November 1, 2019
This Sunday at Binkley
November 3, 2019
All Saints' Day
Communion Sunday
Morning Celebration
9:00 am, Lounge

Sunday School
9:30 am

11 am, Sanctuary
Marcus McFaul preaching
Vespers for All Saints'
6:00 pm, Sanctuary
Seeds of Compassion
Stewardship 2020
To mark the beginning of our 2020 Stewardship Season, these words were offered my Jim Wise and Linda Hill-Wise during worship on October 27.

Photo courtesy of Scott VanManen
Linda – Hey Farmer Jim, Whatcha doing?
Jim – Well you know It’s Stewardship time here again at Binkley Acres and there’s a lot to do.
L – What are you planting this year?
J – I’ve got something very special this year. Seeds of Compassion!
L – Seeds of Compassion? What’s that?
J – Well, these seeds are what we all really care about, what we’re willing to work at to nurture and grow here at Binkley. What we’re willing to give of our Time, Talent and Treasure.
L – Oh, you mean Money?
J – Yeah, Money is one of those things that really helps us to grow here at Binkley Acres.
           For Example, I have a C plant.
L – Oh, like in Caring for our Earth.
J – Yes, Earth Ministries is very important here at Binkley, We have our solar panels, our wonderful waste reduction programs and so much energy and great leadership around these green programs.
           Here’s another one plant ( O )
L – O for Outreach.
J – Yes, Outreach and supporting programs in our community and around the world are super important to us. Everything from supporting the Inter Faith Council, Habitat for Humanity, the Hope Flowers School and sister congregation at Pinheiro Church in Brazil.
           And another one..
L – M, for Music Ministries
J – Yes indeed. You know how we love great music here at Binkley. Everything from the Chancel Choir, Choral Scholars, Kyle’s wonderful Organ playing, Binkley Ringers, the Old Time Gospel Band and other special musical offerings.   And
L – P for Peace and Justice Action.
J – Pursuing Social Justice in our Community, Nation and the World. Things like to Orange County Bail Bond, Racial Recociliation, Living Wage and the Humanitarian Crisis working group.
L – A for All Are Welcome
J – Yes, yes, yes. That says it all. Our doors and hearts are open…… No exceptions.  This is an encompassing community. (Pride Walk, Faith Connections on Mental Illness.)   And
L – S for Sunday School
J – Exciting and innovative learning opportunities for the young and old. There’s something for everyone from toddlers to our experienced and continual and inquisitive learners.  And
L – Another S for Staff.
J – True. We love our staff and all the wonderful work they do. Such an amazing group that provides us with worship leadership, pastoral care, community outreach, up keep of our building and administration of our programs.  It’s very important that they are paid.  And            
L – I for Intergenerational Gatherings.
J – We came together to collect needed items for families and detainees at El Refugio in Lumpkin, GA. 
 Creating bags to help the homeless. Learning about the importance of Bees and how we can support them. And collecting needed items for Syrian refugees in our community.   And
L – O for Outdoors.
J – The work of our building and grounds committees are very important to us. We love to enjoy the Peace Plaza, the Rose Garden, St. Francis Courtyard and our grounds being designated a wildlife habitat.
L – What’s the N for?
J – N is for the Next Steps…..
L – Now it’s your turn. What are you compassionate about? 
J – There are so many ways that you can take part with your time, talent and treasure as part of the ongoing work that sustains us all and the work of Binkley throughout the year.
L – Yes, It’s Stewardship Time. Please join us in supporting Binkley’s mission for 2020. Our Walk of Faith will be on November 17 th . Please consider how you can help grow the seeds of compassion here at Binkley Acres.
2020 Asking Budget
Information Session
November 10, Post-Worship
Walk of Faith
Stewardship Sunday
November 17
Practicing Compassion
We all know the difference between a nudge and a shove. As author Joyce Rupp notes, a nudge may initiate growth or movement, but a shove is more likely to result in resistance. How do you relate to yourself, more with nudges or shoves? How we deal with ourselves is how we will deal with others. This week, see if you can change your internal shove into a caring nudge.  
The Binkley 411
Adult Sunday School Classes
You’ll have slept an extra hour, so no excuses! Join us this Sunday, November 3, 9:30-10:30 am, for one of the interesting adult Sunday School offerings. You are always welcome as a first-time guest at any of the classes. Please note that The Way of the Pilgrim class has moved to the Chapel.

Jesus Deported , Lounge: Micheal Palmer will lead a discussion: “ Widows, Orphans, and Foreigners – A Biblical Perspective on Social Justice and the Humanitarian Crisis at the US/Mexico Border.”

Mindful Parenting, Sunroom: This week, Christine Jernigan will be facilitating another lively conversation. Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and all who care for children and teens welcome!

The Book of Job , Room 17:  Teacher Joe Templeton offers a tantalizing question for this week’s class: “ Is God just or unjust or just God?”

The Way of the Pilgrim, Chapel : Susan Ketchin will explore the life and insights of p sychiatrist Victor Frankl, whose book, Man’s Search for Meaning, moved many. Frankl survived the concentration camp, having discovered that intangibles, like love, were key to meaning. Music by Jewish composers will be played.

Easy English Bible Study, Room 18: Bo Lloyd leads the class in an interesting study of Christian faith, which also helps participants improve English vocabulary and fluency.
2020 Asking Budget Information Session:
Sunday, Nov. 10, Post-worship, Sanctuary
Binkley members are encouraged to remain after worship for a brief meeting to learn about and discuss the asking budget for 2020. This meeting precedes our annual ‘Walk of Faith’ (Stewardship) Sunday on November 17.

The 2020 Asking Budget is now available in the Members section of the website . You will need the same credentials you use to access the online directory to access the budget. These credentials can be found on the inside of the back cover of your pictorial directory, or you may contact the  office   to have them sent to you.
Planning Meeting for Humanitarian Crisis Response
Sunday, Nov. 10, 1 pm, Fellowship Hall
The meeting will begin after the budget meeting. Please bring a bag lunch. Dessert and drinks will be provided. After publishing our statement in local newspapers, we are organizing ways to put our words into action.
Current efforts:
  • Group #1 - planning an event at Binkley that includes other religious and moral organizations.
  • Group #2 - spreading the word through all forms of media (TV, radio, newspapers, social media, op eds., banners, posters, etc.). We also hope to have a poster-making event in conjunction with collecting more supplies for the Stewart Detention Center.
  • Group #3 - organizing a way to coordinate volunteer opportunities, places to donate, upcoming events, etc. We also hope to reactivate our postcard writing to members of congress.
  • Group #4 - working on different ways that music and the arts can be used to express and strengthen our voice to support the marginalized.

Join us and pick a group that interests you!
November 10
Bring to church your unwanted CDs and DVDs with the plastic cases, medications, and ink cartridges. The Earth Ministries Team will make sure they are disposed of responsibly.
Help us spread the word!
Share the Facebook event with your friends.
Donations Needed for Hygiene Kits
One component of our Year of Compassion is monthly service projects. For November, we will assemble hygiene kits to be made available to those seeking financial assistance on Friday mornings here at Binkley, as well as to individuals as they are released from the Orange County Jail who have been assisted by the Bail/Bond Justice project. Prior to November 17 , We need your donations of:
  • soap
  • shampoo
  • toothbrushes
  • toothpaste
  • wet wipes
  • washcloths
Donation containers will be placed in the narthex and in the Ed Wing at the Meals on Wheels counter. Please support our children and youth as they learn about compassion for those less fortunate in our own community and create kits to assist in a practical way. -Health Ministries Committee
The Alternative Gifts Fair
Sunday, Nov. 24, Post-worship, Fellowship Hall
The AGF is an opportunity for you to learn, share, and support a compassionate and joyful community through your Christmas gift-giving. Non-profit groups from Chapel Hill and the surrounding area are invited to fill the Fellowship Hall with information and opportunities for your alternative Christmas shopping. This is also an opportunity to donate to some of the groups who normally would be recipients of our reduced Outreach Budget. Come with your checkbooks and come with good cheer.  There will be free food! And maybe music!

If you would like to represent or recommend a non-profit, contact Dale .
Advent Quiet Weekend:
Awakening Compassion
December 6-8, St. Francis Springs Prayer Center
Registration is open for Binkley’s annual Quiet Weekend December 6-8. The Quiet Weekend is a time for adult Binkley members and friends to prepare for Advent. The weekend theme of Awakening Compassion is presented in group sessions with ample personal time to ponder the theme, all amidst the natural, peaceful setting of the St. Francis Springs Prayer Center . Please contact Lori Cahill or Janet O'Neal for more information.

The weekend, beginning at 4:00 Friday afternoon and ending after lunch on Sunday, includes a single or double room and 6 excellent meals. Single room rate is $120 per night; double occupancy is $90 per night. Register by contacting Alice Glover no later than November 19 with check. (No refunds can be made after November 22.) Space is limited.
Our Wider Community
Click the links below for more information on each event.
Nov. 1-3, Various times and locations
Lanier is an award-winning pianist-composer whose melodies are created to bring peace, rest, hope and healing to listeners around the world. He was dedicated at Binkley as a child. Click here for details.

Nov. 1-3, various times and locations in Greensboro
On Nov.3, 1979, KKK & neo-Nazis killed 5 labor & community activists. Truth & Reconciliation Commission (the only one in US) found Greensboro government was complicit. The city council has not accepted the report.

Sat., Nov. 2, 5:30 pm, NC Museum of Art
In light of our recent Wednesday Night event featuring Christine Cowger from NC Stop Torture Now, you might be interested in learning more about this film which focuses on the investigation of the CIA's Detention and Interrogation Program (created in the aftermath of 9/11). Click here for details.

Mon., Nov.8, 10 am, St. Thomas More Parrish Center
Theme:  The Time is Now, "Unite to Serve." Human Rights award to Student Action with Farmworkers

Sun., Nov. 10, 12 pm, Halifax Mall, Raleigh
This event is open to anyone who has experienced loss of a friend or family member to suicide or cares about someone who has. Be a part of Geetha Balagopal's team (friend of Binkley through NAMI and Faith Connections on Mental Illness). Contact Barbara Elder for details.

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