July 19, 2019
This Sunday at Binkley
July 21, 2019
11:00 am, Sanctuary
Marcus McFaul preaching

Church Wide Retreat participants return
From Our Pastor

For the next few weeks in worship we will hear the words of the prophets Amos, Hosea, Micah, and Habakkuk. These prophets speak a difficult and hard word to the religiously arrogant and spiritually smug (no, not just conservative fundamentalists but liberal elites too). To do so was/is risky for several reasons but the primary danger is to have the gumption to "speak for God." 

Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel in his book, The Prophets, suggest that to speak for Yahweh is to find oneself at the lonely intersection of purpose and peril. He lists the common characteristics the biblical prophets possess: sensitivity to evil, boldness in a call for justice and practices of justice, exhorting the people to the highest good, fearlessness in speaking sweeping and explosive allegations of injustice (a blast from heaven), and  "above all, the prophets remind us of the moral state of a people: few are guilty, but all are responsible."

Sunday's sermon is drawn from Amos 8:1-12 and is entitled,  "Have You Heard Amos Preach?"  I strongly encourage you to read the entire book of Amos (it's nine chapters long). Amos' visionary sermon (perhaps his only sermon) was met with disdain; the palace chaplain Amaziah remarked "Go back to where you came from ( as relevant as the daily news )...the land cannot bear all your words." 

In response Amos says,  speaking for God mind you , a famine is coming to the land, one not of food or water but "a famine of hearing the words of the Lord." What is most needed in times of spiritual famine and drought is water, not a spasmodic trickle but says Amos, "let justice roll down like waters, and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream (Amos 5:24)."

See you Sunday.

Your Pastor,

The Binkley 411
The Binkley Peace and Justice Action Group is pleased to report that the Orange County Bail/ Bond Justice Project is already making a difference. Below are key actions in the 2nd quarter (April-June 2019) and next steps.

Key Project Actions April 2019-June 2019

  • Conducted daily court observations At least 2 trained Court Observation Team members were present each day to document how bail was set, then entered data into a Bail/Bond Justice Project database for future assessment.

  • Conducted our second court observation training on June 11 attended by 28 people, including representatives from Kehillah Synagogue, Hillsborough Presbyterian, Hillsborough Unitarian Universalist, Binkley Baptist. Hillsborough Persisters, Carolina Justice Policy Center, ACLU, and UNC-Law School. 

  • With assistance of Carolina Justice Policy Center, researched community bail funds across the US, including how they are administered and eligibility criteria for use of the bail funds.

  • Applied for and was designated as a 2019 Binkley-Barbee’s Yard Sale recipient. The money will help establish a Revolving Bail Fund for people in Orange County unable to pay their bail. 

  • Began formation of a Project Steering Committee with partners from faith-based communities, NAACP, and justice impacted people in the community.

Next Steps

  • Launch Project Steering Committee.

  • Continue daily court observations.

  • Begin fund raising for the Bail Fund for Orange County.

  • Obtain Magistrate’s data. To-date, we’ve not received data from our public records request.

For more information about the Bail/Bond Justice Project email info@ocbailbondjustice.org .

How much money you have shouldn’t
determine whether you sit in jail.

This Sunday, enjoy music from several talented Binkley pianists during the 11 am worship. Be here by 10:45 am for the extended prelude.

Pianists include:
Kyle Ballantine
Pearl Barfield
Mike Davis
Bo Lloyd
Patrick McDonough
Nan Pardington
John Pollock
Have you heard about the upcoming Gerrard Hall event? We’re calling it “Where the Music Began” because we’ll be returning to the original site of Binkley Baptist Church and supporting an important part of our music program today: the Choral Scholar Program, which brings college singers into the Binkley Chancel Choir. 

The evening will be comprised of congregational hymn singing led by some of our talented members; speakers to share about those days in Gerrard Hall, including Robert Seymour and Matthew Ripley-Moffitt; music by former choral scholar Jack Carmichael; a recognition of the Lentz family for their generous gift toward establishing the Choral Scholar Program; and an ice cream social in the courtyard (weather permitting) following the program.

There will also be several ways to contribute to the Choral Scholar Program. First, Sarah Hill-McIntyre has been coordinating a fabulous silent auction. This will be the main fundraiser for our 2019-2020 Choral Scholars, and we need your support! If you have items you could donate, please contact Sarah on or before Sunday, July 21. We encourage everyone to bid on items – remember that payment is due that evening, and we’ll accept cash, check, or credit/debit cards. Second, you can donate directly to the Choral Scholar Program – a suggested amount of $60 is encouraged (since it is our 60 th anniversary), but any amount is appreciated! 

This promises to be a truly momentous evening in the life of our church, and we certainly hope you will join us. You can view the documents below to learn more and find the answers to any question you may have… and some you might not have thought of yet. Thanks, in advance, for your attendance and your support of the Binkley Music Ministry!

- Kyle
Mock Emergency Lunch
Mark July 28 on your calendar for a mock emergency lunch. As part of our Simply Summer worship experience, we will learn about how our church can be a well-prepared host during a real emergency such as flooding, hurricanes, or extended power outages. Those who participate will partake in the lunch after worship along with invited guests from the Chapel Hill Community. Volunteer opportunities and supply needs will be announced soon.
The Faith of a Skeptic
Lunch and Learn
Sunday, July 28, Post-worship, Lounge
Join Tom Lentz, author of The Faith of a Skeptic: Seeking Truth and Balance in Religion and Politics , for lunch and presentation on his book . Tom is the brother of Binkley member Julie Lentz. As a minister, he has served congregations in Ohio, Florida, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Robert Seymour has praised the book, saying: “…I felt like you were speaking to me from page one. The Faith of a Skeptic is a wonderful resource about things in the Bible that many Christians do not know. …You know the mind of a skeptic and answer many questions asked.” If you would like to order the book prior to the lunch and learn, it is available through CSS Publishing Company.

Reservations are required for lunch.Let the office know you are coming by July 23. Donations for lunch will be taken at the door.
Binkley Night at Durham Bulls
Saturday, August 10, 6 pm,
Durham Bulls Athletic Park
Something for everyone! Picnic, singing, fireworks, and baseball. A picnic dinner is included with your ticket price of $20. Hot Dogs, hamburgers, grilled chicken breast, mac & cheese, potato salad, potato chips and drinks. Picnic starts at 6 pm and food will be available until 8 pm. We have the entire Pinnacle Bank Picnic Area behind the Visitors Bench dugout. It’s covered and has ceiling fans! We’ll also be singing the national anthem, so stay tuned for details on how to participate. Get your tickets after worship on Sunday from Larry McManus and Charles Coble.
Visit binkleychurch.org for details; Contact Sue Wallace, 919-260-4611 to volunteer or if you wish to donate now.
From Outreach
The Southern Border Crisis  
Alice Glover (Binkley member and immigration law attorney) has suggested that we follow email suggestions from Binkley member and Congressman David Price. He suggests three actions:

  1. Donate to RAICES. (Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services) a nonprofit headquartered in Texas that provides free and low cost legal services to immigrant children and adults and refugees:Mailing address is 1305 N. Flores St., San Antonio, TX 78212.
  2. Call your Senators to demand they take action: Richard Burr: 202-224-3154; Thom Tillis: 202-224-6342
  3. Obtain information about how to be an ally to immigrants and how to prepare people for immigration raids.
Our Wider Community
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