Vol 11, Issue 2

Doug & Jodee Sellers
     I know that spring happens everywhere and that many of you have more extensive gardens than the lodge's, that are even further along.  So the fact that flowers are blooming isn't quite earth shattering news.  However, when so many things are popping out of the ground and changing by the minute it just amazes me every year.  So I took a walk around the lodge and shot a few pictures I would like to share.  The rest of the Asheville area is even more amazing, especially the Arboretum and the Biltmore Estate.  Even in Pisgah National Forest the early wild flowers, the Dogwoods, and the Flame Azalias are blooming.   Come see!

Actually the Red Rhododendron was a couple of weeks ago.  Click on it to see the full size pictures.  
Red Rhodo
They are on my Flickr Album April 2018.

More New Restaurants Coming to Asheville
     I must admit, I just can't keep up with all the places to eat in Asheville anymore rather known the places to drink.  Some of those don't even open till after my bedtime. But fortunately the Asheville Citizen Times does it's best to keep "tabs" on them.  They recently did a story on 9 new eateries opening this spring and summer.  These are a few that perked my interest.  

BadHappy Poutine Shop: " Chef Tom Kern has moved his well-received (but now-closed) Chicago poutine shop to his hometown of Asheville. Kern has a fine-dining background, and calls his concept "fine dining on fries." He'll punch up the Canadian comfort-food fry dish with ingredients like truffles and veal cheek, sweetbreads and many other ingredients. There's no set opening date yet, but things are coming together at 354 Merrimon Ave.  I will also admit that I have no clue what a poutine is or that Canada has comfort-food.  So I am going to make a point to visit this one to get educated.  More Here

HomeGrown West:   "HomeGrown has served a comfortable menu of downhome Southern food on Merrimon Avenue for the better part of the past decade. Soon, the restaurant will open a West Asheville outpost on the corner of State Street and Amboy Road. This newest HomeGrown will have a similar menu, but add plenty of room to roam in the building's backyard. The owners hope to foster a family- and local-friendly environment."   Now I have eaten at HomeGrown and it is southern comfort food of which I am familiar.  It will be nice to have one closer to us.   More Here

" Bouchon's sister eatery is slated for a summer opening in the East Asheville community of Haw Creek, at 184 New Haw Creek Road. That means another place where diners can score the restaurant's famed moules frites and other beloved French bistro fare, like butter-kissed escargot, steak au poivre and steak frites Bouchon. Add to that easy parking, increased seating capacity and reservations, plus a side of town hungry for more restaurants, and it's likely the owners have a hit on their hands." 
Bouchon is always busy, this

Our New Inuksuk 
   If you follow our newsletters you may remember
Nova Scotia Inuksuk 
we vacationed in Nova Scottia and Newfoundland last September.  There we kept seeing these man shaped cairns that we later learned are called inuksuk by the Inuit and other people of the artic regions of North America.  They were all over the place and from 8 inches tall to 20 feet tall.  Well Jodee loves her rocks, and her cairns even more so of course we had to make one when we had some time this winter.  We gathered up a lot of rocks out of our creek.  Surprisingly we found some long skinny ones for the arms and commenced to stacking.  Since I assumed the ancients cultures didn't head over to Lowes for some mortor mix I declared that this should be a dry stack project.  After several tumbles our little man began to take shape.  It was a balancing miracle to get those long arms to stay put by placing heavier stones in the center but we did it!  But alas the next morning all the rocks were on the ground and his cute little head had rolled nearly out of the yard.  Believe it or not I think he was butted by a confused, late night grazer of the antler variety.  There were prints that pointed to that possibility.  And we would rather believe that than think mere gravity caused our early failure.  
     Not to be defeated, we shortened his arms, accepted Lowes helpful bag of mortar and rebuilt our Inuksuk.  Now with the help of Mortimer our metal, blue heron, he guards our dry rock stream bed.   

Our Little Stone Man, Inuksuk
The Fishing's Good, Especially with the Luhn Boys
   Some of you may not know why the Luhn House is the "Luhn" house.  Good friends John and Marcia Luhn from Melbourne built the house in 2003.  I met John when I was in high school at the church my mother attended and sometimes convinced me to tag along.  He was an English teacher back then and we played tennis and scuba dived together.  He became a church official and eventually performed the wedding for Jodee and me. We stayed close friends thru all the years.   Unfortunately, John passed away in 2007 but left us with a wonderful extended family that own and use the house when we aren't renting it.  His son Jake has 3 kids that call us Uncle Doug and Aunt Jodee.  They were here in March to visit their grandmother Marcia at the "Luhn" house while their parents were at the Final Four.  So the boys and I went fishing!  
A nice trout on N. Mills River
I      They are both experienced fishermen but Johnnie said this was the first trout he had caught all by himself on a flyrod.  We all had a great day.  So a couple of days
A smallie on the French Broad
later the three of us loaded up the canoe and went after small mouth bass on the French Broad River.  The fishing was slow and then JJ hooked into this monster smallie behind a log jam.  He managed to keep it out of the tree roots and landed it cleanly.  It was the only fish caught but it made the trip more than worth it.  The fishing doesn't get any better than this.  Come try your luck!


Doug & Jodee Sellers           

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