April 27, 2018
This Sunday at Binkley
April 29, 2018
The Fifth Sunday of Easter
A Celebration of Women's Sacred Voices
Morning Celebration
9:00 am, Lounge

Sunday School
9:30 am

Welcome to Binkley Inquirer's Class
9:30 am, Library

11:00 am, Sanctuary
  We celebrate the sacred voices of women with a worship service led by participants of the 2018 Women’s Retreat.
Terry Correia Piano Concert
3:00 pm, Sanctuary

Youth Choir
5:00 pm, Choir Room
Special Events this Weekend
Binkley Outreach Proudly Presents:

Durham County Community Living Programs (DCCLP)
Intellectually Challenged Adults
Talent Show
Saturday, April 28, 6:30 pm,
Fellowship Hall  
Everyone is invited for dessert and a show that will warm your heart. The Intellectually Challenged Adults that live in Group Homes and the Independent Apartment Living Program that are managed by DCCLP are working hard and getting very excited about performing for us.

We will be hosting the group for dinner at 5:00 and then the show will be open to all at 6:30. If you would like to bring a dessert or would like to be an ambassador at a table with our guests for the dinner, then please contact Terry Huneycutt-Horn at 919-218-3243, or at Mediate4321@gmail.com

I look forward to this joyful evening with all of you.
 For more information about this organization, please see DCCLP.org.
Terry Correia Studio Piano Concert
Sunday, April 29, 3 pm, Sanctuary
Middle and high school students from the Terry Correia Piano Performance Team will present an hour long concert on the afternoon of Sunday April 29th. Ms. Correia is a gifted piano pedagogue from Durham, and is known for the outstanding high school talent she develops in her own teaching studio. The team has performed to great acclaim in churches, schools, and universities across the Eastern Seaboard. This is a concert NOT TO BE MISSED!

** Please note that the subject line of a previous email indicated that this concert is on a Wednesday. This is an error. The concert will take place this Sunday, April 29.
The Binkley 411
This Sunday, April 29, 9:30-10:30 am, we welcome you to adult Sunday School. Please feel free to drop into a class you haven’t tried before:

Mindful Parenting, Lounge: This week, Christine Jernigan will be facilitating a discussion on creative ways to bridge differences in a couple’s parenting styles.

Evangelism and Vocation in a Post-Singularity World, Sunroom: Please join Micheal Palmer for another riveting conversation.

Finding Myself on a Journey, Chapel: Meredith Bratcher guides this Bible-based experiential learning and life reflection class. This Sunday, however, the class is not meeting.

English as a Second Language and Christianity, Room 18: Myra Knight and Joe Pardington take turns leading the class in an engaging study of Christian faith, while helping participants improve English fluency.
Wednesday Night Series:
Taking the Pulse of the Sanctuary Movement
May 2, 5:30 pm, Lounge
Ashley Nissler has been earnestly tracking the Sanctuary Movement and looking at practical ways for Binkley members to be involved. Join her and other guest speakers for an excellent update. Check ‘Event’ the Friendship Register to make a reservation, or contact the office by Monday at noon. Dinner is $6 for adults, $3 for children. Dinner begins at 5:30; Program at 6. Menu: Grilled Chicken Flautas with Avocado Crema, Mexican Street Corn Salad, Cilantro Lime Slaw, Salsa Verde, Corn Chips, Teeta’s Coconut Cake **Please indicate “Vegetarian.”* *
Men of Binkley
May 5, 8 am, Sunroom
Our featured guest will be an presentation by Rev. Dr. Bob Seymour who will be speaking on the topic: Chapel Hill in the 60’s . As most know this was a very turbulent decade in America’s history – desegregation of the schools, racial riots, the assassinations of President Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Presidential Candidate Robert Kennedy; President Johnson’s War on Poverty and the Civil Rights Act; the Vietnam War; and on and on. Through all of this decade Rev. Seymour was Senior Minister at Binkley and emerging as a significant community leader in the Chapel Hill community. Come be a part of this special time for sharing and learning. We will also enjoy Sunrise biscuits, cinnamon rolls, coffee, and a time of prayer and fellowship together. The Men of Binkley is open to all who identify as male and are 18 or older. We welcome your participation and the opportunity to strengthen the relationships and bonds of all men at Binkley.
Request for Proposals for Endowment Fund Grants
The Binkley Endowment Fund produces income that is to be made available for three specific uses:
1.      To provide support for special outreach ministries
2.       To supplement support for special projects and programs, and
3.       To provide for emergency needs of the physical plant.
The Endowment Committee is seeking proposals for use of income generated for use in 2018. Requests can be made by any church board or committee or from individual church members. The amount of funds available for 2018 is approximately $11,000.
Proposals should include a statement of the purpose of the request (one or two paragraphs should be sufficient), explanation of how the request meets one or more of the three allowed uses listed above, and the amount of the request. Requests should be submitted by the end of April and sent to the Endowment Committee through the church office.  The committee will then review the requests and make formal recommendations to the Church Council. Ordinarily, funds must be spent or obligated prior to the end of the calendar year.
Binkley VBS Volunteers Needed 
Vacation Bible School takes place at the end of June, June 25-29 (with a short orientation Sunday evening, 6/24). VBS will meet each morning from 9:00-12:15, and there are a number of ways you can serve: helping with one of the centers (Bible story, arts and crafts, science, music), being a shepherd to a group, helping with snacks, or offering behind-the-scenes support. It is a lot of fun and meaningful for all ages. Our theme this year: "Peace Lab." Adults and youth are welcome to volunteer! Want to know more? Chat with Stephanie Ford or send her a quick email: stephanie@binkleychurch.org.
Sunday Morning
A/V Volunteers Needed
The Sound Team and the Assisted Listening team will welcome new team members, so please consider if you can help in either of these capacities. These teams work mainly during Sunday Worship and there are NO Committee meetings! For more details contact Jerry Van Sant (sound), or Bill McNairy , (assisted listening)
A Place of Refuge or Safety
As mentioned in last week’s announcements, Church of Reconciliation together with the Chapel Hill Mennonite Fellowship has offered sanctuary to a Honduran woman whose deportation order is on appeal to the Fourth Circuit Federal Court of Appeals. If you are interested in helping Church of Reconciliation provide for their visitor, please go to a Church of Reconciliation Volunteer Hosting Information Session: http://bit.ly/2CNy9fH to find out more . Signs-ups to provide help are at http://eepurl.com/c77iRn  
A collection of North Carolina nonprofits and religious groups are launching the NC Sanctuary Coalition. The Coalition’s immediate goals are to:
§ Coordinate resources, information, best practices and support for congregations already offering sanctuary as well as those ready to offer sanctuary;
§ Recruit significantly more churches to offer sanctuary or support others offering sanctuary;
§ Identify congregations that want to accompany or support immigrants facing deportation; and
§ Support immigrant-led groups who are the ones that know the most about what is really going on in their world.
Coalition partners include the NC Council of Churches, the American Friends Service Committee, and Church World Services. To learn more, please see Ashley Nissler or Dale Osborne. 
Our Wider Community
Click the links below for more information on each event.

Housing Needed for Female UNC Student June 20-24
Please consider providing a room for a recent Vanderbilt University Divinity School graduate who will be taking a prep course for two weeks at UNC to ready her for learning the Mayan language. She is fluent in Spanish and will be spending the rest of the summer in the Yucatan. She does not need transportation or meals, but would appreciate access to a kitchen. If interested, please contact Caryl Price:  carylthomason@aol.com , 919-619-3998. Thank you!

The Binkley  Peace and Justice Action  and  Outreach Committees  sponsor a table at the annual Chapel Hill-Carrboro NAACP Freedom Fund Banquet. The banquet is on April 28 at 6:00 p.m., Chapel Hill Sheraton Inn. Banquet tickets are $50. A few tickets already purchased are available to others as needed: see Dale.  Funds raised support ongoing local branch efforts, scholarships, and the NAACP Legal Defense Fund. For information and tickets, contact Tom Fewel,   tfewel@gmail.com .

Church Women United May Friendship Day
May 4, 10 am, First Baptist Church, Chapel Hill
“Reaching for Wholeness in Gratitude for God’s Presence” ; also Quenton Harper (Democracy NC) re voting issues. Annual salad potluck lunch. Join sisters (and maybe some brothers) from local churches in fellowship. (for information, contact Connie Gates,  conniegates@hotmail.com ).

May 17-19
Sessions in this three-day training will cover: power, self-interest, culture of a broad-based organization, public and private relationships, individual meetings, and more.  Click the link above for more info.

May 19, 7 pm, Blacknall Presbyterian Church
The Caramore Community provides housing, vocation, and supportive services to adults with Severe and Persistent Mental Illness.

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