August 2016 

Vol 9, Issue 2

Rainbow at Bent Creek Lodge
Rainbow over BCL by Frank Story
Doug & Jodee Sellers
     Hope all is well with you and yours.  
Doug & Jodee 2006
Doug & Jodee 2015
It has been quite awhile since I've sent out a newsletter.  Jodee and I have been busy with life, the lodge and perhaps a bad case of writers block.  To help me out of it our guests, Frank and Cheryl Story, sent us the above picture of the rainbow over the lodge along with the two pictures of me and Jodee taken 9 years apart. It reminded me of those comparative pictures of presidents showing how the pressures of the job ages them.  I tried to convince Jodee that I hadn't changed, in fact I may even look younger now, but she sure got a lot grayer.  She reminded me that was only because I looked "old" ten years ago.  In fact I looked old when I was 30. The other possibility is that she does all the work and worry around here. (except for the dishes, which I will be doing for the next month for that last comment)   
     In all those years it has been our honor
Jodee and her dad, Joe
to witness the ups and downs of life of many of our guests from proposals and births to illnesses and loss. Sharing the tears of joy and grief has made our lives richer.   Jodee has dealt with her own loss this summer with the passing of her dad in June.  She was very close to him and will miss him dearly.  We dedicate this newsletter to Joseph Curenton.                                                            
Bear Sightings at Bent Creek Lodge 

      The bears have been on the move around Asheville and the lodge this summer.  Lisa Webb got a picture of one by our entrance as she came into work one morning.  Then Jodee and I had the unique experience of seeing one swim across the French Broad river just as we turned onto Brevard road.  It was raining and I couldn't get my zoom to work on my phone but if you look closely you can see that the rock in the middle of the river has ears.  Then recently we caught the picture of the mother with 4 cubs behind our compost bin.  (I know there are only 3 in the picture)  We watched her run the cubs up another tree, then chase two turkeys off their nest,  while a deer watched from a distance.  It was our best trifecta for wildlife viewing ever!   Can you imagine trying to feed 4 mouths with what you can find in the woods. 
However, our most dramatic bear sighting occurred as I walked into the Luhn house and discovered one sitting at the bar waiting for breakfast with spoon in hand, breakfast ware and a note saying he liked his coffee black.  Guest, Karen Poole, and her family set up that cute scenario with Marcia Luhn's bear footstool.  Thanks for the delightful surprise.    
Waterfall Tours in our Area 
     It use to be easy enough to direct guests
Courthouse Falls
to the beautiful waterfalls in our area, especially since we are so close to the Blue Ridge Parkway, a route that takes you to many of the falls.   Now the challenge is to find a waterfall that isn't surrounded by a crowd of other folks looking for the same outdoor excursion.  The main falls at DuPont, Looking Glass Falls, Graveyard Fields falls, even Skinny Dip Falls are often crowded these days.  However, there are many other falls off the tourist radar.   Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, these can sometimes be hard to find for those not familiar with the area.  One option is to study the maps, read the descriptions in books or websites and head out for an adventure.  Another option that has become available is to take a guided trip.  A couple of companies now offer group trips to area waterfalls with short, easy hikes as well as custom trips to more remote falls and challenging hikes. 
Tumblestone Tours out of Asheville is one company and Millers Land of Waterfalls Tours out of Rosman is another.    Pura Vida Adventures is another guided hiking company with even more advanced options.  Click on their names to visit their websites. 
1st Annual WNC Open Studios 
Plan your trip for fall and see 40 artists at work with a close-up look at their process for creating amazing art and craft, while driving around Buncombe, Polk and Transylvania Counties to see our colors. These artist are opening their studios over 16 days, October 1st to the 16th  - to allow you, the visitor, to take time to  experience their work in depth. You may be surprised and inspired at what you can learn in an artist's studio.  You may also find the perfect piece of art to help you remember the trip.  Go to Their Website 

The Circle of Life or "Another Loss - Another Gain"   
   If you have been here lately you may have noticed Loe-D was suffering from arthritis, liver disease, dementia, and just plain old age.  She was in so much pain we finally made the difficult decision to have her put to sleep.  Leona is carrying on and who knows what is on her mind.  The only outward sign she has shown since Loe-D has been gone is a bout of forgetting what "house broken" means.  Maybe it was stress, maybe just a case of bad dog food.  She seems to have recovered but a couple of the rugs in our apartment did not.

    You may also have noticed, Lisa Webb has been expecting for what seems like forever.  She delivered a 9 lb 9 oz not so little, beautiful, baby girl last Wednesday.  Both are doing fine and Lisa will be taking a well deserved stay at home for the next several weeks.  Congratulations Lisa, we wish you all the best as I am sure all of our guests do as well.            


Doug & Jodee Sellers           

Bent Creek Lodge
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