February 2017 

Vol 10, Issue 2 

    1st Karen Peron  Nightfall at Bent Creek Lodge
Doug & Jodee Sellers
     We hope you had a romantic Valentine's

Left-Jodee with a stacker. Right- Nikki and Lisa W. making houses

day and are enjoying or at least surviving winter, depending on where you are.  Except for one heavy snow it has been extremely mild here and not too busy.  Jodee and I have had time for some diversions.  She has been going gang busters in her pottery studio producing dozens of new pieces.  She now has several of her whimsical houses, garden stackers and other items on display and for sale in the lodge. The rest of the ladies that run this place, Lisa C., Lisa W. and Nikki,  were impressed
Doug with his medal and Chris Workman, the one player that beat him.
with the houses and wanted to learn to make their own versions so Jodee conducted a workshop for them.  Meanwhile Sam continues to give helpful advice while working thru the winter "to do list" of projects from refinishing floors to hanging doors.  
     I always abandon him early on Mondays and Wednesdays to get my racquetball fix at the YMCA.   I played a couple of tournaments last year but but I choked under pressure and my game fell apart both times.  A couple of weeks ago I tried again at the Hendersonville "Go Red Tournament"  and felt like I finally played close to my potential.  I came in second in the Men's C division and first in the Men's 60+ B/C division.  One good thing about getting old, the competition thins out. 
     Here at the lodge the Spiraea and the Daffodils are blooming. Spring is just around the corner (the Winter Rates end March 1st).  We'll be ready for you so start planning your trip soon.  And thanks to all those wonderful people that help us out here Jodee and I will still have time for a few diversions.  Who knows, she may get my hands in the pottery clay yet.  
Don't Forget the "Winter in Asheville" Photo Contest 
Cottage at High Hampton Inn by Mark File

We have received some very good entries in our Winter Photo contest but I would sure like to see more.  Share your pictures and earn a Gift Certificate.  
  • The photo should depict one of the many things to do in western N.C. during the winter.  If it is an indoor activity or the scenery does not indicate it is winter, please include the name and date of the event.  The photo does not have to be from the current year.  
  • Entering the contest indicates your permission to use the photo in our newsletter or website. Be sure to have the permission of anyone in the photo as well.  (people make interesting photos)
  • Photos must be sent to us digitally, by email, dropbox or thumbdrive.  Photos must be received by  the first day of Spring, March 20th.  
  • First prize is a $145 gift certificate, Second $80 gift certificate, Third $50 gift certificate.  All are good for one year from notification of winners.  
  • The Bent Creek Lodge staff will judge the photos and select the winners.  
Wolffs Capture Bear!!
    ....on Video.  Margi and David Wolff returned for a visit this month with a video they shot from our back deck last August.  We could hardly believe how nonchalant he was as he came right up to the deck.  Fortunately he wandered on off and hasn't been seen since.  I must admit I still get a thrill when we see them pass thru here.  Click on the picture to see the video posted on our Facebook page.    

What I've Learned About Eggs!  
     Breakfast pretty much means eggs, so since Jodee put me in charge of the egg
Spinach Cakes with Scrambled Eggs 
cooking at the Bed and
Breakfast I've scrambled, poached, sunny side upped and over-easy-ed enough eggs to learn a thing or two about eggs.  After several guests ask me how I got my scrambled eggs so fluffy, I started to think there was something special about my frying pan skills.  Then one morning I decided to be more of a mentor and explained all my secret techniques to Tonia, one of our kitchen helpers, and handed the spatula over to her.  After breakfast, I complimented her on her excellent scrambled eggs to which she replied, "it's just eggs, if you can't do eggs I'd worry about you".  So to speak, that left a little egg on my face and humpty-dumptied my sense of pride.  
    But truthfully, not everyone agrees on what is a good egg.  I once witnessed a Waffle House customer threaten the cook with a good beating because he refused to accept his definition of an over medium egg.  But my favorite egg story happened recently when Jodee and I stopped for breakfast at a little road side diner on HWY 98 north of Lakeland. When we started to order our eggs over easy the young waitress in her most sophisticated voice warned us, "you might want to make that over medium, our cook makes his over easy eggs kinda snotty".  
    So this is what I know about eggs.   I learned the best way to break eggs from a guest looking over the counter. He said  the best way to crack an egg was hitting it with another egg.  He also said that it  gives you the opportunity to play a guessing game about which is the strongest egg in the carton. I've cracked eggs that way ever since. 
     For scrambled eggs, start with a hot pan.  I like to cook them in butter that has started to sizzle a little but don't let it brown.  Pour the eggs in and let them sit for awhile!  Then gently fold the eggs over and around.  When they are still a little moist turn off the heat.  For fried eggs, use a good non-stick pan and forget the spatula. Throwing the eggs up and flipping them with the pan doesn't make them taste any better but it makes you look good.  Slide the eggs forward and then drop the pan down.  It is easier that it looks.  Use a clear lid on sunny side up eggs and cook them slow on low heat. When someone orders a well done fried egg, I cook it for what seems like forever then  bust the yolk and cook it some more.  It's like cooking steaks well done, it is almost sacrilegious for me.  
       Happy egg cooking,  -  just don't make them snotty.  


Doug & Jodee Sellers           

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