Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport Passenger Volume Up 10 Consecutive Months
Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport (BTR) passenger enplanements were up 3.93% in June and 3.16% year-to-date through June, 2017. A total of 67,155 passengers traveled through the airport in June, and 378,825 year-to-date.
Increased seating capacity on American and United due to the use of larger aircraft at BTR was the key factor according to airport officials. The majority of BTR fights are now operated with larger, dual-class regional jets or mainline aircraft. American and Delta remain tied for top passenger share for June and year-to-date at 38% apiece. United's share is at 24%.
BTR's passenger count is up for the 10th consecutive month dating from September of 2016, and total volume is the second highest among commercial airports in the State.   
"Airlines follow passenger volume, and community support through usage of BTR flights is the most significant factor in retaining and expanding air service," said Ralph Hennessy, Interim Director of Aviation at BTR. "We cannot thank our supporters enough." 

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William Vanecek, Chair ACI-NA Board of Directors, Director of Aviation, Buffalo Niagara International Airport: Ralph Hennessy, Interim Director of Aviation, Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport: Kevin Burke, ACI President and CEO 

BTR Receives Airports Council International (ACI) Inclusion Champion Award
The Baton Rouge Metro Airport (BTR) was given the Inclusion Champion Award for the Small Hub Airport category by Airports Council International - North America (ACI-NA). ACI-NA represents local, regional and state governing bodies that own and operate commercial airports in the United States and Canada. 
"Each year, the Inclusion Champion Awards celebrate exceptional achievement in promoting and sustaining diversity throughout the airport industry," said Kevin M. Burke, ACI-NA President and CEO. "Airports are committed to ambitious goals that serve their local communities and strengthen the businesses that support airport operations. I applaud our airport and associate members for their continued commitment to promoting diversity."
Airports Council International Inclusion Champion Award recipients were Vancouver Airport Authority (Large Hub), St. Louis Lambert International Airport (Medium Hub), Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport (Small Hub), and Turner Construction Company (Associate Inclusion).
Ralph Hennessy, Baton Rouge Metro Airport Interim Director of Aviation, said, "We have worked hard for many years to expand our Small & Disadvantaged Business Programs, and it is rewarding to be recognized by ACI-NA with the top award among Small Hub Airports."

BTR Construction Update

Taxiway Foxtrot Extension:
The extension of Taxiway Foxtrot is currently under construction and will ultimately parallel the full length of Runway 13/31. The contractor broke ground this past fall and is currently in the process of grading the area and installing the electrical infrastructure for the taxiway edge lights. The construction of a full length taxiway on the east side of Runway 13/31 will open up the northeast side of the airfield to future hangar development.
North General Aviation Development:
Construction of the new BTR North General Aviation Development, which will serve as an emergency response center, is currently under way. The contractor is in the process of constructing the building and aircraft apron that connect to the airfield, allowing for the off-loading of aircraft during emergency response operations.
South Ramp Public Access:
Construction of the new South Ramp Public Access was completed in March. The roadway was constructed to provide an additional vehicle/pedestrian entrance onto the west side of the South Ramp. The lock and key gate has also been upgraded to an electric vehicle gate with a pedestrian turnstile entrance.
North Lateral Box Culvert:  
The construction of the North Lateral Box Culvert has been completed. The purpose of this project was to make improvements to the canal that runs north of the airfield and included construction of two vehicle crossings points. This will allow for the future construction of a roadway providing airfield access from both ends of Blount Road and allowing for future development.
Public Parking Garage Safety and Security Upgrades:
The Public Parking Garage Safety and Security Upgrades project is currently underway. The purpose of this project is to make safety and security improvements to the existing Public Parking Garage and will include strengthening the original support columns, waterproofing of joints, the installation of all new LED lighting, and the installation of new security cameras. Sections of the garage will be closed to the public in order to facilitate the structural and electrical work that is being completed. The closures are being completed in phases to insure that a majority of parking spaces remain available at all times. Economy parking is not impacted by this project.


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