October 2017

Vol 10, Issue 5

Doug & Jodee Sellers
"Big Boy" center, weighing in at 970 lbs. with a couple of other biggies at the N.C. Farmer's Market
The N.C. Farmer's market is one of the best places to witness the beginning of fall.  Jodee and I were amazed at these three monster pumpkins on display there when we made our annual trek to find the hay, corn stalks, squash and pumpkins for the lodge's fall decorations.  This is a trip we look forward to each year.  Tasting apples, seeing all the fall produce, picking out our pumpkins, wrangling with the vendors; it is all fun but I think the part we like the best is buying a basket of Scuppernong grapes and eating them on the way home.   Now if you google "How to eat a scuppernong" you will get " first... hold the grape with the stem scar up; second... put the grape with the stem scar facing upward in your mouth and squeeze or bite the grape; third... the pulp and juice will burst through the skin into your mouth; fourth...... savor the fruity flavor, but be sure not to chew the skin since it is bitter."  They don't mention it but if you eat a Scuppernong that way, which I do, the fifth step is ... spit out the seeds.  Jodee on the other hand learned from her granddaddy at an early age how to filter the seeds out with with her teeth.  She can eat Scuppernongs all day and never spit out a seed.  I have a talented wife.  Bring her a basket of Scuppernongs and she might be able to teach you to eat them the south Alabama way.   
Fall Foliage 2017 and Other Coming Attractions
     Based on past years, we should be at the peak of the
O ur Road Last October
leaf color around the lodge and Asheville at mid October.  However, our record heat for the last few weeks has thrown predictions a kilter.  Fortunately guests have been able to travel up to the higher elevations like Mt. Pisgah and Craggie Gardens to find pretty good color even if not as spectacular as usual.  The weather finally cooled off this week and we had our first fire in the great room fireplace.  That should help things along.  This year the peak leaf peeking time around the lodge is probably going to be into November!  So if you missed October because you couldn't find a room and you would still like to see the leaves change, try November.  We have rooms available.  
     Keep in mind also that the Holiday season is just around the corner with candle light tours of the Biltmore Estate,
Asheville Christmas
Christmas Lights at the Arboretum, Gingerbread House  competitions, shopping and much more.  Then there is the week after Christmas when it is such a good time to take a break from the rush  and celebrate the new year.  As usual, Romanticasheville.com is a great source of Asheville information so click on the picture to find out more "Holiday & Christmas Season Things to Do".      
A Nearly Perfect Day, Biking on Fire Mountain in October
Jodee & Kristie - click on pic to see more
   Every October Jodee and her best biking bud, Kristie, plan a special ride to enjoy the cool, dry, weather, the fall colors and the thrill of a new or at least a seldom ridden trail.  Sometimes they let me tag along.  This year it was nearly as good as it could possibly get.  We drove about an hour to get to the relatively new Fire Mt. trail system in Cherokee. These trails were designed and built for fun and thrills!  They are hard, smooth and fast, they twist and turn and throw you into the air.  The switch backs are perfectly bermed and several heavy duty bridges help you fly across creeks or around curves just for fun.  The scenery is pretty awesome as well with some long range views of Cherokee at the overlooks.  In the woods the mature trees with little undergrowth allow  you to see where you're going and where you've been.  The trails are well marked and have maps posted along the way.  We were amazed to see only three other riders the whole day.   Kessel, the most advanced downhill run is one way, so you can zoom down with out fear of running into someone.  We will highly recommend these trails, they are well worth the ride over.  There is also a good hiking trail up to a fire tower for the non riders.  
      The only reason it didn't rate as a completely perfect day is that as I took the first step out of the car when we got home, my hamstring decided to roll up into the shape of a softball.  I had to whine and writhe in pain for about an hour (Jodee says it was 5 minutes tops) before I could wobble into the house.
     P.S.  Other things you should plan to do in Cherokee include the Museum of the Cherokee Indians and the outdoor play, Unto These Hills.  Both are outstanding and enlightening.  
Our Big Trip This Year
I won't bore you with the details but guests
Light House at Woody Point
are often curious of where we go on vacation.  This year we visited northern Nova Scotia and Western Newfoundland.   I will spare the accolades and just say we plan to go back and we almost never "go back".  If you ever have the chance,
see Gros Morne National Park.  But don't assume you will see a moose just because they have signs everywhere and despite the rumored reputation for Salmon fishing, unless your luck is better than mine, you can leave the fishing gear at home.  We would like to thank our staff and our inn sitter Daloha for taking such great care of the lodge while we were gone.  Also, thanks to all of you that sent in reviews and emails to let us know how well they did.  One picture and you can click on it to see more if you wish.  


Doug & Jodee Sellers           

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