November 15, 2019
This Sunday at Binkley
November 17, 2019
Stewardship Sunday
Morning Celebration
9:00 am, Lounge

Sunday School
9:30 am

11 am, Sanctuary
Marcus McFaul preaching
Youth Group
6:00 pm, Sunroom/Lounge
From Our Pastor
A group at Binkley has been exploring the Joyce Rupp book Boundless Compassion . There is a companion volume she’s written composed of poems and prayers. I’m drawn to her prayer Seeds of Compassion below...

Gardner of Hearts, I turn to you today for encouragement and determination in activating the seeds of compassion that have been planted in my being.
Seed of empathy: Awaken my heart to hidden suffering, as well as that which is in full view. Like a seed stirring from the sun's warmth, so may this seed awaken within me.
Seed of solidarity:  Keep me attuned to the unity existing within all creation, to the interdependence we share with one another, existing in similar soils of joy and sorrow.
Seed of nonjudgment: Remind me to pause in my assessment of others, to approach them with a belief in their core goodness , no matter how shrouded this goodness might me.
Seed of forgiveness: Take me to the storeroom of my hurts and disappointment. Assist my efforts to discard whatever urges me to harbor hardness of heart.
Seed of kindness: Refresh my generosity so I can loosen the firm grip on my own tie, my own schedule, my own wants, and my own tightly held plans.
Seed of nonviolence: Grant courage as I discover and dig out the weeks of petty irritations, harmful competition, destructive comparisons, and the simmering desire for retaliation.
Seed of just anger: Jostle my peace with a fierce anger, one that demands alleviation of injustices that trample on the human rights of others and destroy their livelihood.
Seed of patience: Pull back the harness on my hurry when I want to see the growth of seeds of compassion. Help me to entrust their development with the same time required.
Seed of sympathy: Turn me toward those who sorrow and grieve. Do not let my fear of vulnerability keep me from bringing comfort that could ease their heartache.
Seed of love: Enable me to love as fully as I can, nurtured by your abiding companionship. Surround and fill my heart with what I need in order to a compassionate presence.

Those are the kind of seeds we wish to plant in and around ourselves, our community, and congregation. Our pledged gifts of money, along with the gifts and talents we exercise, demonstrate our commitment to ministry. Sunday is Pledge Day and Walk of Faith. I hope you’ll be present to bring forward, as an act of personal and corporate worship, this sign of your willingness to help loving compassion grow deep roots.

With much affection for each of you.
Your Pastor
Seeds of Compassion
Stewardship 2020
Lately, watching images of California burning, I’ve worried about family and friends there. I’ve followed the situation in Lebanon, wondering where in Beirut my daughter is. My mother-in-law, too, is too far away for us to help as we’d like as her health changes. Always, distance makes me feel helpless. At home, threats of school shootings. The world seems particularly brutal. I can’t shake my worries, but it saps my strength to dwell in the helplessness.
So I act. To survive. I show up for Rosa. I show up for José. I learn more about my community by sitting in court and through my work with Justice United and the Arts Commission. I show up to prove to myself that the world can be something other than brutal. I’m embarrassed to admit that my actions often arise from this need for self-care. But action is my form of prayer. It moves my thinking from  I’m helpless and have nothing to give  to  I feel helpless, but I can be present . To take action feels like giving thanks for the strength I’ve found to move beyond myself.
It gives me hope that if I can show up where and when and for whom I can, maybe somewhere, someone else will be able to show up for the people I love.

Don’t misunderstand me, I know prayer and faith and compassion don’t exist in the land of quid pro quo. But showing up where I could, for whom I could has taught me that to be open to someone else’s humanity, I have to reveal something of my own. Often, almost always, even though I’ve shown up to give time or aid to someone else, I’ve left having received much. If you’re connected with me on social media, you might think I mean the many meals I’ve shared with Rosa. Yes, in part. But I’ve been given the gift of witness. Of witnessing Rosa’s generosity, of witnessing how she and José find hope and forbearance in difficult situations. I’ve been given questions to ask myself and been challenged to grow, which, yes, I do regard as a gift, even when uncomfortable. I have been given so much laughter. I have never felt helpless or alone in the middle of a good laugh with someone. It makes the brutality that otherwise looms so large seem, if just for a few minutes, small.

-Ashley Nissler
Walk of Faith
Stewardship Sunday
November 17
Practicing Compassion
When we humans understand that we are are all connected, it is hard to be hostile toward one another. This week, look at a person whom you do not know, a "stranger" this week, then remind yourself of our common humanity, how this person longs for peace and contentment and experiences suffering, just as you do. If you can, extend to this person a gesture of peace, perhaps a smile or word of encouragement.
The Binkley 411
Adult Sunday School Classes
The cold and dampness vanish once you are inside a warm classroom with Binkley friends! Join us for any one of the interesting adult Sunday School offerings. You are always welcome as a first-time guest in any of the classes. Please note that the The Way of the Pilgrim is now meeting in the Chapel.

Jesus Deported , Lounge: Micheal Palmer will lead a discussion on “The Refugee at the Heart of Our Faith,” referring to Matthew 2: 13-23.

Mindful Parenting, Sunroom: This week, Megan Highsmith will be facilitating a thoughtful conversation. Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and all who care for children and teens welcome!

The Book of Job , Room 17:  Professor Templeton wonders aloud: Perhaps the gathered Jobans will plumb the depths of theodicy and theophany this Sunday.  Probably not.”

The Way of the Pilgrim, Chapel: Susan Ketchin will be leading a conversation on Elie Wiesel and Thich Nhat Hanh and their visions of peace, centeredness, and the role of prayer.

Easy English Bible Study, Room 18: Bo Lloyd leads the class in an interesting study of Christian faith, which also helps participants improve English vocabulary and fluency.
If they’re high on your list of “divinely decadent” treats, come on over to the Narthex, SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 17. Delicious, homemade chocolates from Chocolate Smiles in Cary. Fresh roasted coffee from Carrboro Coffee Roasters. Pre-order coffee and/or chocolates before and after the 11:00 service, to benefit the Refugee Resettlement Committee. Brewed coffee also available. Funds will be used to assist refugee families with visa renewals, work permits, residency or citizenship applications, DACA renewal fees and more. Thank you for supporting this ministry, Members of the Outreach Committee
Wednesday Night Series
November 20, 5:30 pm, Fellowship Hall
Program: Where Do We Go From Here?
Join Alice Glover for an opportunity to debrief and process John Pavlovitz’s visionary conversation with Binkley from this past Thursday. Alice will guide the conversation, bringing her skills and many years of experience as an immigration attorney. We are asking: “How is the Spirit leading us, what can we do as individuals to protest, and what next steps do we as a Binkley community want to make to address the ongoing humanitarian crisis at our border?” Check ‘Event’ in the Friendship Register or contact the office by Monday, 11/18 at NOON to make your reservation. Dinner is $7 for adults, $4 for children. SPECIAL NOTE: Our custodians of 26 years, Carl & Priscilla Moraven, are retiring. They will be present with us the evening of the 20 th so that we can express our gratitude for their work and wish them well. Please come show your appreciation!
The Alternative Gifts Fair
Sunday, Nov. 24, Post-worship, Fellowship Hall
The AGF is an opportunity for you to learn, share, and support a compassionate and joyful community through your Christmas gift-giving. Non-profit groups from Chapel Hill and the surrounding area are invited to fill the Fellowship Hall with information and opportunities for your alternative Christmas shopping. This is also an opportunity to donate to some of the groups who normally would be recipients of our reduced Outreach Budget. Come with your checkbooks and come with good cheer.  There will be free food! And maybe music!

If you would like to represent or recommend a non-profit, contact Dale .
The Way: A Walking/Riding Pilgrimage Across the Camino Santiago
May 26-June 5, 2020
Brad Berglund, American Baptist musician, photographer, and director of Illuminated Journeys is offering an opportunity for a pilgrimage to Spain next year. An information meeting with Brad will be held on  Monday, November 25, at 6:30pm at the home of Marcus McFaul. Go to Brad's website ( for more information. The pilgrimage (Camino de Santiago) is considered one of the most profoundly rewarding spiritual adventures one can experience. If you plan to attend the info meeting please RSVP to
Friendly Faces Needed
We need some friendly folks to serve as greeters at the kitchen entrance of the church on Sunday mornings. You’ll help visitors gain entry to the building and find their way to a Sunday School class or to Worship. Please contact Marty Moore (919-967-4658) if you are able to help.
Flowers for the Communion Table
The 2020 Flower Calendar is now available in the narthex. Please consider signing up for one or more Sundays to provide flowers for the communion table. Doing so is a perfect way to commemorate or honor a special occasion or loved one while beautifying the worship space. You may also contact the office to secure a date. Sign up soon to get your preferred date!
Advent draws near, and at Binkley, it brings Hanging of the Greens with a Chili Supper, 3pm-5pm December 1st.

We need chili-makers and craft volunteers to pull this off.

So polish your chili pot or cornbread pan, and let Jim and Linda Hill-Wise know if you can contribute to the supper:

Craft volunteers should contact Caryl Fulcher at Directions and materials provided,
Advent Poinsettias
If you want to order an Advent poinsettia for the sanctuary, complete this form and place it in the offering plate with a donation of $ 12 for each plant ordered (or email/bring it to the office).Your donation also supports the purchase of fresh wreaths for the Sanctuary.

We will publish a list a gratitude/memorial list in the December 8 worship bulletin.
Our Wider Community
Click the links below for more information on each event.
Pupusas for Rosa
Pupusas made by Rosa will be available by  preorder  on Sunday, November 24, at the Alternative Gifts Fair. For a donation of $5, you receive two pupusas, slaw, and homemade salsa. Pork, bean, or spinach. Please email or text Ashley Nissler your order by midnight, November 19: 919-357-2173.

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