October 16, 2020
Remembering Reverend Seymour
July 13, 1925-October 11, 2020
October 25 | 2 pm
A live stream memorial service will premiere on Sunday, October 25 at 2 pm. A direct link to the service will be sent to our mailing list when it is made available.
A Documentary on The Life and Ministry of Rev. Robert Seymour

Over 150 of Bob's friends and family gathered on Wednesday, October 14 to share memories of his life. You can view that gathering here.
From Our Pastor
Like all of you I am grieving the passing of our Pastor, Bob Seymour. His inimitable life and ministry have left tracks that shape our understanding of God and gospel, community and congregational practices. So many attributes, characteristics, people, and places come to mind when we remember his legacy.

You'll have your own list but here's mine, Robert Edward Seymour II, from A-Z...

A---Advocate, "Aging Without Apology"
B---Baptist, Breadmen's
C---Courageous, Civil Rights
D---Doctor Seymour, who diagnosed and treated personal/societal ills, do justice
E---Ecumenical ecumaniac!, Emeritus, Edinburgh, Emerald Isle
F---Frances, friend, Forbes, Frank Porter Graham award (ACLU)
G---Greenwood (SC), Gerrard Hall, generous
H---Habitat for Humanity's "Beloved Community" Neighborhood, human
I---IFC (Interfaith Council), imperfect (like each one of us) 
J---Joyful, justice rolling down like waters...
K---Keen, Kind, Keeper
L---Leader, learner, love kindness
M---Mars Hill, Myers Park Baptist, mortal
O---Organizer, opinionated 
P---Pearl, Prophet, Pastor, preacher, Progressive
Q---Quick Witted
R---Rob, righteousness like an ever-flowing stream
S---Scholar, Symposium, Seymour Senior Center, Shepherd
T---Tea (Southern Sweet, of course)
U---Unabashed liberal, unique
V---Vigilant, visionary
W---Warrenton, writer, winsome, walk humbly with God
Y---Yale Divinity School, "You Can't Hold Back the Spring" documentary
Z---PuZZles, zealous

And so much more. Thanks be to God for Dr. Robert Seymour. Loved and missed immensely.

A televised Memorial Service will be premiered on Sunday, October 25th, at 2pm on our YouTube channel. 

With much affection for you,
Your Pastor
Children's Sunday School

9 am
Watch this week's video (here) before joining us for a Zoom call at 9 am on Sunday. Contact Stephanie for more info.
Youth Sunday School

9:30 am
Contact John Kent for more information.
Meeting ID: 951 4177 8501
Adult Sunday School
Three Sheroes of Faith and Justice

9:30 am

Contact Collins Kilburn for more information. This is the final meeting for this class.
Dial in: 312 626 6799
Meeting ID: 863 7424 0215
Passcode: 2355433
Beginning Next Week:
Environmental Justice &
Native American Wisdom
October 25-November 22
This class, co-facilitated by Susan Ketchin and Charles Coble, will explore environmental injustice throughout our nation’s history and current culture, as well as key principles of Native American wisdom and perspectives that might help us better understand what full and sustainable environmental justice looks and feels like today. We will look at practical steps of engagement, commitment, and activism that we can take right now that are vital to bring about true and lasting environmental justice for people in and with the natural world. This class will welcome four special guests, all of which you can learn more about on page 9 of the October newsletter.
A Multicultural Reading of Matthew’s Gospel
(Una Lectura Multicultural del Evangelio de Mateo)

9:30 am

More info: email Michael & Maria Palmer
Dial in: 312 626 6799
Meeting ID: 843 0033 5123
Passcode: 008461
Mindful Parenting

9:45 am
Contact Megan Highsmith for info on how to join the class.
More Virtual Opportunities
Check our our monthly newsletter to get the latest on all our virtual offerings.
Since Einstein, we have learned that there is no center; or alternatively, that any point is as good as any other for observing the world.... There are no privileged locations. If you stay put, your place may become a holy center, not because it gives you special access to the divine, but because in your stillness you hear what might be heard anywhere. All there is to see can be seen from anywhere in the universe, if you know how to look; and the influence of the entire universe converges on every spot.  
— Scott Russell Sanders 
The Binkley 411
As we think of Stewardship I am reminded of lyrics from the song "Bridge Over Troubled Water". The words are "I am strong, strong enough to carry on, he ain't heavy, he is my brother." Today we have brothers and sisters who need our help to carry on. Their need may be for financial assistance, food, health care, or social justice.
As you consider the many forms that stewardship takes, what can you do to help? How will you let your Heart take the lead?
Your monetary pledge can be used in many ways to help the family of God. 
You will receive your pledge cards virtually. Complete your information and return it electronically. If you prefer you can print the card and return by the US Postal Service. For those who do not have email, you will receive a pledge card by US mail. However you receive your mail, simply complete the information, and return between October 18th and November 1st.
Remember "Stewardship is Heart Work.”

Dick McAdams, Stewardship Committee
Family Nature Walk
Sat., Oct. 17, 10-noon, UNC Arboretum
Children and their families, and Binkley friends, are invited to join Charles Coble for an interactive nature walk at the Arboretum. Trees of all varieties, an interesting water feature, and engaging activities! We'll end with a boxed lunch picnic under the oldest tree on the UNC campus. 

RSVP for lunch no later than 3 pm today
or bring your own lunch
Please contact Stephanie Ford for details.
Bearing Witness to ‘Black Lives Matter’ on Fordham Boulevard: Wednesday, October 21, 6:30 pm, Zoom
Join us as we hear from Binkley friends and community members who have been standing weekly on Friday afternoons for nearly four months, speaking up on behalf of Black lives taken violently – calling upon citizens and politicians to act against racism. Let’s hear what keeps bringing our friends out week after week to the Friday vigils? What are their hopes in bearing witness? What have they learned? How are they being called to act?
All Saints Remembrances on Nov. 1
We will remember our members who’ve left us by death as we always do as well as place remembrance leaves on a tree. Please send us names of your departed saints and those names will be written on leaves. Click here to submit your names by October 27.
Click here to learn about all the ways you can vote in the 2020 Election

Click here to learn how to help others vote in the 2020 Election
A Virtual Presentation by the
for Binkley Members and Friends
Saturday, November 14, 9 am-12 pm

We hope that you will take advantage of this opportunity to come together to learn information that will help us, as a congregation, figure out how we want to work to end systemic racism in our church, our community, and beyond. Space for this highly-rated event is limited, so register now. Cost is $25 per participant; scholarships are available.

Click here to register

See today's worship bulletin for more details.
EVERY FRIDAY, 5:00-6:00 PM on the grounds at Binkley Church

WANT MORE CHANCES TO STAND TOGETHER UNTIL THERE IS JUSTICE?  Join us for Weekly Vigils at the corner of 15-501 and Willow as we Stand Together Until There Is Justice.

  • A sign which conveys a message of antiracism
  • Sunscreen, water, and a chair if you prefer
  • Face mask and hand sanitizer

  • Participants agree to practice CDC recommended hygiene practices and social distancing at all times
  • The church will not be open, so please plan accordingly
  • If you are interested in hosting one of the weekly vigils, contact: asg@gloverimmigrationlaw.com or 919- 605-5081. 
COVID-19 Update
Our Binkley Baptist Church building will remain closed for general use through December 31, 2020. The pandemic remains a frightening and invisible health menace, particularly for vulnerable groups. The Church values the safety of our congregation above all else. Binkley remains active on many fronts in spite of the Covid threat, and our Sundays are filled with inspirational hours originating from Binkley, and we are blessed with these levels of connection. This message is to let you know that we intend to refrain from opening our building to internal or external groups until things improve. (Statement continues...click here to read.)

Click here to learn more about how Binkley is responding to the pandemic.
Our Wider Community

Please consider donating to the IFC and supporting local businesses during the COVID-19 crisis.
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