

Next, set your watch or timer for 15 minutes, pick a level below, and do as many rounds of those exercises as possible before the timer goes off! The first level is the least challenging, while level three is the most challenging.

20 Body Weight Squats (you don't need a chair like in video, only if you need help)
15 Incline Push Ups (feet on floor, hands on edge of bed or desk)
10 One-Arm Luggage Rows (each arm, use your suit case as your weight)
10 Reverse Crunches

25 Overhead Squats
20 Push Ups
10 Inverted Rows (using the desk in your hotel room...just don't break it!)
15 Reverse Crunches
25 Jumping Squats
20 Decline Push ups (feet up on bed or desk chair)
10 Inverted Rows (with feet elevated onto desk chair)
15 Reverse Crunches
Always remember to stretch when you are finished! Good Luck!

John Parks
BHC Personal Trainer 
Member Spotlight:
Lara Roche-Sudar

How long have you been a member at Ballard Health Club?
Since last November (2016). I got a job in Ballard, and needed a gym that would be close to work.

What is your favorite piece of equipment or exercise to do in the gym?
I'm a secret bro...as much as I love squats and deadlifts, I don't feel like the day is complete until I've done some curls. I mostly stick to the barbells and squat racks in terms of equipment, because I'm training for a powerlifting meet, but my trainer gives me mainly upper body accessory work to do after my three lifts, because he just gets me.

Why do you work out?
To prepare for the zombie apocalypse. Nah, I'm just kidding. I work out because being strong is awesome. I was very un-athletic growing up--I spent hours every day reading and studying, and I had terrible hand-eye coordination and no people skills, so group sports were entirely out of the question. If you told fifteen year old me that ten years later I'd be voluntarily going to the gym and knocking about with barbells, I would never have believed you. I started lifting in college as a way to build my body back after struggling with anorexia for a few years, and I'm doing things now in my training that I would never have thought my body was capable of doing back then. My ultimate goal in working out was summed up in an article I read about a woman who (like me) discovered she had a thyroid condition and had to radically change the way she was thinking about her training, and her life, because of it: if a friend came up to me and said "I found this amazing clubhouse in the forest, but you have to swim across a river, hike 10 miles, and climb a really tall tree to get there" I want to be able to say "Let's do this!" without any hesitation. I don't want to be limited by my prior conceptions of what I can do, and I *definitely* don't want to be limited by this autoimmune crap I'm dealing with now. .

What do you do to work out?
I'm currently focusing on DUP training in preparation for my meet in April. That means I do all three of my lifts (bench press, squat, deadlift) on each of my lifting days, at varying degrees of difficulty, usually for hypertrophy, power/speed, and max weight. On my off days, I do yoga and (when it's not raining) I'll go for walks with friends.  

What in the gym has worked for you in attaining your goals?
The support of the gym staff. I do have a personal trainer outside of BHC, but the trainers here are stellar, and always up to talk with me before or after my workout. David spotted me for a PR on bench the other day, and Brittany's been a really great support on days that I haven't been feeling my best.

Why do you choose to work out at BHC? (instead of another gym)
BHC is a great community of interesting, smart folks. I'm really not fond of giant, corporate gyms, nor of the competitive energy I've felt in some more crowded, often male-oriented gyms. BHC feels kind of homey--you get the sense that the people who come here have been doing so for a long time, and that says a lot about a gym, for me.

Anything else you'd like to add?
I just want to say thanks to any of the trainers I've spent time talking with (Roxy, Brittany, David). I've worked as a personal trainer, and I know you don't get paid extra to listen when this random girl comes over to vent about her thyroid struggles, or PMS, or be super excited about how much she just benched. You guys kick ass (can I say 'ass' in this?) and I just want to say that I really appreciate it.

Friendly Fridays
Every Friday after NOON is FRIENDLY FRIDAY!  Bring a friend to workout and/or attend a class with you at Ballard Health Club on Fridays!
Each guest must be accompanied by a member and have a photo ID.

Check in must be before 8pm, and we will waive the drop-in fee!
Parking at BHC
With all of the BHC parking areas, it can be confusing to know when each one is open and available for BHC members working out at the club or going to a class. To help with this, we have prepared a printable BHC Parking Map at

Please be considerate of your fellow BHC members and do not use a parking spot unless you are at the club. Violators may be ticketed, towed and/or lose parking privileges at BHC parking areas.  
Sales Tax Increase

Beginning April 1, 2017, the Washington State Department of Revenue is increasing the local sales tax rate from 9.6% to 10.1%. This increase will be reflected on your monthly dues beginning in April. 

Nutritional "Did You Know"
  Food to Eliminate Body Odor

Body odor isn't typically discussed, but it is one that should be! What you eat and don't eat may contribute to the intensity of your body's natural scent. Foods such as red meat, alcohol, fish and broccoli can contribute to foul odors but other foods such as herbs, citrus and poultry can counteract these odors.
Let's start with protein . An amino acid known as carnitine, found primarily in beef and pork, requires your intestines to put forth extra effort to break down the amino acid. Enzymes in our gut called Flavin Monooxygenases, break down the residue of this amino acid so you can excrete it - if you don't have enough of these enzymes, you may emit a 'fishy' odor. Choosing protein alternatives, such as poultry, soy and beans, may help. Fish is another alternative, but if can also make some people smell fishy if they eat too much.
Over relying on processed foods and not eating enough fibrous plant based foods, such as fresh vegetables, legumes and fruit, can contribute to body odor. These foods have natural detoxifying effects on the body. Fiber regulates the digestive system; adding a daily green salad with baby kale, spinach, peppers, cucumbers and carrots, helps with detoxification and digestion. Vegetables in the brassica genus, such as broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage, contain sulfur and can contribute to body odor. Avoid over eating these foods.
Citrus fruits are another great way to add fiber into your diet and the acid in them readily flushes through your body, dismissing compounds that could cause lingering odor.
Herbs that contain large amounts of chlorophyll, the compound that makes leaves green, can counteract body odor. Fresh is best; herbs such as parsley, cilantro and mint, can do wonders for your breath and body odor. Make pesto's, throw fresh herbs into soups and salads and/or experiment with herb based dressings. Don't get in rut with seasoning your foods with only garlic and onion as these foods start to leak through your pores if over consumed.
Lastly, strong body odor can sometimes be a sign of poor gut health . Starving out 'bad' bacteria and replenishing with 'good' bacteria is one way to improve the health of your digestive system. Foods such as kombucha tea, yogurt, fresh sauerkraut and pickles, kimchi and kefir all contain probiotics to help restore good intestinal bacteria which aids in your digestion so that it processes foods more smoothly, and with less odor.
As Spring arrives and the temperature rises, keep these foods in mind! ☺

Lauren Derr
BHC Nutrition Coach

Increasing Energy Levels Series:
Food and Energy Levels 

There are two layers through which food impacts our energy levels, and this month we'll discuss the first one. Each meal has a direct and immediate impact on our energy levels based on the hormonal response to those specific nutrients, as you'll see below.

It is important to note that energy levels are not just about carbs and fats. In fact, compared to food quality , the amount of carbs vs. fats that you eat plays a very small role in your overall energy levels. Because of this, it is much more important to pay attention to eating whole foods vs. processed foods, and being mindful of where the food came from.

Generally speaking, people with a higher body fat percentage respond better to a higher fat, lower carb diet. The leaner and more active a person becomes, the better they respond to a higher carb, lower fat diet. To determine what works best for you, try writing down your food intake for at least 3 days, and recording your energy levels in between each meal. Note which meals made you feel more alert and awake afterwards, and which meals made you feel like you needed a nap!

Protein, however, should be consumed with all meals. Not only does a high protein meal results in more steady release of glucose and insulin, higher satiety scores and body temperature, but it also results in significantly higher positive mood and cognitive benefits compared to a meal with low protein (below 10-15% of total calories).

Accidentally ate too much? Most people are also prone to sit or lie down after having a large meal, and then get sleepy or doze off. An easy way to prevent this is to go out for an easy walk instead of sitting or lying down. Research confirms that leisurely walking for only 15 mins - something as simple as a quick trip around the block - after eating will significantly improve glucose control and help you maintain a high energy level.

Roxy Turner
BHC Personal Trainer

Happy Spring from Karen

Happy Spring everyone! Spring is a time of growth, renewal and transformation. It's a welcoming of change and a good way to change is to do something new or to try a new perspective to something you are familiar with. At BHC we have made it our mission to make yoga available to everyone, regardless of age, experience or flexibility. Yoga can be a powerful, challenging or restorative practice, depending on the class you're in.

Starting April 8 th we're offering an Introduction to Yoga 6-week Workshop with Elliot. This is for those who would like to start a practice but don't want to walk into a yoga class only to have no idea what's going on. It's also a class for those who would like to work on the finer details of the yoga practice they've already begun.

Elliot can speak to the different yoga practices that best suits your needs. But the basics will be covered in yoga 101. These classes are designed to help you become familiar with basic yoga postures, breathing techniques, and proper alignment. You'll learn modifications for the poses to adjust to your own body's needs and/or limitations. Yoga really can work for everybody with the right openness and awareness. Think transformation, both in body and spirit.
So let's start the season of renewal with a commitment to our health! You can sign up 
online at BHC Portal under WORKSHOPS / EVENTS.

Happy Spring!

Karen Gamble
BHC Class Director 
From the Owner

This is our 30th consecutive monthly newsletter - I say that with a great sense of accomplishment.

When we established the basis for the newsletter we produce now, we wanted to make sure it was something that we could and would commit the time and resources to each and every month. Rather than have a newsletter with just a class schedule and solicitations to buy more services, we wanted a newsletter with a broader variety of useful information to truly benefit our members. In addition to valuable content, I believe we have established a style of our newsletter that shows the vibrant nature of Ballard Health Club.

I do think it is about time I thank the person that makes the newsletter happen every month for us, that person is: Allison Raines.

Each month, Allison has been the behind-the-scenes person responsible for gathering staff contributions, editing and assembling the newsletter and has consistently completed the newsletter on time and on point for the past 30 months.

In addition to being our newsletter editor, Allison is also our Personal Training and Nutrition Manager, trains several members each week in personal training, fitness training and/or nutrition coaching, works at the front desk Monday to Thursday mornings, is the class instructor for 6 classes a week and is our main buyer.

I do value the efforts of all of our staff at BHC and there is a great many things that they take care of day in and day out for the benefit of our members. With that said, I wanted to take this opportunity to highlight the efforts of Allison in her dedication to the job of producing the newsletter for us each month.


Pat Gilbrough
Owner and General Manager

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