June 21, 2019
This Sunday at Binkley
June 23, 2019
"Simply Summer" Worship
9:45 am, Lounge

11:00 am, Sanctuary
Dale Osborne preaching
VBS Kickoff
6:00 pm, Lounge
Binkley's Brazil Connection

from Roal Carlson

Attention World Travelers

Our partner church, Pinheiro Church of Maceio, Brazil has a life parallel to our own, from a wrenching vote to accept LGBT members to the current anguish of living under the Trump-like Presidency of Jair Bolsonaro with its disastrous consequences for indigenous rights, the environment, women, gays…you name it. I think they could use some support from their partner church right about now.

There are two events in the life of Pinheiro this fall that might warrant a visit. The group of progressive Baptists churches in Brazil , Alianca Batista do Brasil, will have its meeting at the Pinheiro church Sept. 6-8. Paula Dempsey and David Gooch, representatives of our own Alliance of Baptist are wonderful traveling companions will be attendance, and specifically urged us fielding a Binkley contingent.
Maybe church meetings aren’t necessarily your thing, but I was there in at the Alianca meeting in 2016, and although I won’t relay the details here, I can tell you it was the MOST BRAZILIAN THING EVER. Catch me sometime and I’ll tell you what happened.

The second event is Pinheiro’s churchwide annual retreat at a beach resort town of Paripuera on November 15 to 17. I haven’t been to this myself yet, but I understand a highlight is the church’s baptism ceremony for the year is held right there in the Ocean!Thanks to recent changes in the flight schedules Maceio is surprisingly accessible and affordable by air, with flights from Fort Lauderdale currently under $600. If this trip for you is not affordable, but you are otherwise on board, you can apply to the Outreach committee for help with the costs. Self-identifying young people are encouraged to apply. I expect to be going to either one event or the other, and with the tiniest bit of encouragement, both.

Here is an account of my last trip , found in the Binkley Newsletter of Sept. 2017 (page 13-14).

Please email me at  roalcarlson@yahoo.com  or call me at 919-619-8732 with questions or expressions of interest.
The Binkley 411
"Simply Summer" Worship, 9:45 am, Lounge
Join us for an informal gathering to worship, sing, pray, and dialogue with Scripture through art, drama, small group conversations, and more. All ages welcome. Interactive play geared to include children as part of this worship experience. Occurs weekly through August except on June 30 and July 21.
Will the Circle Be Unbroken?
Well, that’s up to you! On June 9, the Day of Pentecost, the church sanctuary chairs were moved into a circle arrangement for the summer; yet we had a little difficulty moving ourselves to sit in that circle!  This Sunday, will you be willing to seek out a new place to sit? Will you embrace a view from a different perspective? Will you be willing to tolerate a Pentecostal moment of confusion and unfamiliarity to try something new?  
Why do this?
  • A circle is a symbol of unity, of continuity, of wholeness. By sitting in a circle we embody those  symbols. "God is a circle whose center is everywhere and whose circumference is everywhere."
  • In a circle, we are one family gathered around a table of welcome. 
  • Sitting in a circle offers an opportunity to see the faces of your Church family; a chance to speak to someone you've missed, to notice who is absent, to meet someone new, and to be grateful for the faces you see.
  • Sitting in a new place can provide a new perspective and reminds us we can adapt gracefully to change.
  • A circle reminds us we are connected to each other and to all creation.

Come join the Circle!
It doesn’t take long to look around at our world and have concerns for our Nation. These concerns can range from mental health to poverty, from health care to having a living wage, from immigration to climate change. This list can, at times, seem endless. The Binkley Diaconate has been leading us in a Season of Prayer over the last number of weeks, and they are planning a worship service on June 30 th , that will call us to a time of prayer for our nation. Prayer is a time of remembering and being open to the Divine for how we, as a church and as individuals, can be attuned to what actions we can take to reach out to those that we see are hungry, or thirsty, a stranger, needing clothes, medical care, in prison, and beyond, as taught to us in the Gospel of Matthew. Please join us for this special worship at 11:00 am on Sunday, June 30, for a “Call to Prayer for our Nation."
Memorial Service Details
The memorial service for Margaret Atkins will take place on Sunday, July 14, at 2 pm at Carolina Meadows (Fairways).
Every summer, Binkley folks of all ages retreat to the mountains to relax, worship, and get to know one another away from the normal routines and stresses of our daily lives. Together, we will consider how we might live on Earth with greater compassion and joy. We will worship, reflect, hike, create art, learn, and play. We will begin on Friday evening and end with an outdoor worship gathering on Sunday morning. Registration forms are available here or at Stephanie Ford’s door. For more details or to volunteer your gifts, contact Stephanie Ford .
Save the Date:

“Where the Music Began”
Gerrard Hall Hymn Sing
and Choral Scholar Fundraiser
60th Anniversary Capstone Celebration

Saturday, July 27 at 6 pm

More information to come!
Our Wider Community
Click the links below for more information on each event.
June 21-23, Virginia Beach, VA

Peace in Our Land: Toward a World Without Violence
July 15-20, 2019, Cali, Colombia

There are no shortcuts in the spiritual life.  If you believe this, as spiritual teacher Thomas Merton did, but have not seen a more focused way forward, the Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius may be for you. Daily at-home spiritual practice and a weekly gathering over 8 months (with necessary breaks) are involved. For more information, click here o r call Cate Alexander at 571-275-5600.   

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