Baton Rouge Metro Airport Passenger Volume Up
The total passenger count at the Baton Rouge Metro Airport was up 3.40% for the first quarter of 2017 at 179,776 passengers. Enplanements (departing passengers) were up 3.70%, and deplanements were up 3.09%. For March, enplanements and deplanements were up in 4.20% and 5.88% respectively. Through the first quarter, Delta had the highest share of passengers at 68,470 followed closely by American at 66,388. United was third at 44,918 passengers. 
BTR's airline seating capacity has increased primarily due to aircraft upgrades to larger, dual-class regional jets by American and United. American now flies Canadair CRJ 700 jets with first class and coach seating options on the majority of its Charlotte and Dallas-Ft. Worth hub flights from BTR. United has begun flying dual-class Embraer 170/175 jets for select flights to their Houston hub. Delta began adding larger aircraft to their BTR schedule several years ago, including Canadair CRJ 700 and 900 jets and Boeing 717s. As the three carriers continue to replace their 50-seat aircraft with larger regional jets, BTR officials anticipate further growth in the percentage of larger, dual-class jets serving the airport.  
Interim Airport Director, Ralph Hennessy, said, "Without the community support for BTR, the aircraft upgrade by our incumbent airlines would not have been possible. We appreciate the passenger support and look forward to continued growth in BTR's airline seating capacity and percentage of dual-class aircraft in our schedule."

APRIL 13, 2017 - In This Issue
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Meet BTR's Airport Commission Chairman and Vice Chairman

Airport Commission Chairman Andrew McCandless has served on the airport commission for six years, including time as Vice Chairman in 2014 and 2016. He is the Founder and President of the technology firm Bascom-Hunter. McCandless is also an advisory board member for the Princeton University Center for Network Security and Access.
Mr. McCandless is originally from Houma, LA and has a B.S. Degree from LSU in mechanical engineering. He is married to Stephanie McCandless, and they have two children.
McCandless noted "The Airport has a huge economic impact in our area. Without the global access to the capital city provided by the major, network airlines serving BTR, we would be at a competitive disadvantage with other cities in recruiting new businesses and expanding existing ones."

Cleve Dunn
Airport Commission Vice Chairman Cleve Dunn Jr. has served on the airport commission for four years. Vice Chairman Dunn is a life-long resident of Baton Rouge. Raised in North Baton Rouge, he graduated from Capitol Senior High School and attended Southern University and A&M College. He received his Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Southern New Hampshire University. 
Mr. Dunn is the CEO/President of Dunn Enterprises, which manages a diverse project portfolio including real estate investments, logistics, entertainment, and the arts. Mr. Dunn is a business and political consultant, providing expertise and analysis to nonprofit organizations, businesses, entrepreneurs, and political candidates.
He is a member of the National Association of Parliamentarians and serves on the boards for the Angel's Empowerment Organization and the Baton Rouge Student Learning Center. He also serves on the Butterfly Society board. Cleve and his wife Stacy have two daughters.

BTR Construction Update

Taxiway Foxtrot Extension:
The extension of Taxiway Foxtrot is under construction, and it will ultimately parallel the full length of Runway 13/31. The contractor broke ground this past fall and is currently in the process of grading the area and installing drainage culverts for the new pavement. The construction of a full-length taxiway on the east side of Runway 13/31 will open up the northeast side of the airfield to future hangar development.

North General Aviation Development:
Construction of the new BTR North General Aviation Development, which will serve as an emergency response center, is underway. The contractor has begun pouring the foundation for the building, and will soon begin construction of an aircraft apron. The apron will connect the building to the airfield and allow for the off-loading of aircraft during emergency response operations.

South Ramp Public Access:
Construction of the new South Ramp Public Access was completed in March. The roadway was constructed to provide an additional vehicle/pedestrian entrance onto the west side of the South Ramp.

North Lateral Box Culvert:  
The construction of the North Lateral Box Culvert is nearing completion. The purpose of this project is to make improvements to the canal that runs north of the airfield, and construct two vehicle crossings points. This will allow for the future construction of a roadway providing airfield access from both ends of Blount Road, opening up the north side to future development.

Public Parking Garage Safety and Security Upgrades:
The contract has been awarded for the Public Parking Garage Safety and Security Upgrades. The purpose of this project is to make safety and security improvements to the existing Public Parking Garage including strengthening the original support columns, waterproofing of joints, and installing gutters in the garage to divert storm-water runoff. New LED lighting will be installed as well as new security cameras. 

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