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August 22, 2019
This week, we welcomed a record number of students back for a new year! It's a joy to see the students' excitement as they meet their teachers, greet fellow classmates and get ready to learn.
Message from the Superintendent:


This spring, as my team and I were thinking about the vision for this new school year, we determined that we wanted to convey a desire to continue to build on the success that we had last year: 1) strengthen, or go deeper, with the work already in progress; 2) maintain the momentum and energy that allows us to keep the work special for our students; 3) and most of all, stay focused on continual improvement for our students.

Thus, the theme of “Design, Create, and Build” was born.
While the possibilities of the way in which to approach continual improvement in Belton ISD are endless, I am proud that the work that has been chosen for 2019-2020 is focused squarely on the achievement and success of our children. 
Recently, I came across a profound statement that deeply affected me – “Once you design something, it changes the future that is possible.” In education, we have the opportunity to make a difference for our students and have the power to change the future that is possible for them. Of course, it’s impossible to predict the future.
While working on our plans and vision for the year, I couldn’t have imagined not being a part of them. However, as we ended the year and summer began, I started thinking that it might be time for me to re-design my life. And after nearly two decades here, I decided that a change and a new opportunity will allow me to continue to grow because life and learning is never done.

It’s time for me to write a new chapter in my life and continue doing the work that I love in a new place. I am honored to be the lone finalist to become Waco ISD’s next superintendent. Waco is a special place for my family. My daughter attends Baylor University, and my husband does business there.

I am equally honored to have served as your superintendent for the past eight years. During that time, we worked together to meet the needs of our students. From the implementation of new programs such as engineering, computer science, and the Belton Early Childhood School (BECS) to the construction of several new school campuses and the continued success of our students, Belton ISD has increasingly become known for the high quality of our instruction and programs as well as our student-centered culture. What we have designed and created for our students is truly remarkable, and it has been a privilege to be a part of that.
As I reflect on my time in Belton ISD, I want to thank all of the talented and wonderful employees who have contributed to the ongoing success and achievement of our students. I am grateful for their hard work, dedication and commitment to create something special. Their passion and ability to work as a team to achieve our goals has truly made a difference. Finally, I would also like to thank our school board - both our current and former trustees. It’s because of their ongoing support and steadfast focus on the kids that Belton ISD has enjoyed great stability in its workforce and the support of the community. I will forever be grateful for their service.

Michelangelo stated, “Gazing on beautiful things acts on my soul.” What happens in this district is certainly beautiful. You have and will continue to inspire me. Please know that I will be watching and cheering, and will always hold you in the highest regards.


Susan Kincannon, Ed.D.
Message from the School Board President:

On behalf of the Belton ISD Board of Trustees, I want to congratulate Dr. Susan Kincannon on her selection as the lone finalist for Waco ISD’s next superintendent. We thank her for her many years of service to our district and know she is an excellent choice for the students, parents and our Central Texas neighbors in Waco ISD.

The strength of Belton ISD’s enduring success is directly related to our tremendous staff who serve students each day and our Big Red Community that supports them. It is with the continued commitment of both that we can say with certainty that our district will continue to thrive during this transition. What we have built together is special, and this upcoming school year will bring plenty of opportunities for us to continue to create even more moments that matter for our students.

At the same time, please know that the Board will be hard at work identifying the best path forward. It is our intention to move forward with purpose to identify exceptional candidates for our top leadership position and to keep the community informed with accurate information throughout the process.

During the board’s August 19 meeting, we made the unanimous decision to select Dr. Robin Battershell as interim superintendent of Belton ISD. Three impressive and distinguished retired school administrators were considered for this position. The board has been really thoughtful during this whole process, and I want to thank my fellow board members.

We are excited about having Dr. Battershell on our team and know her decade of service as Temple Independent School District’s superintendent and 10 years as superintendent of Salado ISD will be invaluable to us during this transition.

We work for an amazing district, and we have an exciting year ahead for Belton ISD students, parents, and staff. It’s our hope that this upcoming school year will bring plenty of opportunities to create even more moments that matter for our students. 


Sue M. Jordan
President, Board of Trustees
Belton ISD employees gathered at the Bell County Expo Center for Convocation 2019 to celebrate a new school year. The Marching 100, Magic Belles, Sparta Elementary choir, Belton New Tech High School @ Waskow's Megan Sloane and cheerleaders performed. And former National Geographic photographer Steve Uzzell was a wonderful keynote speaker whose universal message about how " The Open Road never fails to open your mind" fits so well with the 2019-2020 district theme of "Design.Create.Build."